Brother cruising for trouble

Dear Annie: I am a freshman in high school, and my older brother, “Adam,” is a junior. Although I wouldn’t consider myself popular, I have a great group of friends. Recently, I noticed that Adam is flirting on Facebook with a girl in my grade. For the most part, it’s innocent and playful, but it […]

The single vote that will count

There are five candidates for our City Council. Three (Stephen Souza, Dan Wolk and Lucas Frerichs) are either tainted by a public record on previous councils or can be assumed to have future political ambitions that will require that they “deliver” to the special interests that are needed to fund their future campaigns. Brett Lee, the […]

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He’s ideally suited to be a judge

I have known Dan Maguire for close to 10 years, and have found him to be an intellectually engaged person who is interested in exploring complex issues and getting to the bottom of things. He is unfailingly collegial, honest and forthright. All these aspects of his personality and intellect make him ideally suited to be […]

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Wolk has my vote for council

In his short tenure on the Davis City Council, Dan Wolk has shown that he has the intelligence and the competence to lead our city in a way that preserves the rich traditions of Davis life while preparing for changes vital to our city’s economic health. Dan is well versed in issues, such as water […]

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Frerichs: a long record of service

I have chosen to support Lucas Frerichs for City Council for several reasons. For more than 10 years, Lucas has demonstrated a commitment to being actively engaged in community groups that translate values into reality. His long record of serving on commissions, task forces and steering committees is exceptional because it began shortly after he […]

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She can do the math right

I will be voting for Sue Greenwald for City Council because she consistently is the one who can do the math right on city of Davis fiscal decisions and has the courage to vote her convictions, even under intense pressure. In these difficult economic times, we need her insight and courage more than ever. Please […]

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A real passion for the job

I have known Sue Greenwald for 16 years. I also have helped with all of her campaigns. I have always been so impressed with her as a thoughtful, passionate, interesting, intelligent and fun person. Her approach to problem-solving, where she researches deeply before making decisions, is critical to our City Council meeting the challenges we face as […]

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Diligence and fiscal responsibility

The Enterprise got it right with their endorsement of Sue Greenwald: “Greenwald does her homework, seeks expert advice, then votes her conscience. She has devoted countless hours to understanding the city’s budget problems and working effectively toward solutions. Her research and advocacy on the water issue helped save this community tens of millions of dollars, […]

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Thanks for holiday thrills

I was thrilled to be part of Davis’ Memorial Day celebration. From the spit and polish of the firefighters’ shoes to the final prayer, the ceremony was moving, joyful, thrilling. The national anthem was sung beautifully; may I suggest that next year we are invited to sing, too? Five or six hundred voices joining in […]

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Americans deserve fundraising facts from nonprofits

Americans are famously generous charitable givers. According to a new Scripps Howard News Service study, of the most recent reports to the Internal Revenue Service, 37,987 charities and nonprofits raised at least $1 million each, for a total of $325.7 billion, a sum larger than the GDPs of all but 39 countries. ALL THE DONORS […]

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Son engaged to rude girl

Dear Annie: My son has been dating “Meredith” for quite some time. They live together at college and plan to marry next year. I don’t know how to handle this girl. She never says thank you when you give her a gift, even in person, or when we cook dinner for her. And when the […]

Are we there yet?: When vehicles outnumber family members

I’m not sure why I’m telling this story because I think my husband and I look pretty bad in it. But I feel like I need to tell it because we know enough people in town who probably already think we look bad. What’s our problem? It is the acquisition of vehicles. We currently have […]

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Endangering his own daughter

Dear Annie: I’m a 58-year-old woman, and I’m concerned about my year-old granddaughter. When she was merely 4 months old, my son-in-law would toss her up in the air and then catch her. Her head was completely unsupported. When she was 5 months old and the temperature outside was in the 40s and rainy, he […]

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