Let’s get Davis lighted, for safety

By John Troidl Sometimes the street light situation in Davis provides a “teachable moment.” I try to teach my TA and students the value of what us management folks call “continuous quality improvement.” I think that also means sticking to something until you get it right. Or not being satisfied with “same old, same old.” […]

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Looking back, looking ahead at Davis’ challenges

By Joe Krovoza and Rochelle Swanson From January 2011 to the swearing-in of our new City Council on July 10, we were honored to serve together as Davis’ mayor pro tem and mayor. It has been gratifying to pursue the commitments we made during our campaigns in early 2010. Both of us promised unwavering adherence […]

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Just Us in Davis: Don’t wait to fight hate

By Jonathan London Reading the brief item in The Enterprise on July 10, “School benches charred with swastikas; police investigating as hate incident,” I felt a mix of anger, despair and fear. Whatever the motivations of the vandals, these symbols, burned into picnic tables at Holmes Junior High School, sent a powerful message to me […]

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The Fed and Congress: Who’s on first?

The issue: Bernanke gives legislators their marching orders on the nation’s fiscal challenges If the European debt crisis worsens — or worse yet, spreads here — the United States could be pushed into a shallow recession next year, choking off what has been a steady, if somewhat anemic, economic recovery. There’s little U.S. leaders can […]

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Daughter needs support

Dear Annie: My college-age daughter is very hard on herself. “Sharyn” is a beautiful, intelligent and wonderful person at heart, but she cannot see it, even though everyone else does. For 12 years, Sharyn has been in some form of therapy. She has damaged herself, starved herself and even run away. As a child, she […]

Questions about train horns

Remember when the sound of train whistles was a beautiful sound? The steam train whistles were tuned to a lovely minor chord. I remember camping in the Northern Transvaal in 1969 and hearing a train leave a nearby station, and I could hear it going through the mountains for a long time. It was like […]

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Fire victims are resilient

One week ago, our garage and its contents were destroyed by an electrical fire. My wife and I and our dog, Charley, all escaped without injury. The Davis Fire Department was exemplary and was able to save the contents of our home. State Farm, our home insurer, already has us in a furnished home while […]

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Top ballot slot is no guarantee

Gov. Jerry Brown took great pains trying to ensure his tax increase proposition would be listed first on the November ballot, acting on the presumption that placement would make it more likely to pass. That’s about as flawed an assumption as exists in California politics. For nothing in the past history of California initiatives suggests […]

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Why colds are less common among parents

The issue: We know the answer: Who has time to be sick? A recent study that found that parents exposed to cold viruses are less than half as likely to become ill as nonparents runs counter to the experience of many moms and dads with their little germ factories — uh, darling children. THE STUDY’S […]

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Are we there yet? Déjà brew all over again

Recently, I read a news story about a man who is driving a Volvo he bought in the 1960s that is due to hit the 3 million-mile mark next year. This guy, Irvin Gordon, drives his car everywhere, averaging nearly 100,000 miles per year. I can’t imagine the kind of commitment it takes to stick […]

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Position doesn’t guarantee experience

Back on May 4, The Davis Enterprise published an opinion piece about genetic engineering and Monsanto, authored by Doug Graves, in which he contrasted what he considered his superior credentials as “a researcher and former professor” to that of “a former Monsanto clerical worker,” Gabe Lewin. In defending his superior abilities, Graves wrote, “I was […]

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A bang-up Fourth of July

The city of Davis would like to acknowledge the following organizations and people for their generous contributions to this year’s Fourth of July celebration: Whole Foods; PG&E; Davis Live Music Collective; Target; Dos Coyotes; The Marketplace; Nugget Markets; Davis Food Co-op; Carbahal & Company; city of Davis Program Administrative and Support Employees Association; Wiscombe’s Funeral […]

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Courts do a commendable job

Your recent article on the meeting of death penalty opponents was interesting but full of humbug. I respect the right of others to work for and express their opinion but reserve my right to tell them they are full of garbage. My personal experience and opinion is that, overall, the criminal courts in California do […]

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