Thanks for fixing the lights

I’d like to thank City Councilman Dan Wolk for promptly correcting a dangerous situation at the Senior Center. My wife and I attended a Friday evening event there last week. Afterward, as we were leaving, we noticed that it seemed unusually dark in the parking lot. Looking around, we noticed that most of the parking […]

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Davis is now a food Mecca

With Whole Foods replacing Borders, Davis will have an impressive collection of special grocery stores. We already have Trader Joe’s, the Davis Food Co-op, Nugget and the Davis Farmers Market, so there are lots of reasons for foodies to turn off Interstate 80 and spend their dollars here. Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce, the city […]

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Water issue? Call city first

Recently, our next-door neighbor encountered a household leaking and flooding problem. At first it appeared a leaking hot water heater had indeed caused heavy floor and rug flooding inside their home. Quite soon, it was apparent that a water system plumbing problem was the real reason, not the water heater. Shortly thereafter, a series of […]

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Have contractors left Iraq?

The troops have, for the most part, left Iraq. The president and the press have made much of this. However, no one has said anything about the contractors who at one time outnumbered American troops. I want to know but can find no information about where the contractors are on the web. If the contractors […]

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Taking responsibility, not blame

In his Sunday polemic attacking Linda Katehi, Nathan Brown makes much of the fact that Katehi has accepted responsibility for Nov. 18’s brutal suppression of a peaceful student protest. Brown argues that taking responsibility should mean that Katehi resign. Professor Brown would do well to consider the difference between taking responsibility and taking blame. I […]

Take a lesson from Greek campuses

I started reading with interest Nathan Brown’s article “Reviewing the case for Katehi’s resignation” in Sunday’s Enterprise. Then I came upon the passage “Meanwhile, articles have brought to light Chancellor Katehi’s co-authorship of a report recommending the return to militarized police to Athens Polytechnic University as a deterrent to the ‘politization’ of the campus…,” a […]

The real costs lie ahead

I am amazed that the cost of the monthlong student occupation of UC Davis cost only $8,500, as revealed by the university. The students should be commended for building an effective campaign against university privatization that took on national and international proportions for such a small amount of money! The good news is that Chancellor […]

Putting $8,500 in perspective

So it cost $8,500 to clean up and repair the Occupy UC Davis site. Let’s put that number in perspective. $8,500 is: * What Chancellor Linda Katehi is paid in just over a week; * Less than the $8,916 “automobile allowance” offered to hire Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph Hexter two years ago; * About what the average assistant […]

Save time on campus climate

This is a copy of a letter to Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph Hexter, I understand from Professor Nathan Brown’s op-ed piece in Sunday’s Davis Enterprise that Chancellor Linda Katehi, whom I have supported through thick and thin lately, has appointed a Chancellor’s Advisory Board, on which sit the CEOs of Bechtel, Chevron, Bank of America […]

Top earners should help students

As I recall, University of California President Mark Yudof suggested, quite a while back, that the top earners in the University of California system (I would say those earning $150,000 a year or more) should channel funds to be used to help defray student fees. I think it is a good idea. Of course, for […]

It’s a small price to pay

$8,500 to clean up the Occupy UC Davis camp? So what? Tom Sakash should have ended this front-page article after “Freedom isn’t free.” Period. End of story. As a UCD faculty member, I have been required to attend (in full academic robes and regalia) inaugural events for chancellors costing 10 times that much! Robert Thayer […]

Let’s reverse this train wreck

Joseph-Marie de Maistre (1753-1821), a philosopher from Savoy (now a part of France) who defended the divine rights of kings when many Frenchmen were trying to chop their heads off, coined the expression, “Every country has the government it deserves.” A century later, the Irish-born playwright George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) modified Count de Maistre’s expression […]

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Congress pats itself on the back for budget bill

The issue: But last-minute wrangling over the payroll tax cut extension mars any feeling of compromise As Congress puts the finishing touches on work it should have completed nearly four months ago, it is congratulating itself on a difficult job well done. Difficult, yes; well done, hardly. “IN SPITE OF many unnecessary obstacles, it is […]

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