What is she still doing here?

Dear Annie: “Ron” and I have been living together for more than a year. I love him and believe he loves me. We are both in our 60s and retired. Ron is good to me in all but one way: He can’t seem to cut off contact with his old girlfriend. He was still with […]

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His priorities have changed

Dear Annie: Our 22-year-old son is in college. He lives at home, and we pay all his expenses, which is fine with us. He was never particularly interested in school until his last year of high school. Now he’s doing really well. The problem is, he wants to go to medical school and needs to […]

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I swear, it’s time to throw this stuff out

* Editor’s note: Marion is taking the day off. This column has been slightly edited since it first appeared in December 2000. You want to know what I’m sick and tired of? The junk in this house. Here’s what’s happening right now. My husband and I decided to paint our daughter’s bedroom and let our […]

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Three reasons for voting no

I have carefully read about this Measure C apparently seeking to save our schools, not just to support them, judging from the long list of critical programs to be funded. For most readers, it is difficult to assess the need beyond sloganeering. I am voting no for at least three reasons: additional charges on our […]

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And now, we turn our attention to the Stupor Bowl

And so, we segue from one Super Bowl to the next — another overblown, overhyped, contrived melodrama of hubris and vitriol. No, not Super Bowl 2013 — Election Day 2012. It’s a good time to invest in a DVR so you don’t have to endure the onslaught of soul-sucking political ads, and stock your car […]

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Parcelling out the good stuff

Dear Annie: I am 90 years old and am concerned that after I die my kids will squabble over my things. So I would like to work it out before that happens. I have a daughter who lives in another state and two wonderful daughters-in-law who live nearby. “Dora” and my oldest son have helped […]

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Grandma getting robbed

Dear Annie: My mother is 86 and lives in another state. My 33-year-old nephew and his three kids live with her, as do my niece, “Joanna,” and her two children. Not one of them has a job. Several months ago, Mom broke her hip and was in rehab for four months. During that time, Joanna […]

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Support the right to choose

In this era of the battles between the elitest liberals and the conservative movement, together with the heat being taken by the president’s ruling regarding contraceptives and abortion, I find it necessary to stand alongside the right-to-lifers — on the day that women can get pregnant by themselves! In the meantime, I suggest that any […]

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Corporations are not people

Mitt Romney loves to say with unjustified arrogance that corporations are, of course, people. As if it couldn’t possibly be refuted any more than the fact that the Earth revolves around the sun or that Paris Hilton should never have been famous. Unfortunately for him, his tax situation being in the spotlight has highlighted an […]

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This tax measure is flawed

I am writing about Measure C, the mail-in school tax ballot that arrived in my mailbox on Tuesday. I have followed this issue closely, and am torn between trusting the school board or the Measure C opponents. Having read all of the ballot arguments, it appears that the No on Measure C folks are being […]

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Please, come share your views

Take Back Our Democracy, a Davis-based group concerned with the dominance of corporate interests in government, will have a potluck from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday in the community room of Village Homes  at Portage Bay East, next to Osteria Fasulo,  just north of Russell Boulevard in West Davis. Follow the paper lanterns from the parking lot […]

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Put the pressure on Sacramento

As a senior citizen who has resided in Davis for the past seven years, I intend to vote no on Measure C. No, I’m not hostile toward the public schools or children, and I don’t believe the fiction that the system wastes taxpayer dollars! I have proudly supported public education as a foundation of our […]

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What do you think: If you could write a conversation heart, what would it say?

Dutch Fulton writer/editor, Davis: “The moon is in a dewdrop.” Jill Bonner campus administrator, Davis: ” ‘Peace.’ And it would be centered on the heart.” Camara Vitek freelance artist, Davis: “My phone number.” Diane Patterson independent musician, Sebastopol: “Come soar with me.” Daniel Moore student, Chico: “XOXO.” Tyler Martin student, San Leandro: ” ‘I love […]

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Vote yes on C, for our kids

The issue: We must do what’s necessary to stave off further cuts in core school services Two Sundays ago, we reported some pretty grim news about the Davis schools’ budget outlook. Even if Measure C passes next month, we’re facing a persistent $3.5 million deficit that we’ve been papering over with one-time budget fixes over […]

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