Give inmates the vocabulary

The most shameful argument in favor of death penalty by injection rather than by lifelong imprisonment is that it is cheaper. Yes, a quick shot with a deadly poison is certainly cheaper than maintenance usually for decades. Yet if money is to be a determining factor in fatal decisions, why not choose weight, for instance? […]

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Move city’s money from bank

It’s easy to see: Davis sometimes does the right thing. And sometimes it doesn’t. Recently, the City Council chose to pass a resolution stating that money is not speech and corporations are not people. Right on! However, the City Council has not yet chosen to move our money from Wells Fargo, where homebuyers were knowingly […]

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Vote for Avery’s daddy!

We are so glad that Dan Wolk is running for Davis City Council. We actually know him better as “Avery’s daddy,” since his oldest and our children love to play together. The qualities that Dan shows as a father — he’s considerate, a good listener, smart and practical — are the qualities we want and […]

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Vote yes on Davis parks tax

I am writing to urge all Davis residents to vote “Yes on Measure D,” a renewal of our current parks tax. I have argued against city tax and utility rate increases for many years, and will continue to do so, but I think the parks tax is a good deal for our community. As written, […]

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Why wasn’t it printed locally?

When speaking about the Davis Farmers Market, a key word there is “Davis.” The foundation of a farmers market is the availability of goods generated from a local base — the more local, the better. So why is it that “The Davis Farmers Market Cookbook” was taken out of town to be printed? It would […]

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Good choices make college worthwhile

By Peter D. Feaver This week, many high school seniors across America must make one of the biggest decisions of their lives: which college to attend. They (and their parents) will doubtless be wondering whether they will get their money’s worth and whether college is really worth it anymore, especially given the rising tuition and […]

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A chance for nation’s capital to grow up

The issue: Growth pressures prompt a new discussion of building height limits The Cairo condominium building at 16th and Q streets N.W. is not on any list of tourist sights in Washington, D.C. It’s just a nice old building that was once a hotel. But perhaps it should be on tourist lists, because the Cairo […]

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Remembering Jim Hutchinson

Thursday morning, James Richard Hutchinson, one of Davis’ most extraordinary citizens and our close friend and colleague of more than 45 years, passed away. Jim was a devoted teacher and a founding member of the department of civil and environmental engineering at UC Davis who maintained an active research program and participation in the International […]

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Vote yes for parks, greenbelts

Davisites, we often take our parks and greenbelts for granted. We expect that the play structures will be clean and safe when our kids play on them. We expect that the grass will be green and well manicured when we coach our teams, walk our pets and join pickup soccer games. We expect that the […]

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Don’t over-draft our aquifers

I am concerned about the problem of aquifers getting over-drafted. When an aquifer gets over-drafted, people are pumping out more water than the aquifer could replenish. If an aquifer gets over-drafted a lot, then it loses its storage capacity permanently, which isn’t the best thing for our already declining water supply. Not only do we […]

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Give Goodwill a second site

I am writing in support of allowing a second donation site for the Goodwill. Our current thrift stores do not have the desire or ability to receive everyone’s donations. The SPCA turns numerous items away and Right & Relevant has the same ability. The current Goodwill location takes all donations, and is usually filled to […]

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Don’t super-size our classrooms

Perhaps lost in the myriad valid public comments regarding the Davis Joint Unified School District’s position to increase class sizes lies a more disturbing problem. While collegiality and communication is key to driving any successful enterprise, it is unclear to many why our school board and school district can engage in problem-solving that seemingly excludes […]

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