Choir sings its thanks to donors

On behalf of the Davis High School Jazz Choir and Davis Jazz Choir Inc., we would like to thank the Davis business community for its generous support of the Jazz Choir’s 24th annual Cabaret Dinner Show, Concert and Silent Auction. Funds raised this year go to support the Jazz Choir’s joint educational trip with the […]

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Restore our religious liberty

I am gravely concerned because the Obama administration has done something very disturbing and unprecedented. For the first time in our nation’s history, the government finalized a mandate that violates our religious liberty. The Department of Health and Human Services announced on Jan. 10 the administration’s command that every single employer in the country must […]

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Hold out hope for ocean life

Can you imagine a world with fewer tasty saltwater fish? The vision will be reality as oceans become more acidic, dissolving the calcium carbonate frameworks of reefs exactly like stomach acid dissolves Tums. Commercial fishers rely on reefs as places to find massive quantities of game, but are quickly losing their prime hunting spots as […]

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And now, a defense of Monsanto

By Gabe Lewin I am sure that Ci Yin Oliveira, who wrote the recent opinion piece titled “Why I Protested at Monsanto,” means well, but Ci should be made aware that the piece is riddled with inaccuracies and illogical and false statements. While a real person is responsible for anything he may have done in […]

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Closing tax loopholes isn’t as easy as it sounds

The issue: As a Washington saying goes, if this stuff were easy, somebody else already would have done it The House Republican budget put forth by House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan promised to raise more than $1 trillion to reduce tax rates for the wealthiest families from 35 percent to 25 percent without adding […]

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Annies 4.3: Confession is good for this soul

Dear Annie: I want to share a personal story that I decided to be very public about: I’m a recovering alcoholic. The irony of my situation is that I made a successful career out of writing about using alcohol to cope with the stresses of parenthood in books and in my Web column. Then one […]

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Annies 4.2: In-law’s borrowing getting bothersome

Dear Annie: My husband and I love to entertain our friends, and we also are often invited to various events. I have a wonderful aunt who owns an upscale shop in another state. Twice a year, she allows me to choose anything I want at fabulous discounts. She also sends lovely things for my birthday […]

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‘Ultra-sound’ heard around the world

Now that the right-wing misogynists are really flaunting themselves, it is becoming increasingly clear what the far right means when they say they want to shrink government. They don’t want to shrink it down to where they can drown it in a bathtub, as Grover Norquist said, but rather shrink it down just enough to […]

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Why isn’t the world helping?

I would like to share what happened to me yesterday with you. While I was sleeping soundly a sudden loud scream woke me up. It was my little son who seemed to have a really scary nightmare. I hugged him close to relieve his tension. At that moment, I remembered the kids in Syria whose […]

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Cost-effective solution for reform

While some politicians and citizens call for outright repeal and abolishment of the Obama Affordable Care Act, these health statistics cannot be ignored: * 1,000 deaths per month because of lack of access to health care in California; * In the United States, 62 percent of personal bankruptcies due to medical debt for being uninsured […]

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No bags on the Sacramento River

Let’s try some logic on proposed shopping bag restrictions. Added fees are proposed: Do we want a city policy that intentionally antagonizes patrons to change their behavior? There are bags in the ocean, some of them must be coming from Davis: Why don’t we see them between here and there? An additional tax on shopping […]

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Grocer offers credible explanation

Regarding Rhonda Reed’s false assertion that Whole Foods did not offer an explanation regarding its use of organic foods from China, Whole Foods immediately responded with a credible and factual explanation on this matter. I feel Whole Foods is a leader in providing healthy and safe organic foods, and supports and encourages sustainable agriculture. I […]

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Civics in action at council meeting

Whatever the outcome of Tuesday’s Crown Castle meeting, I would like to say kudos to Dan Wolk. At the March 20 meeting, he spoke of Davis being unique in its citizen democracy, and he listened to the Planning Commission and the eloquent requests of numerous citizens. Then Dan called for a preliminary vote. His was the lone dissenting vote […]

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