Women, take care of your health

Here at Curves, our mission is to help women be healthy. We would like all women of Davis to know National Women’s Health Week is May 13-19 and Monday is the 10th annual National Women’s Checkup Day. This is a nationwide effort coordinated by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Office on Women’s […]

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Enjoy an S.F. concert excursion

People who like classical music, eating in San Francisco restaurants or shopping in Union Square may not be aware of a convenient and easy way to enjoy these delights. Four Thursdays a year a chartered bus leaves the corner of Elmwood Drive and West Eighth Street in Davis at 9 a.m. and takes passengers to […]

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Attack ads are not Davis’ style

Disgusted. That sense of revulsion you felt when you opened your mailbox Tuesday and saw an attack mailer against Davis City Councilwoman Sue Greenwald? We all felt it. FIRST, WE COULDN’T believe what we were seeing. Then, as we read it, our anger grew. Who would be so stupid as to try to manipulate Davis […]

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No place for this in Davis

I read with dismay the campaign flier that used an incident involving me to attack Sue Greenwald. I was not consulted in any way before this was circulated, and I strongly feel this type of stunt should have no place in Davis politics. Ruth Asmundson Davis

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He wields his authority wisely

I urge everyone to join me in voting to keep Judge Dan Maguire on the Yolo County Superior Court. I first met Dan and his family eight years ago, when our daughters attended DPNS together. He is smart, level-headed, hard-working, respectful of everyone and a person of great integrity. He is one of the least […]

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Many reasons to support Lee

Several years ago, I was the treasurer for the campaign to elect Lamar Heystek to the Davis City Council. Working with a group on a political campaign is a fascinating and heady experience, and one aspect of it is that you really get to know the other campaign members. During those weeks of work and […]

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These three are right for this time

I agree with The Enterprise’s endorsement of Dan Wolk, Sue Greenwald and Brett Lee for City Council. All of the candidates in the race have good qualities and a lot to offer the city, but I believe the selected three are the best for this time period. Greenwald has fought to restrain city spending so […]

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Reject ‘attack’ ad, support Sue

As one drives around town, one sees various combinations and permutations of the new young crop of potential City Council members — Lucas Frerichs, Dan Wolk and Brett Lee. They hold the potential for bringing new energy to the top leadership of public life. We have been fortunate to have had not just elected leaders […]

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Greenwald definitely listens

On Tuesday, many if not all of us were politically pepper-sprayed by a “Don’t Reward Bad Behavior” ad targeting Sue Greenwald. The Occupy students at UCD were pepper-sprayed because of their dissent from, as they put it, an “out-of-control administration” that has used privatization in the face of budgetary restrictions to turn education into a […]

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I’m voting only for Greenwald

I am so saddened to have received the vicious attack in the mail regarding the candidacy of Sue Greenwald. The reason for the attack is that Sue has been brave enough to stand up and try to save money on the surface water project. Apparently, that was inconvenient to some building trade unions. I have […]

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Support positive campaigning

I just received a campaign flier in the mail titled “Don’t Reward Bad Behavior.” It makes me sick that Davis politics has sunk so low. I don’t agree with many of Sue Greenwald’s ideas, but she is the only one who is looking out for our dollars and how not to waste them. Shame on […]

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Jewish Voice for Peace weighs in

Your recent coverage of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency controversy requires us to make sure you and your readers understand the reasons we support the campaign to disqualify Veolia Corp. because it supports and profits from Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. The Jewish community does not speak in one voice on the issue of […]

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