Pay cuts are not the solution

The school board’s recent decision to ask teachers to take a cut in pay more than stunned me when I read it the second time, and wondered: “What were they thinking?” This is the school district that causes many families to move to Davis — and, in many cases, several have told me they have skimped, saved and sacrificed financially […]

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It’s always a wrenching decision

Having talked to many women devastated by unplanned pregnancies, the responses against Lyra Halprin’s recent op-ed piece make me sad. It is not my experience that women do not have “an accurate and startling idea” of the implications of that decision; rather, they and their partners sweat blood over it. Lack of acknowledgement of the […]

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Political crony chose Maguire

In the last days of his administration, Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed his deputy legal “affairs” attorney Dan Maguire as a judge in Yolo County. Maguire had managed many sensitive issues on behalf of the Republican governor’s “inner circle,” including but not limited to directing funds from the Protocol Foundation to pay for special trips and expenses […]

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We disagree with faculty censure

We, the undersigned, members of the UC Davis Association of the National Academies (National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine) strongly protest the resolution passed by the Executive Council of the Academic Senate to censure Chancellor Linda Katehi for her response to the Nov. 18 incident. It is distressing that […]

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Peña history will soon disappear

Before the Peña house at 337 D St. is demolished, this summer, I suggest you stop by and take a good look at it. Maybe even snap a photo. The small white “vernacular” house is a called a Victorian, but only because Queen Victoria was still mounted on the British throne when the Peña family […]

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Prom spending may reflect recession dreams

The issue: Budget-busting dance offers us an escape, albeit an expensive one Going to the senior prom didn’t used to be a budget-buster. Oh, some big spenders would pop for an orchid corsage instead of a carnation, but the big event could easily cost both parties less than $100 total if her mom made her […]

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Dan Maguire for Yolo judge

I am proud to endorse Judge Dan Maguire in this June election for Yolo County judge, as I am sure anyone who has ever met him is. Dan is thoughtful and even-minded and keen to sort out issues and arguments and facts. In the time that I have know Dan, his work ethic and intellect […]

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Because you asked

Several folks have asked us who we are supporting in the Davis City Council election. We have endorsed Sue Greenwald, Lucas Frerichs and Dan Wolk and believe they are our best choices for City Council. Sue has been on the council for 12 years and has an excellent history in doing what is best for […]

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Crucial error on public input

I watched with frustration Thursday night as the Board of Education chose to limit comment on the proposed budget cuts to 30 minutes. The truth is, higher levels of government regularly limit hearing testimony to a fixed number of witnesses at two minutes each but then allow the remainder to identify themselves and their positions. […]

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Fund education, not defense

Davis parents and teachers are shocked and dismayed this week, but the devastating cuts in school funding now faced by the Davis school board were clearly projected a year ago. As some citizens said back then, it is time for the Board of Education, along with the City Council and the Board of Supervisors, collaborating […]

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Nothing fair in these pay cuts

We’re out of money again but it seems unfair for the Board of Education to ask that all teachers take an equal percentage pay cut.  The more fair way is for teachers who make more money to take a larger percentage pay cut, and teachers who make less money to take a lesser cut. In […]

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Value and respect our educators

Teacher salary comparisons Davis: $35,081, beginning; $55,886, mid-range; $77,965, highest State average: $41,284, beginning; $65,173, mid-range; $83,460, highest Source: School Accountability Report Cards By Gail Mitchell It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and Davis teachers are reminded over and over again why we have chosen to teach in this wonderful community. Many of us receive heartfelt notes […]

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