Whole truth about Whole Foods

Not that I wish a potentially promising downtown business ill, but I was aghast when I watched a news report from an ABC affiliate in Arlington, Va., about Whole Foods selling “organic” foods from China found at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBiI9KcJ9UY&sns=fb. This story shows frozen “organic” vegetables sold under the Whole Foods label with organic certification […]

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Farewell, city arts contracts

I would like to acknowledge the recent passing of a golden era in Davis cultural history. Due to budget reductions, the city of Davis Arts Contract Program, initiated in 1973, is being discontinued. I was first aware of the Civic Arts Grant program in 1976, when artist Terry Buckendorf applied for funding for his “Davis […]

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Build an energy-industrial complex

By Vashek Cervinka The United States could develop modern energy and transportation systems instead of spending resources in perpetual wars. Energy independence is a realistic national defense policy. The U.S. defense budget of $687 billion (2010 data) is 46 percent of all military expenditures in the world. The second-largest defense budget is China ($114 billion), […]

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Too late, bin Laden realized his errors

The issue: ‘A sense of bereavement’ fills the papers seized during the U.S. raid on terrorist’s hideout It offers some satisfaction that, toward the end of his days, Osama bin Laden knew at some level his terrorist movement was a failure, his grand plans to lead Islam had come to naught and that these failures […]

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New boyfriend is a danger to daughter

Dear Annie: My friend “Jodi” is 27 and very sheltered. Her parents still pay her rent and bills. I’m worried because Jodi has been acting out of character. She cheated on her husband with a 59-year-old man. He’s now her new boyfriend and “soul mate.” He’s creepy. He talks down to her and gropes her […]

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SmartMeters are good for health

When PG&E installed a Smart Meter at our house I discovered that it was very beneficial to my health. Before that, I had no idea why our power usage was as high as it was and this caused me considerable stress. Now I can relax because the Smart Meter provides the tools for me to […]

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Prospective foster parents, beware

The foster care article quote on March 9 describes the experience accurately: “Nurturing time spent with a hurt child, whether for a day, month, year or a lifetime, can serve to change the course of a life and make a resounding positive difference in how they feel about themselves.” I was a foster parent for […]

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I support Judge Dan Maguire

The Canons of Judicial Ethics bar judges from election endorsements, but we are allowed to speak regarding the judicial system, and in particular, the qualifications of judicial candidates. Judicial elections tend to be unexciting affairs. But I urge you to pay attention in this upcoming election, because you are far more likely to come before […]

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Time to repeal a relic of the Cold War

The issue: American farmers and manufacturers stand to lose valuable markets to our competitors because of this anachronism The Soviet Union did not much believe in letting its citizens emigrate. After all, what sane person would want to leave the “workers’ paradise”? And it especially did not believe in letting its Jewish citizens emigrate for […]

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We’re concerned about GMOs

By Diane Evans Our right to know is a cultural and intellectual tool provided to our citizens so that we can take and express personal responsibility and make choices that support our health and our personal beliefs. Our right to know is a twin to free speech. That is why we have free speech. With […]

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Stepmother getting wicked

Dear Annie: My wife of three years always seems to have something derogatory to say about “Janie,” my 20-year-old daughter from my first marriage. If Janie vacuums, my wife says she didn’t do it right. If she has a half-filled garbage can, my wife tells her it needs to be emptied, etc. I am so […]

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China appears to be at a crossroads

The issue: Wen and Hu are stepping down this year, creating an opportunity for change at the highest levels Once every 10 years, the inner circle of China’s ruling Communist Party retreats behind closed doors and quickly re-emerges to inform the Chinese people, and the world, who the new leaders will be. THE HIERARCHY is […]

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