Social media takes over at confabs

The issue: 15,000 journalists — many armed with just a laptop and an iPhone — are busy in Tampa The Republican National Convention under way this week in Tampa, Fla., is the first such political gathering with blanket coverage by social media; indeed, some enthusiasts are calling it the first convention of the Social Media […]

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Armstrong no longer is our greatest cyclist

The decision of cyclist Lance Armstrong not to further contest doping charges against him and the decision of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to strip him of his seven Tour de France titles, won in the sport’s most prestigious event, leaves behind a sad, sour taste. ARMSTRONG SAID said he was weary of battling the never-ending […]

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Why Davis Democrats are cowards

Since I first began writing this column in January 2004, I’ve never used it to endorse a candidate for public office. I won’t break that tradition, now. However, I am starting something new, today. I am calling on the elected Democrats of Davis to repudiate our member of the Assembly, Mariko Yamada, and requesting that […]

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Dancing her cash away

Dear Annie: My 81-year-old mother lives alone, drives her own car and manages her own finances. Between savings, retirement income and inheritance, she is well fixed. What worries me is that Mom has been enrolled in ballroom dance lessons for several years. These lessons are exorbitantly expensive, costing in the six figures annually. There are […]

Another successful shopping spree

The Davis Salvation Army Committee would like to thank the 100 volunteers who donated their time to our annual Childspree. The volunteers chaperoned 100 Davis schoolchildren as they shopped for back-to-school clothes at JCPenney on Saturday, Aug. 11. JCPenney in Woodland opened its doors at 7:30 a.m. for the children and provided free haircuts to […]

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I say, ‘Spray, baby, spray!’

They are spraying for mosquitoes again. May I make a few brief comments? This is the season where the wise and neighborly thing to do is to take 10 minutes to examine your yard for any standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Even very small amounts of water are all they need! Articles about bite prevention […]

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I still feel for Apple’s workers

I need to respond to the editor’s note at the end of my letter “Apple, invest in workplaces,” published July 11, where the editor mentioned the radio show “This American Life” retracting the episode “Mr. Daisey And the Apple Factory” because of “numerous fabrications.” I do thank the editor for prompting me to spend some […]

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Scotland trip a big success

On behalf of the Davis High School drama department, I would like to thank the entire Davis community for your funds, love and support that allowed us to perform at the Fringe Festival in Scotland earlier this month. We had the opportunity to present Moliére’s “Tartuffe” four times at Churchill Main, the largest venue for […]

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Don’t cross the U.S. military

Whistle-blower Pvt. Bradley Manning has been in military prison awaiting trial for more than 800 days (180 days is usually considered maximum) for his “crime” of leaking military documents. None of the documents was classified although the one, a video nicknamed “Collateral Murder,” was found near classified material. “Collateral Murder” evidently was embarrassing, since it […]

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What happened to dress code?

Last week, I dropped my friend off at the Davis High School. It is the first day of school and traffic was extensive. I was sitting in my car and I had the time to notice and be saddened by the clothing that, especially, the young women are wearing to school these days. Freedom of expression […]

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Time to bag this argument

It’s clear the nanny state will not go unchallenged if “The Wary I” has anything to say about it. For the columnist, an outbreak of norovirus infections among soccer players illustrates the law of unintended consequences. The report about the outbreak bears that out, but the columnist’s application of that “law” (Aug. 22) is interesting, […]

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Grateful to Good Samaritans

Last Sunday, Aug. 19, I took a bad spill on my bicycle on County Road 102, between Davis and Woodland. The result was a fractured clavicle. Two good Samaritans saw the crash and pulled off the road to make sure I was OK. (I think they were as much a help to my teenage son, […]

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Put SS on a sustainable path

I have been critical in the past of the nonsense Rep. Mike Thompson has written in The Enterprise. Imagine my pleasant surprise with his recent article, “It’s time to put America on a fiscally sustainable path.” He is “spot on” and it appears that the article is written by him and not one of the […]

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