Congress takes a needed rest from inactivity

The issue: The House acts like it has nothing to do After seven months of short work weeks and near-zero accomplishments, Congress has awarded itself a five-week vacation, deferring a series of tough legislative decisions until the members return after Labor Day, presumably tanned, rested and ready to go. As the Associated Press reported, the […]

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Who’ll pay for teens’ birth control?

Dear Annie: My husband and I are the parents of a 15-year-old boy. “Will” is a good student. He has been in a friendly relationship with a 15-year-old girl, and it has become serious. They have had sex on two different occasions, and Will used a condom both times. There was a brief pregnancy scare, […]

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We are all climate change idiots

By Beth Gardiner Climate Change is staring us in the face. The science is clear, and the need to reduce planet-warming emissions has grown urgent. So why, collectively, are we doing so little about it? Yes, there are political and economic barriers, as well as some strong ideological opposition, to going green. But researchers in […]

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NASA does a gold medal dismount on Mars

The issue: Space program needs a “win” after loss of shuttle program The most elaborate, technically difficult and demanding dismount came not in the London Olympics but 352 million miles away in a vast Martian crater. IN A SEQUENCE NASA called “seven minutes of terror,” the mobile science lab Curiosity decelerated from 13,000 mph to […]

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Vote ‘yes’ on Prop 37

I read Gabe Lewin’s “And now, a defense of Monsanto” (The Enterprise, April 4) and responses to it by Doug Graves (April 4) and Keith Redenbaugh (July 24) with interest. Davis is, after all, a very appropriate place to discuss such issues, being the birthplace of genetically engineered (GE) foods and current home of the […]

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Global warming not sign of the end

July was the hottest month on record for the lower 48 states. It broke the old record of July 1936 by 0.2 degrees. The weather around 1936 was also very hot and dry (years of the dust bowl). These temperature measurements have only been recorded since 1895 (117 years ago). So what happened to global […]

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Shooting targets all of humanity

The shooting at Oak Creek Gurdwara did not target the Sikh community alone but all of humanity. We request your help in bridging the gap created between different religions by misunderstandings and ignorance as you have the power to reach the minds of hundreds of thousands of individuals. As local Sikh Americans, we feel obliged […]

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Connecting with the kids online

Dear Annie: Recently, my husband and I chaperoned a seven-day office-sponsored trip for high school sophomores and juniors. My husband, who is in his 50s, is very outgoing. While on the trip, he developed quite a following among the teens, especially the girls, many of whom developed a little crush on him. I brought up […]

Are we there yet? Hitchiker’s guide to giving Mom a heart attack

* Editor’s note: Tanya Perez is on vacation. This column was published originally in March 2009. I’m going to tell a story that will frighten the pants off any parent. Seriously, at the end of this tale, you will be pants-less. When I was 18 and a freshman in college, I had a terrible car. […]

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Syria threatens to use chemical weapons

The issue: Timing shows desperation of the Assad regime Even though it has been an open secret for 40 years, Syria has always been studiously ambiguous about whether it has chemical weapons. But in late July, the Syrian government said it would deploy chemical weapons against any foreign — presumably Western — intervention in its civil […]

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Trying to put a fig leaf over ‘paycheck protection’

At least the conservative interests behind the latest move to limit or eliminate the influence of labor unions in California politics have heard what their critics said about their earlier efforts. Twice before, voters have rejected efforts by corporate lobbies like the state Chamber of Commerce to force unions to get signatures yearly from their […]

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Don’t downplay hate incidents

We thank Jonathan London for his article (July 22, 2012) that keeps the recent series of hate incidents (noose, N-word, and two swastikas) in the consciousness of the Davis community. Mr. London says that the crimes “draw from the same historical repertiore…of hate” and send a message of intimidation and violence. Mr. London questions why […]

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The kindness of strangers

I’d like to give a big thank you to the kind person who found my purse in the Mace Boulevard Nugget Market bathroom on Saturday, Aug. 4, and turned it in to management. Many, many thanks for your honesty, kindness and thoughtfulness. Rosie Cushing Davis

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