Lovely, but expensive

Dear Annie: Six months ago, I married a lovely young woman. While we were engaged, “Nina” and I had several candid discussions about finances, figuring that once we married, she would look for a job and we would split the household expenses evenly. Her parents were very generous and gave us a nice amount of […]

Katehi’s biological tin ear

Chancellor Linda Katehi’s patents are in antennas. Agriculture and environmental sciences don’t seem to be areas she likes to talk about; they don’t make her radar screen. College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean Neal Van Alfen was backed into a corner where he was forced to leave, without understanding why. It’s just another public […]

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Where have the leaders gone?

Personal commendations to Rich Rifkin for his clarity on the issue of holding our elected representatives to account. Too often, our electeds at the statehouse seem to have totally lost touch with the communities and taxpayers they profess to represent. For instance, in their deliberations on SB 2451, did any of our Assembly or Senate […]

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Why public water service matters

I think it’s about time to set the record straight about what public and private mean when it comes to provision of drinking water service. Why are we discussing this in the first place, anyway? Our policy makers seem to think privatization will achieve efficiency and economies. Nothing could be further from the truth. We […]

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Out of sync with the voters

Thanks to The Enterprise editor for plain speaking on Sunday when declaring that the “GOP must drop loose talk of war” and “specify exactly which taxes they will raise to pay for future conflicts.” Is there any chance Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will actually get this message, from The Enterprise, another paper, or the majority […]

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Was DACHA a cash cow?

Over the past few years, I have tried to make sense of the DACHA situation — admittedly without much success. But one statement in your Sunday article jumped out at me: DACHA was paying Neighborhood Partners and Twin Pines “… millions of dollars in consultant fees and other costs…” As a resident of a local […]

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What’s green about tossing bottle?

Every year, my husband and I eagerly anticipate opening day of Aggie football at Sochor Field. We can’t wait to find out what previously permitted item of football game paraphernalia will be arbitrarily banned with no advance notice. Two years ago, it was low-backed lawn chairs for the end zone. Last year, for no discernable […]

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It’s time for school uniforms

I am writing in support of Beth Latimer’s Aug. 28 letter, “What happened to dress code?” She ends her letter about scantily clad high schoolers with a question — “Maybe it is time for school uniforms?” I would like to suggest that the time is right for school uniforms: * Savings on gas — most […]

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Iran may have upped the ante in Syria

The issue: The U.S. and other nations may have to rethink their policy of not intervening militarily Last week, French President Francois Hollande called on the fragmented Syrian opposition to unite and form a provisional government in exile. If it did, he said, France would quickly recognize it and presumably so might some other European […]

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Woodland’s committed to project

By Bill Marble and Skip Davies Recent articles in the press regarding the Davis-Woodland surface water project have raised numerous questions. Although Davis continues to work through its decision-making processes, Woodland remains committed to timely completion of the project. We must replace degrading groundwater supplies with higher-quality, treated surface water. There is simply too much […]

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Setting a bad example

Dear Annie: My husband and I are trying to raise our three children in a traditional, conservative environment, but my in-laws undermine our values. We recently went on a cruise with them, along with my husband’s brother and niece and her live-in boyfriend. At one point, my oldest daughter didn’t feel well, so I took […]

From one loser to the next

Dear Annie: My daughter, “Grace,” is 48 years old and recently divorced from her husband after 23 years of marriage. They have no children. My wife and I liked her husband, but he never wanted to work for anyone. He always thought he could run his own business and could never manage it. After they’d […]

The least relaxing massage, ever

Dear Annie: My friend is a massage therapist. She had been offering me discounted professional massages in her home for months, and I finally took her up on it. The massage was fantastic. Later that night, however, I found many fleabites on my back, arms and legs. I am certain I got them from her […]

Promises of summer: some lost, some found

* Editor’s note: This column first ran in slightly different form in 1999. Here’s what’s worse than New Year’s resolutions. Summer resolutions. They’re worse because, in addition to being doomed to failure like New Year’s resolutions, they’re superfluous. No one asks, “What’s your summer resolution, Marion?” I blame my teachers for the fact that I make […]

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