Oh, friends and boyfriends …

Dear Annie: I’m 18 and a senior in high school. I have been with my boyfriend, “Mike,” for a year, and I love him more than anything. However, my friends feel differently. They find him loud and rude. Mike thinks they are immature, and he disagrees with some of their personal choices. Mike makes an […]

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Get your plate in shape

As spring temperatures rise and we promise ourselves we will exercise more often, there is another important step to leading a healthy lifestyle. In keeping with tha National Nutrition Month in March, The Food Bank of Yolo County (Food Bank) encourages you to “Get Your Plate in Shape” by focusing on what goes onto your […]

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The collectors keep calling

Dear Annie: Our son’s first marriage ended in divorce 10 years ago. From that union, we have a wonderful 13-year-old grandson. Our ex-daughter-in-law, “June,” remarried quickly, and that marriage failed about 18 months ago. Apparently, she used our names as a credit reference, because we’ve been getting calls from several collection agencies asking for June […]

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Measure C must be supported

Make no excuses, Davis. Reject the arguments against Measure C and overwhelmingly pass the school tax proposal next week. If you are a college student, before you vote, think about the aligning of planets that brought you to UC Davis. Remember how your good schools made it that much easier for you to excel — […]

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Just Us in Davis: We need each other(‘s vote)

Learn more What: “The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian,” a young adult novel written by Sherman Alexie, is the Campus Community Book Project selection When: Alexie will speak at 4 p.m. (free) and 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 11 Where: Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, UC Davis Info: www.facebook.com/pages/UC-Davis-Campus-Community-Book-Project This is an exciting time […]

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What do you think: Other than your mother, what woman has inspired you the most?

Isaak Heitzeberg teacher, Davis: “My grandmother.” Jetro Chirre student, Davis: “Probably my sister.” Sylvie Truong student, Davis: “My youth pastor’s wife.” Erin Decesare journalist, Davis: “My sister.” Gabe Weston student, Davis: “My aunt.” Adam Klatt student, Davis: “Janis Joplin.” Asked in downtown Davis Compiled and photographed by Chloe Kim 0304wdyt1w Isaak Heitzeberg, teacher, Davis 0304wdyt2w […]

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Parcel tax oversight is there

A community is only as strong as its schools. The way we educate the children of our community speaks volumes about our priorities as a society. In Davis, we have historically placed a high value on education, both on classroom learning and related programs that enrich the learning experience. But in an era of budget […]

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It takes a village …

Davis is a unique and close-knit family community. We treasure our strong school system; countless alumni have chosen to send their children to the same school they attended as children. Despite the difficult economy and drastic budget cuts, we all do what we can to support our schools, the teachers and their students. Some volunteer […]

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Teachers share their wisdom on Measure C

By Martha Beetley and Greg Brucker As teachers in the Davis Joint Unified School District, we are asking for your support by voting yes on Measure C. Measure C is a renewal of currently enacted parcel taxes that directly support Davis public schools and the children of our community. The school parcel tax has provided […]

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Citizens United must be overturned

Many thanks for the Davis City Council’s unanimous resolution to support Assembly Joint Resolution 22. It is something to be proud of when your city takes a stand for something so right. AJR 22, proposed in January by Assembly members Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, and Michael Allen, D-Santa Rosa, would overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision […]

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It’s a damn fine show!

Davis Musical Theater Company’s production of “Damn Yankees” is a fun, energetic show. I especially liked Tim Gaffaney as the devil. His solo number is one of the highlights. For someone playing Satan, he does a really good job of not being a caricature. I also really enjoyed some of the actors in the smaller […]

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Have we no standards?

The UC Davis police, standing idly by, have made it extremely likely that the hostility and general ugliness displayed Monday toward an Israeli Druze woman and an Israeli soldier will become the norm at future such events on campus. The police, at a minimum, need to announce that they will record the event in its […]

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Campus event disrupted

At a presentation Monday in Wellman 106 at UC Davis, I witnessed behavior that has no place at UC Davis or anywhere else. A presentation by two Israelis, “Defending the Israeli Image” — sponsored by Chai-Life Club at UC Davis, Chabad of Davis and Stand with Us — was repeatedly interrupted by hecklers and individuals […]

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