Ruling gives kids a chance

The issue: High court ends mandatory life sentences for juveniles The law cannot fly on automatic pilot, which is what state legislatures periodically try to do by taking certain decisions out of the hands of judges and juries, particularly with mandatory minimum sentences. A particularly egregious example of bypassing judicial discretion are laws requiring youths younger […]

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Making a deathbed deal

Dear Annie: My father and mother were both sick and only weeks away from dying when my niece went to my father’s bedside and asked if she could have his house when he “didn’t need it anymore.” She made sure that her mother was with her to witness the question and answer. My father suffered […]

What do families really want from their summer vacations?

* Editor’s note: Marion is taking the week off. This column has been slightly revised since it first appeared in 1999. On the seventh day of our vacation in Alaska, a TV newsman announced that the local golf course had been closed. It seems that a bear killed a moose on the course. (I suppose […]

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Focus on Health: Summer Food Drought

By Terri LaBriola When the school year ends and summer vacation commences, we look forward to graduation ceremonies, pool parties, and trips with our families. We may not even realize it, but many of these activities and celebrations wouldn’t be the same without one important component: food. Unfortunately, the only certainty facing nearly 13,000 children […]

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What will keep them together?

Dear Annie: I have been with my husband more than 20 years. We have never been separated, even for a few days. We have stuck it out through the good, the bad and the horrible. We have two boys who are about to graduate high school, and I am wondering how this will affect our […]

We haven’t really come that far

It seems that no matter how hard we try to repurpose and reinvent our society as post-modern and post-racial, incidents such as the installation of the noose on Davis High school’s goal post and the swastika in the Olive Drive bike tunnel keep dragging us back into the mire of our dark history. Of course, […]

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A historic day for patients

As a medical student, I am relieved to see the Supreme Court uphold the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act (“High court upholds key part of Obama health law”). In the hospital, we see firsthand the challenges facing patients navigating a complex health care system and facing physicians as they struggle to provide care […]

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Whenever you see a bully, look no further than the parents

So, Karen Klein, the sweet grandmother from Greece, New York who was verbally tortured by some vicious little middle school bullies, has enjoyed the sympathy and support of the nation, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars raised through a fundraising website to give her a well-deserved vacation to Disneyland and a nice little […]

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Progress on California’s dropout crisis

By Alan Bonsteel Our dropout crisis remains California’s greatest challenge. Our economy will recover, but a dropout today is a tragedy for the state and for Yolo County for the next half-century. At the national level, the College Board at this very moment has arrayed 857 student desks on the National Mall near the Washington Monument […]

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Supreme Court says health care is law of the land

The issue: The idea of national health care dates back to Teddy Roosevelt; for now, we have such a plan A deeply divided Supreme Court did with President Barack Obama’s health care act what high courts are supposed to do: It brought a sharp and conclusive end to the debate over whether the Affordable Care […]

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Are you being served by the Water Advisory Committee?

Water Advisory Committee members Mark Siegler and Bill Kopper, appointed by Councilwoman Sue Greenwald Frank Loge and Steve Boschken, appointed by Mayor Joe Krovoza Elaine Roberts Musser and Michael Bartolic, appointed by Councilman Stephen Souza Jerry Adler and Doby Fleeman, appointed by Mayor Pro Tem Rochelle Swanson Alf Brandt and Helen Thomson, appointed by Councilman […]

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What do you think: What does Independence Day mean to you?

Scott Dixon graduate student, Davis: “It means the day the U.S. gained independence.” Margaret Elmer graduate student, Davis: “The establishment and fulfillment of democracy.” Sue Petzold retired, Fair Oaks: “Barbecue, fireworks and family.” Ron Cowden business owner, Davis: “Celebration of our country’s freedom.” Marianne Lagarias recent graduate, Davis: “Remembering my grandpa’s birthday.” Andrew Hudson musician, […]

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Living in the halfway house

Dear Annie: I have been with “Jim” for eight years. We are in our 40s and have been through a lot together. When I moved in with him three years ago, two of his kids lived with their mother, and the older boy was in prison. I was supportive of Jim’s visits to “Lloyd” and […]

Memories of homelessness

When I see a person outside Safeway or Nugget Market asking for money, I try to always give them something. Maybe I only have an extra quarter and if times are better I might give them a dollar or two. My children say I don’t have much myself and I shouldn’t do that but they were […]

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