Dems resist planned budget cuts

Just 17 months ago, when voters passed Proposition 25 and restored simple majority votes of the Legislature in California budgeting, the presumption was that if Democrat Jerry Brown also became governor, a new era of sweetness and light would arise in Sacramento. For budgeting would now be a one-party thing, no Republicans involved. Well, as […]

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Are we there yet? Getting back on that horse — or bike or ski slope

Two years after a bone-smashing ski accident, I finally felt like my old self on the slopes last week. Having learned to ski when I was 10 years old, I think I benefitted from the lack of fear that comes from learning an activity before you fully understand all that can go wrong. I had […]

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Partying hurts our neighborhood

During last month’s City Council discussion of the ordinance against underage drinking, The Enterprise reported general agreement that drinking among college students wasn’t the main problem. In the Davis Manor Neighborhood, and others like ours, it is. From spring until late fall, we experience the college “party scene.” It is not just Friday and Saturday […]

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We dined out for a great cause

The Davis Schools Orchestral Music Association would like to thank Woodstock’s Pizza and Cultivé frozen yogurt for their recent fundraising support. By dining at Woodstock’s and Cultivé, many friends of DSOMA had a fabulous dinner and dessert in downtown Davis while helping fund musical instrument repair, sheet music purchases and field trips. We also would […]

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Heaping more indignities on air travelers

The issue: Maybe we should wear all we need, then undress in the aisles The federal government and the airline industry seem to be in a race to see which one can annoy, humiliate, inconvenience and fleece the passengers more. THE GOVERNMENT seemed to be clearly in the lead when the Transportation Security Administration introduced […]

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Two sides to every issue, always

By Bill Hollingshead My political science professor, Vernon J. Puryear, said in effect, “In political science, international relations and international diplomacy, there are always two sides to every issue, so don’t get upset before you examine both sides.” I took that as a formula for clear and critical thinking and for peace of mind. George […]

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Income tax day protest planned

Income taxes are due this year on Tuesday, April 17. Everyone who supports marriage equality is invited to come together at noon at the main Davis post office on the corner of Fifth Street and Pole Line Road. Together, we will raise public awareness regarding the way the federal government discriminates against same-sex couples who […]

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Abandon plans for Yolo airport

On March 30 the Yolo County Board of Supervisors met to consider three-year tactical plans for achieving eight goals with some 73 objectives. The board’s planning, while overly ambitious, is laudable and forward-thinking. However, one of the objectives — “airport development increased by 10 percent” as a means to the goal “champion job creation and […]

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Bicycle advocates make no judgments

Anne Slinkard raises some good points in her letter about rates of bicycling to school. A few thoughts. The point of Davis Bicycles! raising these issues at the school board meeting was not to vilify special programs but merely to raise a question about what they imply for parents’ decision to allow their children to […]

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Jobless rate falls, but it’s still bad news

The issue: Economic recovery has slowed, and that bodes ill for Obama March’s jobless rate was 8.2 percent, a good number, the lowest level in three years and continuing a steady monthly decline that began last August, and that’s how the White House will spin it. BUT THERE’S no getting around the fact that the […]

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Let your kids get down and dirty

“If anything ever happened, everyone would look at me and think, ‘She’s not a good mother.’ ” That’s what the wife of a friend of mine told me last week when I asked why she won’t let her son, who is in the sixth grade (not in Davis) ride his bike one mile to school […]

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