Stay well clear of vehicles

Robb Davis is right to point out the hazards to bicyclists associated with “dooring” (Davis Bicycles! column, March 23). Motorists and cyclists also should be aware that the careless opening of vehicle doors into moving traffic is a citable offense in the state vehicle code: CVC22517. “No person shall open the door of a vehicle […]

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Big changes for political watchdog

From the moment it was created as part of the 1974 Proposition 9 political reform initiative, California’s Fair Political Practices Commission has operated on the presumption that politicians and their most active campaign aides and backers should never be fully trusted. But that underlying approach has seemed to change gradually under the leadership of the […]

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Etch A Sketch as political metaphor

The issue: Romney aide’s gaffe is a boon to American toy maker When balloons drop at the GOP convention, it may be one of the lasting ironies of the campaign that a badly chosen simile by a top Mitt Romney aide may have done more to help the economy — at least one small corner […]

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Are we there yet? Silence would be golden for silver screen reruns

As our kids have gotten older, my husband and I have had a lot of fun watching movies with them that we’d really liked when they first came out. Next up in our Netflix queue is “Raising Arizona,” because on a recent sick-day for my 15-year-old son, we watched “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” It […]

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A first step to bolster Chinese instruction

By Amy Kapatkin, Rui Chen and Ying Fang The earlier children learn a second language, the more likely they are to master it. Although the Davis Joint Unified School District supports five world languages, there is bias toward Spanish and French because they are the only two languages offered at the junior high level. Theoretically, […]

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Jobs: It’s the problem that won’t go away

The issue: Many unemployed are being left behind as the economy recovers The United States soon may face a problem that has bedeviled Europe’s industrialized nations — endemic and chronic unemployment — and the nation’s leaders are making little effort to prepare for it. SURVEYING THE platforms of the presidential hopefuls, Scripps Howard News Service […]

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We used to use English properly

“The Wary I” has made yet one more contribution to the great plastic-bag debate (March 22). But that’s not all. The columnist has found time to offer “let’s call him Alan” free advice on how to write. Alan’s memo, it seems, could have been improved by capitalizing the first “T” in “The Enterprise” and by […]

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He should be ‘The Forgetful I’

Columnist Bob Dunning, who authors the “The Wary I” in The Enterprise, should consider changing the name of his column to “The Forgetful I” as he seems to have a problem remembering what he wrote in the past and getting his facts straight. In his March 22 column, Dunning claims I should consult my libel […]

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Former mayors support Brett Lee

Brett Lee will make an excellent member of the Davis City Council. His advanced education in engineering and economics assures he has the training for the job. With his business finance background and analytical approach to problems, he brings the talent required. Brett has a collegial and friendly personality. He is a great combination of […]

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What are they afraid of?

The very fact that the police union is resisting the release of the pepper spray task force findings speaks volumes about what it expects to find in the report. Gabe Lewin Davis

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Swiss exercise opinions at the ballot box

The issue: No to more vacation, yes to fines for disruptive protesters To most working stiffs, the choice between four weeks and six weeks of paid vacation a year would seem a no-brainer. IT WAS A NO-BRAINER in Switzerland, but not the way one might think. In a national referendum, two-thirds of voters turned thumbs […]

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Once again, the old Sikh was right

When I was working on my master’s degree at UC San Diego, I lived in graduate student housing off campus. A neighbor of mine, named Ping, was a medical doctor from Taiwan who was pursuing his Ph.D. in immunology. Ping was a nice guy and a dedicated scholar. He took everything in life seriously to […]

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