The U.N. and the Internet

The June 12 Our View, “Keep U.N. Hands off the Internet,” regrettably misleads the reader, creating a misperception that the United Nations is taking unilateral action to censor and control the Internet. Nothing could be further from the truth. While the editorial begins by identifying that select nations — namely,  Russia and China — have […]

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Time is a precious resource

I realize that our schools are trying desperately to make due with ever-dwindling resources. So allow me to make a humble suggestion. What if the schools devoted the last week or two of the school year to … education? I realize that this would cut into the DVD-viewing and general tomfoolery that dominates the final […]

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Reconsider Tree Division cuts

By Laura Westrup The city of Davis Tree Commission is greatly concerned about the city’s proposed 2012-13 fiscal year budget recommendation to eliminate two staff positions, tree trimmer I and tree trimmer II. I believe this short-sighted action will critically impact the health and vigor of the city’s urban forest, consisting today of more than […]

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After all the taking, no giving

Dear Annie: I am 47 years old, and my mother is 80. I have three grown children and a 7-year-old daughter whose father is not in her life, nor does he pay child support, even though he earns a decent income. I recently have had some personal setbacks. My hours were cut at work, and […]

Kudos to DWR, Yolo landfill

The Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District has completed another successful mower exchange, taking more than a hundred high-emission gas lawn mowers out of the community and spreading the use of no-emission electric mowers. The program, however, simply wouldn’t work without the incredible help of our local recycling facilities. Davis Waste Removal and the Yolo County […]

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Walk to the right on bike paths

Before anybody rushes to install signs telling pedestrians to walk on the left on bike paths, they should ride their bike around Capitol Park in Sacramento where pedestrian and bicycle traffic can be dense. There, the pedestrians follow the commonly accepted convention that slower traffic keeps right and faster traffic passes on the left. It […]

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Chávez students read, too!

Many thanks to Kevin Clayton, Kaitlyn Lagattuta, Angie Goth, Vivian Au and Mandy Zheng for their inspiring article advocating summer reading. Probably due to space restraints, some schools’ lists of preferred books were omitted. Just so everyone knows how enthusiastic students from César Chávez Elementary School are about reading, we invite all to view our […]

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Parents should pay monthly fee

What Richard Harris wants to do is his business. But how his action impacts our society is everybody’s business. Davis has a chronic problem with shortage of funding for education. Since it is a man-made problem, it can be solved through human ingenuity. The primary responsibility of bringing up children rests with parents and not with […]

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Ailing Chavez tries for one more term

The issue: Venezuela would be better served if he concentrated on his health, letting his people get their country back It is only stating the obvious that Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez’s days are numbered. In the unlikely but not impossible event that his 39-year-old challenger, Miranda state Gov. Henrique Capriles, doesn’t get him in the […]

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Find your pot of gold in Winters

If you are over 35 years old and you don’t vigorously exercise on a regular basis, the idea of waking up early on a Saturday morning, mounting your bicycle and riding 30 miles to Winters and back may seem downright ghastly. It’s one thing to pedal a mile or two at a slow and safe […]

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Rethink tree trimmers’ cuts

I was saddened and dismayed to read of the recent layoffs of city parks personnel, especially as they come after the recent election in which Davis voters overwhelmingly approved a tax measure to help fund our parks. I am especially disturbed to learn that tree trimmers are among those to feel the ax. Recently, we […]

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Our urban forest needs care

I don’t envy City Manager Steve Pinkerton. His task — bringing the city’s budget into line with reality — is difficult and, in many ways, thankless. But was it necessary to eliminate two positions from Parks and Urban Forest Management Division, effectively gutting it and depriving it of all field staff? I have served on […]

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Animal deaths are unnecessary

I commend the recent op-ed piece, “This sad problem can be fixed,” as a clear and compelling call to action by everyone in our community who cares about the welfare of companion animals. A “live release rate” at the Yolo County animal shelter hovering at 50 percent translates into the deaths of hundreds cats, kittens, […]

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Granda’s energy is misdirected

Jose Granda is fond of referring to school board members as liars and cheats. In his recent letter, he uses some form of the word “deceit” six times to describe them — including when he incorrectly avers that the board promoted Measure C as a strategy for eliminating teacher pink slips — and when he […]

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