Thanks for campaign support

As I prepare to step down from the council this Tuesday evening and to take a much needed break, I want to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped during this last campaign and also to everyone who has helped in previous campaigns. So many people have worked and supported this seat for […]

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Politicians and cheesy music extinguished my Fourth of July spirit

Usually, my inner child whoops it up on the Fourth of July. The smell of backyard barbecues and gunpowder, red, white and blue everything, screeching of Piccolo Petes, and a grand finale of showers of rainbow sparks lighting up the black sky — how can you not love that? Even though they have wimpy sparklers […]

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Difficult choices loom in closing down my dad’s home

* Editor’s note: Marion is taking the day off. She has revised this column slightly since it first ran in February 2006. In my father’s apartment in New York City, his watch still tells time. His freezer bulges with three half-gallons of ice cream, and they don’t even have icicles yet. In the refrigerator, the […]

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Focus on health: A creeping sleep disorder destroys teeth

“Biting the bullet” is a slang phrase that dates back to the Civil War,  and there’s no doubt that humans can bite strong enough to dent Civil War-era lead bullets. Healthy teeth can withstand heavy biting forces during normal function such as chewing food and swallowing. However, when these forces are exerted beyond function, such […]

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Stressing over the blended family

Dear Annie: My daughter and her husband moved in with us last year in order to save money and someday raise a family. We enjoy having them here. The issue is my son-in-law’s 5-year-old boy from his previous marriage. The custody arrangement states that he is entitled to have the child for a month during […]

My statements are accurate

Recent letter writer Susanna Mould seems to resort to personal attacks while being unable to make reasonable arguments and attempting to turn the truth on its head. Please read the article “Pink slips hang in balance as Measure C deadline looms,” published in The Davis Enterprise on March 2, right before the election. It reads: […]

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Hooray for park workers!

I work for the city of Davis Rainbow Summer Camps, at Shade Arbor at Rainbow City in Community Park. On Thursday, my fellow leaders and I arrived at the park to see all hands on deck. The Parks Department was all over Community Park cleaning  up from the Fourth of July celebration. There was trash […]

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Fall brings emotional initiatives

All the emotional and intellectual energy in this spring’s primary election campaign focused on congressional and legislative races, where a rare combination of new rules and new district maps produced some entirely new kinds of results, with many upcoming runoff races featuring intra-party battles pitting Democrat against Democrat and Republican against Republican. It was difficult […]

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Embracing economic development in Davis

At a glance The Davis ChamberPAC’s mission is to promote, support and advocate the general economic vitality of the Davis business community and the quality of life for Davis residents with an ongoing political presence. These efforts are funded by voluntary donations and managed by an independent board of directors appointed annually by the chairman […]

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Tomatoes perfect, except for taste

The issue: UC Davis research may point farmers toward a sweeter fruit, like those grown in Iraq An Iraq war veteran was asked what he most remembered about his time there. It wasn’t the roadside bombs, the mortar attacks, the heat, the dust storms, the boredom. It was the tomatoes. “They were the best tomatoes […]

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What do you think: How do you beat the heat?

Haley Terndrup student, Redwood: “Get in the pool.” Robert Salazar CPA, Davis: “Stay indoors.” Carri Butler semi-retired, Davis: “Iced tea and fans.” Marien Sorensen attorney, Davis: “Swim in the pool.” David Delaini police lieutenant, Davis: “Swimming pools.” Larry Stern telecommunications, Irvine: “I go back to Southern California, where I live. I can’t believe it’s this […]

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Tuition paid for many undergrads

Tom Elias (“Whose UC is it going to be?”) correctly noted rising tuition is the result of state disinvestment. State funding for UC is the same as 15 years ago, when there were 75,000 fewer students. He propagated a myth, however, when he wrote that UC caters to the wealthy. In fact, half of our […]

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Watch out for animal abuse

I was driving east on Russell Boulevard on Tuesday morning and could hardly believe what I saw! A bicyclist was going as fast as he could, west on Russell, with a small white poodle/terrier mix dog on a leash barely able to keep up. If it was a place that I could have stopped, I […]

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