Ringing finally ended, but there’s no button to stop shame

By Daniel J. Wakin They were baying for blood in the usually polite precincts of Avery Fisher Hall in New York City. The unmistakably jarring sound of an iPhone marimba ring interrupted the soft and spiritual final measures of Mahler’s Symphony No. 9 at the New York Philharmonic one Tuesday night in January. The conductor, […]

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Changing economy presents a challenge for college towns

By John L. Gann Jr. Cornell University announced recently that it will build a $2 billion sciences graduate school in New York City, in partnership with an Israeli school. The university was lured by $400 million in incentives offered by the city of New York to the winner of a national competition. Interestingly, the initiative came not from […]

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Going through the motions on a national budget

The issue: Congress doesn’t yet feel a crisis situation How serious is the U.S. House of Representatives about deficit reduction? On the evidence, not very. The fact that a plausible, passable, bipartisan plan to bring the deficit under control was defeated in the House last week, 382-38, should tell you something. FOR THOSE looking for […]

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Strip naked for the unicorns

George W. Bush was once famously overheard as saying the Constitution was “just a piece of paper,” implying that it could be ripped up or ignored without consequences. The Supreme Court shows that the Constitution is more like a blank piece of paper, where anything can be written on it to be enforced by the police. The Fourth Amendment supposedly […]

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A mentor’s legacy lives on

This past Tuesday, the University of California and the city of Davis lost one of our greatest leaders, Ted Adams. I had the privilege of knowing Ted as a student at UC Davis, and directly with his role as adviser to the Picnic Day board of directors, back in the late 1980s and early ’90s. […]

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A moment of candor at nuke summit

The issue: Open mike catches exchange between Obama, Medvedev Americans got a rare, unscripted look last week at the diplomacy that goes on backstage among world leaders, this time at a nuclear summit in South Korea. RUSSIA AND THE U.S. have two large, unresolved issues between them: One is a U.S. missile defense system based […]

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Please sever Crown Castle ties

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Davis Board of Education member Richard Harris, following Tuesday’s City Council meeting, concerning his relationship to the Crown Castle cell tower project. Harris has not yet replied to my letter. I was puzzled Tuesday night at the City Council meeting to see you sitting with […]

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Bet Haverim thanks its donors

More than a dozen local businesses generously supported the 2012 Purim Carnival and Raffle, held at Congregation Bet Haverim on Sunday, March 11. Their investments in ensuring a successful event are sincerely appreciated by the synagogue’s 280 member families. Contributions enable the Bet Haverim Religious School to improve and enrich educational programs and synagogue life […]

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Sigma Chis help wounded warriors

I graduated from UC Davis in 2006. I loved my time there and cherish the campus. I joined the service in March 2010, recently deploying to Afghanistan. I wanted to take a moment to let you know about the kindness and generosity exhibited by the members, both active and alumni, of the Sigma Chi fraternity […]

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Curb driving with parking permits

The April 3 Enterprise story on fewer kids bicycling to school seemed to focus on elementary schools to the greatest degree, junior high schools to a lesser degree, and not at all on Davis High School. My two children graduated from DHS in 1999 and 2001, respectively. Until they got to DHS they almost always […]

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Dodger deal has Prop. 13 loophole

Amid the euphoria that erupted in much of California when a group led by former basketball great Earvin “Magic” Johnson and financier Mark Walter spent more than $2 billion to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team and its stadium last month, one question led to some consternation. Why should Frank McCourt, the notoriously wasteful […]

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Highway funding OK’d, then Congress hits the road

The issue: 90-day reprieve seems hardly enough for tough negotiations to come Many congressional analysts blame the increasingly partisan and rancorous tone of Congress and its inefficiency on the fact that so many lawmakers and their families no longer live in Washington. IN YEARS PAST, election to Congress meant the new members and their families […]

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