Leave NOAA where it is

The issue: A plan to move the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from Commerce to Interior is simply unnecessary Last month, President Barack Obama restored authority that was allowed to lapse in the Reagan years that would allow him to reorganize federal agencies to eliminate overlapping and duplicate functions. He brought up the proposal again […]

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No, tell us what you really think

Dear Annie: My mother-in-law, “Mary,” is a demanding, conceited, freeloading, depressed 60-year-old witch. She has made our lives miserable for the five years I’ve been married. Mary used to work as a nurse, owned her own home and paid her own bills. Shortly after we married, she quit her job, saying she was too depressed, […]

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The (bitter) voice of experience

Dear Annie: I have loved a gay man all my life, and I am now 64, so I know a little something about the problem. I work in an office where a 35-year-old man is dating a female co-worker who is 50. I believe they both care for each other, but he is concealing his […]

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Alcoholic mother can’t cope

Dear Annie: I am a 23-year-old married woman. I have two much younger brothers from my mother’s second marriage. They live with her in another state. Recently, Mom admitted that she is an alcoholic. I’ve always had my suspicions, but was never sure, since we weren’t close. When my husband and I went to visit […]

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Clean-car opposition is misguided

If California highways and parking lots of 2025 look considerably different from today’s, it probably will be because they’ll contain almost 1.5 million more hybrid cars and trucks, hydrogen-driven vehicles and plug-in hybrids that run mostly on electricity except on long trips. That’s the vision behind the latest set of proposed rules rolled out by […]

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Absence makes the heart grow worried

Dear Annie: Six years ago, I married “Richard.” He is a wonderful, caring, good-looking man. We returned from our honeymoon to find out he had lost his job. The next three years were a rollercoaster, and he finally found employment 18 months ago. Richard has to travel out of state a great deal. He currently […]

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Caring for dead parents is easy — it’s the living ones that are difficult

Let me say right up front that I love our county libraries. I even have a mini Yolo County Library card on my key chain because I regularly visit our Winters branch. However, with all due respect and affection, the county library, with a little help from the Friends of the Davis Public Library, really […]

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Shine a light on child abuse

I was watching the national news and there was an update on the fighting in Syria. Many innocent people are being killed and that is truly a tragedy. One of the newscasters made a point of stressing the fact that almost 400 children have been killed in the past 10 months. During that same time […]

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I urged change but didn’t expect this much

This might be the last time I can write about the man I call “Larry.” He may become too well-known for me to be sure that I can preserve his anonymity. I first wrote about Larry in 2005. He was the home health aide on duty when my dad died in New York City, and […]

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Ideas to restore salmon runs

This letter is about how dams can affect the lives of salmon. Many dams have been built in the Central Valley, but they keep salmon out of spawning areas, so they can’t reproduce. At New Bullards Bar Dam on the north Yuba River, they are working on a solution. They are planning to truck salmon […]

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Accurate arguments against C

It is important to clarify the court’s decision to edit our ballot arguments. There are only a number of words allowed on a ballot argument. The section against the all-mailed ballot process had 65 out of the 300 words allowed and was difficult to explain under the limitation. We offered to change it to make […]

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Apply to be a student firefighter

I would like to encourage all eligible UC Davis students to apply for the Student Resident Firefighting Program. As a student firefighter at the UCD Fire Department for almost three years, I can say that it was one of the best experiences in my life. Beyond the firefighting and emergency medical skills I learned, I […]

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A thousand thanks from STEAC

The Short-Term Emergency Aid Committee recently completed the 2011 Holiday Program and wants to thank the literally hundreds of volunteers, churches, businesses, schools, professional organizations and the families and individuals who make this wonderful program happen each and every year. The wonderful generosity of our community is constantly amazing. This year 1,413 people were helped. […]

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