Brother playing with fire

Dear Annie: My younger brother, “Gary,” is 27 years old and lives in a two-bedroom apartment. I recently found out from a mutual friend that he is living with “Debbie,” a 17-year-old dropout. This girl quit high school, had a fight with her parents and showed up on Gary’s doorstep asking to use his spare […]

What it all means

Dear Readers: Happy Fourth of July! While you are enjoying the outdoor barbecue, here’s a little history to go with the day: The United States has a Great Seal that is used to authenticate certain documents issued by the federal government. The Great Seal has a picture of a bald eagle with its wings outstretched, […]

Hot summer weather is old news in Davis

When I turned on Channel 13 Saturday afternoon to watch CBS’ golf coverage at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md., I hadn’t yet heard about the massive storms that had wreaked havoc in the mid-Atlantic states on Friday night, killing 13 people, leaving millions without electric power and felling untold numbers of trees. However, […]

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Children victimized in court

Congratulations to Judge Stephen Mock for sentencing Jason Sigur to life in prison for grooming, then raping a 14-year-old girl in her El Dorado Hills home. These are exactly the types of criminals who should be sitting in prison for a lifetime. As taxpayers, we want them there, and are glad to pay taxes toward […]

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Student trip to S. Korea enriching

I recently returned from a student exchange between Davis and Sangju, South Korea, organized by the Davis Cultural Exchange Club and the Friends of Sangju Committee. For 10 days, we nine students experienced the culture and lifestyle of South Korea first-hand, from pottery classes to sitting in on their (14-plus-hour) school day. Every day was […]

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Exciting first steps for project

The Davis Community Church Mosaic Tea & Coffee Exploratory Committee would like to thank all who attended our first community open house presentation on June 23. We very much enjoyed sharing our vision with you. Thanks for joining us in our endeavor to create Mosaic Tea & Coffee, a place where all will be welcome […]

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Monticello a delicious find

How often do you taste food alive with flavor? On a recent Tuesday, my neighbor and I went to lunch. There was no parking in downtown Davis so we drove north to Osaka Sushi next to the Davis Food Co-op. Osaka was gone and now there is Monticello Seasonal Cuisine. It looked expensive but we […]

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CSU won’t stop offensive speech

California State University professors and other employees cannot engage in “discriminatory behavior, bullying or harassment,” nor may they display “offensive conduct of an unwelcome nature…” So says the Free Speech Handbook issued to every Cal State employee, faculty member and student. But if you examine both the recent and long-term behavior of the university’s most […]

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Fake war record isn’t a crime

The issue: However, boasting of honors never earned is a despicable practice The Supreme Court has ruled, rightly in our view, that wearing unearned U.S. military decorations may be despicable — “contemptible” in the court’s words — and in some cases illegal, but it’s not unconstitutional. THE FIRST AMENDMENT says harmless lying is protected speech; […]

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She can’t make a clean break

Dear Annie: My daughter has been married to a drug abuser for 10 years. “Rob” can’t keep a job and sells everything on the premises for money to buy more drugs. He even took his 9-year-old daughter with him to trade her TV and other electronics for narcotics. Rob has been in rehab three times […]

Old-fashioned service with a smile

We would like to fete Carol at Fleet Feet for her amazing patience in helping us to select comfortable shoes for our uncomfortable feet! Quite a feat indeed, especially in these times of self-service shopping found at most other shoe stores. Fleet Feet offers “old fashioned” service with kind souls and a smile. How lucky we […]

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Apple, invest in workplaces

I have never heard such a long bout of silence from the young liberal audience of Bill Maher, as when Mike Daisey spoke for seven minutes. They were in shock by what he said about Apple, as was I. Everyone knows about sweat shops and bad working conditions in other countries, but it is the […]

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Another ruling for the rich

The Supreme Court has a history of handing down anti-democratic and oppressive rulings that favor the wealthy to the expense of everyone else. It certainly was clear who won and who lost with Citizens United. Now, the Supreme Court hands the rest of us an apparent victory by upholding President Obama’s health care plan. Ironic […]

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