You can help save languages

Dear world language program supporters: We need your help to save the Chinese and German language programs at Davis Joint Unified School District. As you may have heard, the school board recently decided to alternate the starting year of the German and Chinese language programs to save $15,000 each year, starting by eliminating entry-level Chinese […]

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Schools went back on a promise

One stated purpose of Measure C, which was recently passed by the Davis community, was to preserve and to continue to fund multiple foreign language programs in our schools. More recently, the Davis school board voted to effectively eliminate instruction in both German and Chinese by providing German I and Chinese I courses every other […]

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Give teachers plenty of respect

Let me start off by saying my mom (she has a different last name) is a teacher who has been pink-slipped this year, and every other year since before I can remember. Her story is unique but the feeling is just the same as everyone else being laid off — underappreciated. My message is simple […]

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Ask parents to shoulder burden

I want to congratulate Randy Schuster on on his excellent letter about the 500 Davis teachers being ask to pay $5,000 of their salary (through a pay cut) to help pay for the education of the 7,500 students in this school district. Two of my daughters have graduated from Davis High, and a third daughter […]

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An affordable concession is needed

I am proud to be a resident of Davis and also a teacher at Davis High School. Part of what makes Davis special is the citizens’ commitment to the public schools, demonstrated by their willingness year after year to pay additional parcel taxes to offset the lack of funding from the state. There is a […]

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What is best for the kids?

Last Wednesday, my children and I attended the Davis school board meeting. I was there to show our support for the teachers (who are facing a 5.5 percent pay cut) and had promised the children ice cream afterwards. While waiting for the meeting to begin, my oldest began to ask several good questions. After some […]

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Check out R&R’s new miracle

Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” And this is exactly what has happened at All Things Right & Relevant here in Davis. Twenty years ago, this fledgling consignment and thrift store was begun by a […]

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Why isn’t the carousel running?

Apparently, classrooms in Davis don’t need money too badly, because I’ve been to the Farmers Market three times this year, and all three times the carousel hasn’t been running. It is so disappointing to get all the way down there with my kids and find it not running. Maybe it’s time to start opening up […]

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Making some good come out of war

The issue: Medical research on wounded, traumatized soldiers pays great dividends It is a lamentable but undeniable fact that wars are a great boon to medical research. SOME HISTORIANS suggest that modern medicine has its roots in the Civil War, with the development of protocols to remove the wounded quickly from the battlefield to special […]

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Greenwald, Lee, Wolk for council

This election I’m mirroring The Enterprise’s endorsements for City Council. I’m voting for a team most likely to exercise fiscal prudery on employee salaries and benefits. Sue Greenwald, the indispensable and well-informed. Lee, the quietly competent industrial engineer. Wolk, the inevitable and thus unintimidated. Not all of these are great on historic preservation, another pet […]

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Wolk is a community-builder

I have only known Dan Wolk for a short time compared to many Davisites. Even though I only met Dan five years ago, I am sure that I hold him in the same esteem and admiration as people who have known him his whole life. We instantly became friends and have had many great conversations […]

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Energy folks say ‘vote for Wolk’

We energy “folk for Wolk” are proud to be supporting Dan Wolk for Davis City Council. Several months ago, a group of us met with Dan to exchange ideas about how we can together help lead Davis toward the best possible energy future. We found that Dan’s current knowledge about energy issues, and his ideas […]

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Choose ‘can do’ public servants

In a campaign dominated by sleazy political tactics and cowardly consultants, I look forward to casting my vote for three candidates dedicated to open, transparent and honorable public service. For Yolo County Superior Court judge, I’ll be voting for Dan Maguire. Dan exemplifies the kind of judicial philosophy that we should want in all of […]

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