Maguire has earned our confidence

We should expect a person presenting him or herself for election to the office of judge to be wise, honest, thorough and fair. I want to know that a candidate for election to a position entrusted with the heavy weight of lawful authority over the lives of people has been vetted thoroughly by other judges […]

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Garamendi supports education

As a high school student, college is fast approaching. Although I am only a sophomore, my family and I are beginning to plan and look at colleges and tuition costs while also learning about financial aid and how to apply. My family looks to people like John Garamendi, who is running for Congress here in […]

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Special Golden Gate memories

The 75th anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge was celebrated Sunday. Only a few people will recall that the day before the bridge was open to vehicular traffic, pedestrians were allowed to make the crossing. In 1937, my brother was 15 and I was 12. What a thrill to be one of the […]

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It’s the least we can do

If you see a soldier, treat him to a cup of coffee. Pay it forward. It’s the least we can do! God bless America … Barbara Wochok Davis

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He’s sick *and* attached? Go for it!

Dear Annie: Last month, an old boyfriend contacted me. I hadn’t seen “Bud” in 30 years. We had a wonderful conversation. I visited him at his home. He even sent me a large sum of money to help pay off a mortgage bill. We now talk at least twice a day and always say “I […]

Taxpayers taken for a ride on subsidized flights

The issue: Cutting this expensive program should be a priority Tired of jostling lines to board overcrowded aircraft? Jammed overhead bins? Being wedged into the middle seat with the passenger in front of you reclining in your lap? The taxpayers have a solution for that, but it involves flying to and from destinations like Ely, […]

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Vote for collaboration, sustainability

By Steve Greenfield, Gregg Herrington, Kemble Pope, Michael Bisch, Janis Lott and Tom Cross Sustainability is like a three-legged stool. One leg represents social issues, another represents the environment and the third leg is economic development. To achieve a level, sturdy and enduring stool, all three legs must be kept equally strong or fear tipping […]

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Downspiraling through the nine circles of big city bureaucracy

I have, sitting in front of me, a reporter’s notepad covered in phone numbers. The sight of it irks me. I’m no fun when I’m irked. The phone numbers were scrawled there during my search for the arrest information of a drunken driver who injured a Winters boy after a day of fishing with his […]

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Hats off to DHS team for honoring veterans

It’s always with special pride that we observe Memorial Day, reflecting on the commitment and sacrifice of our veterans and what that has meant to the United States and to the well-being of the world. THIS YEAR, The Enterprise is doubly proud to acknowledge a sincere contribution to the spirit of Memorial Day. In a […]

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When you turn 65, you get a big chunk of homework

A friend asked me what it was like to turn 65. “It’s such a big date in our culture,” she said. She was giving me a chance to express sadness about aging, but I hadn’t had time to feel sad; I was too busy signing up for Medicare. If that sounds like an exaggeration, you […]

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They’ve already crossed a line

Dear Annie: I’m in my early 20s and have been dating “Aidan” for a year. He attends college two hours away. He doesn’t socialize much and stresses a lot about his grades. His only real friend is “Cara,” a girl we went to high school with. Cara lives in a house with several other girls. […]

Focus on Health: Take charge to reduce breast-cancer risks

When it comes to our health, no one likes to be surprised. Although most abnormalities detected in the breast are not cancerous or life-threatening, most breast cancers are invasive, which is why early detection through screening is important. Think about this: * 230,480 cases of invasive breast cancer were estimated to be diagnosed in 2011 […]

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Trying to understand the inexplicable

I’ll admit it. I’m fascinated with Clint Parish. I’d like to have him over for dinner and pick his brain to see what makes him tick. To be honest, I’ve never come across a candidate quite like him. Relentless in pursuit of office, reckless with his opponent’s reputation and unwilling to utter a simple “I’m […]

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Keep it to yourself, Mom

Dear Annie: I am becoming excessively annoyed by a new trend I’m seeing with my friends who have recently become parents — the “naked mommy.” I’m 27 and have not yet had children. Several of my friends are having their second or third, but most are on their first. I work in a physician’s office, […]