Enriching our Shakespearean culture

In response to Jeff Hudson’s excellent article about the recent conference at UC Davis’ Mondavi Center on “effective methods for teaching Shakespeare in middle schools, high schools and community colleges” (Jan. 18), I want to note that Jeff Bryant, an English teacher at Holmes Junior High School, has just finished directing three excellent public performances […]

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The real analysis is on the left

I’ll take the bait Rich Rifkin left out for “lefties from the English department” — I am one — in his childish attempt to discredit campus protesters by suggesting that they fail to target the worst regimes. Rifkin pretends to prefer that the intensity of protest be precisely calibrated to the body count or antidemocratic […]

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Water board eyes salinity rules

Walter Sadler’s op-ed article Sunday on the water project expressed my feelings completely. It is premature to build such an expensive project for salinity control while the state Water Quality Control Board, through its CV-SALTS, is relooking at how to handle salt discharges in all of the Central Valley. Why aren’t Davis and Woodland participating […]

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Kudos to all for MLK event

That was a terrific Martin Luther King Day event at the Varsity Theatre. What a treat to have a keynote speaker this year from such a renowned organization — the Southern Povery Law Center. Thank you to the city and all who made this happen — and to the 300 or more who attended. What […]

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Lobby for health care for all

I’m writing to let you know about a documentary called “Escape Fire: The Fight To Rescue American Healthcare” that was reviewed at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Take a moment to check it out on IndieGoGo, http://www.indiegogo.com/EscapeFire?i=emal, and share it with your friends. The subject of a health care system that is out of control is timely. The […]

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Stop the drain on city resources

We have been following the articles, letters to the editor and talk around town about the controversy and litigation between Neighborhood Partners, DACHA and the city of Davis over the fate of the affordable housing project, and we’re confused, and a little bit (or more) ticked off. We know David Thompson and Luke Watkins very […]

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Come back, Occupy Davis

I very much miss the Occupy Davis bunch. I want them back. They gave me hope for change in our socially corrosive world, with injustice for all, that the fiddly rulers of our rigged, unfair system, can be forced to yield power. Our government exists to serve the people of this land, not the corporatocracy. […]

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Learn more about Egypt’s future

On Jan. 25, 2011, many disgusted Egyptian youths started a peaceful revolution against the existing system of government, under Hosni Mubarak. Their main tools of communication were social media and the Internet. They succeeded in Mubarak’s removal in 17 days of completely nonviolent demonstration. After 30 years of dictatorship, he stepped down as president on […]

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Father trying to hang on

Dear Annie: I am a man in my 50s with a lot of problems. First, my wife of nearly 20 years left me for a much younger man. (She now lives in a foreign country.) For three years, I’ve been raising three kids alone. I’m under-employed and nearly broke. Despite my education and years of […]

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With profound gratitude

Oh, how I wish I could hug each of you and thank you for the words, the letters, the books (!) you gave me on my 102nd birthday! Yet since obviously I cannot expect to live long enough to thank all of you individually, allow me to express my profound gratitude with the three most […]

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Keep college accessible to all

Fees for attending UC Davis, as well as the other UCs, have more than tripled in the past 10 years, from $4,765 in 2002-03 to $15,123 in 2011-12. The CSUs have seen a comparable increase. The regents, trustees and our state government seem unwilling or unable to reverse these disturbing numbers; however, some high school […]

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King’s dream is a work in progress

Kudos for your excellent coverage of our city’s celebration of the national Martin Luther King Day. Keynote speaker Lecia Brooks emphasized that this national holiday is the only one commemorating a nongovernmental individual. She demonstrated, with evidence from the Southern Poverty Law Center, that the Rev. King’s properly elevating the value of individual conscience and nonviolent civil disobedience in the […]

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Rifkin’s column was right on

I would just like to thank and applaud Rich Rifkin (and The Davis Enterprise), for his excellent column, “Where’s Our Student Outrage Now?” in the Jan. 18 edition. Rifkin brought up issues and questions of great importance, yet rarely addressed. Again, thank you very much for the strength and scope of your insights. Ralph Libet […]

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