Don’t try this ‘exparimint’

Here’s a compelling reason to vote yes on Measure C: from a poster I saw in England during the Thatcher/Major era when the government cut funds for community libraries: “Close our libaries and see wot hapens” (sic, sic and more sic). Let’s not try this “exparimint” in our schools. Please vote yes on Measure C. […]

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Librarians endorse Measure C

Does your child enjoy reading and books?  Did you know that if you’re reading this in the presence of your child, you are setting a positive example for lifelong reading?  Are you in a book club or do you enjoy discussing what you read with others?  Do you need answers to life’s pressing questions on […]

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A tale of old-fashioned heroes

The Veterans of Foreign Wars devoted its January 2003 issue of the magazine to the question “Heroism: Are war heroes out of style?” The commander-in-chief, Raymond S. Sisk, in his editorial, commented that “If ever a word was abused, it is hero. The news media’s inappropriate application of the term has left Americans dulled. Many […]

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Rustbucket grudge

Dear Annie: We live in a new neighborhood and take pride in the appearance of our home and yard. We were very pleased when new neighbors bought the house next door and moved in. Unfortunately, they have a rusting vintage car that’s parked in the driveway next to our yard. I can see it from […]

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From the divine feminine to Girl Scout cookies, it’s the same continuum

Every time you eat a Girl Scout cookie, a fetus dies. Or so Indiana lawmaker Bob Morris would like you to believe. According to the Associated Press, Morris labeled the Girl Scouts “a radical group that promotes abortions and homosexuality” and that “people should not accept the 100-year-old scouting organization as a benevolent group.” Morris […]

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Animals go holistic, too

Veterinarians use many different types of medications to help heal illness and maintain health. However, there are many supplements that can also be used to help treat various disease processes. While supplements may not take the place of a more typical “Westernized” medication, they are part of a multimodal approach to health. Supplements, as discussed […]

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When should grief be treated by doctors and drugs?

I begin with a sample story of grief. “Jane” is 40 years old, working part-time and parenting two young children, when her mother, who lives across the country, suddenly enters the hospital. Jane can’t sleep. She can barely think straight. She flies out to visit but can only stay a week because of her kids. […]

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The younger ones are in danger

Dear Annie: When I married my husband, his son, “D.J.” was 6 years old. My children from my first marriage were slightly older. Right from the start, D.J. was a handful. He was violent and often in trouble at school. A year into the marriage, my husband and I had a son together. That same […]

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Exercise does pay off!

Exercise to live long. I am 97 years old, I exercise three days a week at the Davis Athletic Club. Without their interest in me and their help, I am certain I would not have my good health and independence. When I was 91, they honored me with an article in the press. My membership […]

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Preserve Davis’ legacy

As we work with and listen to our daughter’s choral group at Davis High School, we feel so fortunate to live in a town that supports the schools so that children who have passion for the arts, athletics and academics can develop those talents in elementary school and have them nurtured to excellence throughout their […]

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Don’t reduce school options

We are fortunate to live in a town that values education and doesn’t try to fit all students into a one-sized box. Two of my three children flourished in GATE, at Davis High School and in the music programs, and went on to Ivy League schools. My third tried three different high schools in Davis […]

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Class sizes, course selections, counseling would suffer at secondary schools

By Christina Dicker I’ve been a parent at Holmes Junior High for four years, and the PTA president for two years. We are so lucky to have such an incredible staff at Holmes who has continued to provide a wide range of services and programs for our school community while we’ve faced the continued annual […]

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Impacts on elementary students would be widespread if C fails

By Heather Lybbert Vibrant communities recognize the value of learning to read at an early age. Such communities benefit when citizens are critical thinkers, problem solvers and culturally well-rounded — and this benefit leads us to fund public education with taxes. With the state’s shrinking commitment to education, we have greater responsibility to finance this […]

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