Fund education, not defense

Davis parents and teachers are shocked and dismayed this week, but the devastating cuts in school funding now faced by the Davis school board were clearly projected a year ago. As some citizens said back then, it is time for the Board of Education, along with the City Council and the Board of Supervisors, collaborating […]

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Nothing fair in these pay cuts

We’re out of money again but it seems unfair for the Board of Education to ask that all teachers take an equal percentage pay cut.  The more fair way is for teachers who make more money to take a larger percentage pay cut, and teachers who make less money to take a lesser cut. In […]

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Value and respect our educators

Teacher salary comparisons Davis: $35,081, beginning; $55,886, mid-range; $77,965, highest State average: $41,284, beginning; $65,173, mid-range; $83,460, highest Source: School Accountability Report Cards By Gail Mitchell It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and Davis teachers are reminded over and over again why we have chosen to teach in this wonderful community. Many of us receive heartfelt notes […]

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Maguire deserves our vote of confidence

Yolo County voters have the opportunity on June 5 to send a rousing vote of confidence to a well-respected member of the Yolo Superior Court bench: Judge Daniel Maguire. MAGUIRE, WHO WAS appointed to the Yolo judgeship in the fall of 2010, is being challenged by Deputy District Attorney Clint Parish. Although it’s rare for […]

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Vote yes on city parks tax

Davis voters have a $1.37 million-a-year decision to make on June 5: whether to support renewal of a $49 annual parks maintenance tax. We urge voters to say yes. MEASURE D is the third proposed renewal of the tax, first approved by voters in 1998. It requires a two-thirds vote of the people to be […]

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We support Wolk, Greenwald and Lee for Davis City Council

The issue: Strong slate has courage, intellect and integrity Davis faces many challenges in the coming years, and it needs leaders who are up to the task. The Davis Enterprise has selected a slate of City Council candidates in the June 5 election who we believe will do the best job of guiding our community […]

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Council pay raise correction

This is a note to correct the record on the council pay raise issue. The Enterprise erroneously reported two weeks ago that the City Council voted to give ourselves a raise. In fact, the council never voted to give ourselves a raise. We voted to introduce an ordinance for consideration. This opened up the discussion […]

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Cooperative principles run deep at Davis institution

By Desmond Jolly and Luis Sierra The United Nations has declared 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives, highlighting the massive contributions of cooperatives to global socio-economic development. In its declaration, the Assembly noted that cooperatives generate employment, promote social integration and lift people out of poverty. Locally, the Davis Food Cooperative is celebrating its […]

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‘No’ vote defends individual taxpayer interests

By Thomas Randall Jr. On Tuesday, June 5, the voters of Davis will have the choice to approve or reject Measure D. It would authorize the continuance of an annual parcel tax of $49 per single- and multi-family unit and $40 per 1,000 square feet for commercial parcels. The tax would take effect this year and […]

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What do you think: If the presidential election were held today, whom would you vote for?

Jeff Schmidtke assistant trainer for international K9 company, Red Bluff: “Mitt Romney, because he’s a Republican conservative.” Kathy Chastain acupressure, Grass Valley: “Obama, because (…) I’d like to see him be able to carry his vision through.” Josh Chapman Armadillo Music owner, Davis: “Barack Obama.” Lenna Ontai UC Davis employee, Davis: “Obama. I think he’s […]

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‘Yes’ vote supports parks, greenbelts and recreation programs

By Alan Pryor, Charlie Russell and Travie Westlund Davis is a wonderful community to live in! Our extensive system of parks, greenbelts and recreation facilities are an important part of our Davis lifestyle and what makes Davis special. They are a benefit to everyone who lives here by providing recreational opportunities, improving the environment we […]

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What can I say – I just love Pearls

When your own mechanic, the guy who profits from your car repairs, says it’s time to get a new car … it’s time to get a new car. That was Bob’s verdict, down at Pisani’s Auto Repair, when I brought my beloved Impala in with a new and improved problem: a bad catalytic converter, and […]

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