In praise of late bloomers

The issue: Plenty of great ideas have come from mature folks Have a big idea that you think might make you the next Mark Zuckerberg? NPR has a contest that could be the steppingstone to greatness. ALL AN ENTRANT has to do is make a video describing the idea and send it to NPR. The […]

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Sister’s behavior becomes too much

Dear Annie: My sister, “Lena,” has been a problem for decades. She abused her children physically and continues to abuse the rest of the family emotionally. She is haughty and manipulative and lies to everyone. Her own kids want nothing to do with her. I am the last person left in the family who talks […]

The science is clear: Stop eating sugar

“I found there was only one way to look thin: Hang out with fat people.” — Rodney Dangerfield Sugar is the prime culprit in our obesity epidemic. That is the message Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist from UC San Francisco, delivered in his lecture, “Darwin, Diet, Disease and Dollars,” last week at the UC […]

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Coyotes saga coming to the big screen

A casting call for the made-in-Yolo, full-length feature film “They Shoot Coyotes, Don’t They?” will be held all day Thursday at the Wildhorse Country Club in northeast Davis. Based on the novel of the same name, this historically accurate film recounts the story of a small, modern-day university town in Northern California terrorized by that […]

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Paterno chose Penn State over children

The issue: Revered coach will be remembered for his choice, along with others, to protect his university at all costs It was not the report Penn State officials, fans, graduates or other members of the university family wanted to read. Nor was it the one former head of the FBI Louis Freeh wanted to write. […]

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Good for economy, community

I have been lucky enough to get out into the Berryessa Snow Mountain region. We were hiking and looking for native plants and birds, and, of course, the views are spectacular! It’s absolutely wonderful to have an area like this close by where you can go to get away from noise and bustle. I’m excited […]

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Don’t forget residents’ needs

What kind of Davis resident would complain about her streets being spruced up with statues here and there? Who would want to risk being labeled sacrilegious about art in public places? Well, it would be someone like me, who fears that, in the excitement of promoting downtown Davis as a regional arts destination, my resident […]

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Our trees demand vigilance

Davis City Manager Steve Pinkerton recently announced the elimination of two city tree crew positions. I strongly recommend reversal of this unwise decision. Trees take a lot of inspection and maintenance, and the city needs a permanent crew to carry out this important task. As a homeowner myself, I have had the personal experience of […]

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Shocked, saddened by killings

As a 20-year resident who combs our open land looking for nature, I am shocked and deeply saddened by the killing of these coyotes. Since there was no emergency, the local agencies should have worked together and maybe someone would have learned that killing does not work. Killing the mother coyote and her puppies actually […]

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Clarity on Audubon affiliation

Your lead article on Thursday, July 12, quoted Wildhorse golf course superintendent Wes Leith as saying “Wildhorse has been involved with Audubon International for many, many years …” Just so there is no confusion, Audubon International has no affiliation whatsoever with the National Audubon Society or its local chapter, Yolo Audubon Society. From Wikipedia: “Audubon […]

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Let’s work on coyote coexistence

We were very saddened to read the July 12 Enterprise article about the coyote family of five killed by the federal agency, Wildlife Services, at the Wildhorse Golf Club. (Yes, the same rogue agency that Tom Knudson exposed in the Bee recently.) This was at the request of the Wildhorse Golf Club. I have been […]

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Partnerships won’t work elsewhere

The many thousands who regularly use this state’s large and varied park system were among the most distraught of Californians when legislators and Gov. Jerry Brown last year imposed cuts and closures on the system, with 70 parks scheduled for shuttering early this summer. Some of those closures will come right on schedule, but not […]

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He won’t put her first

Dear Annie: My fiancé, “Clyde,” and I have been together for three years. We have a great relationship. We have lived together for two years, and my 5-year-old considers him “Dad.” Clyde is divorced and has two daughters, 16 and 18. His marriage was destructive and abusive, yet he still goes to his ex-wife’s house […]