These three have good hearts, minds

I believe public service is a vocation. Those who run for elected office should be led by their sense of responsibility to contribute to our democratic society and driven by a desire to strengthen the community. Governing is a continual process of listening, questioning, seeking common ground and balancing individual interests with good stewardship for […]

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Frerichs is a promising leader

As a longtime resident, former mayor and dedicated Davisite, I can’t imagine a more promising leader for our town than Lucas Frerichs. Many challenges lie ahead for Davis. Lucas has an understanding of our city, an appreciation of our needs and the creativity and ability to address the issues head-on. Lucas will help us sustain […]

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She works for our quality of life

We are writing to recommend re-electing Sue Greenwald to City Council. We have known her for about 20 years and have found her to be a strong advocate for good city and environmental planning, during her past 12 years as a council member. With those general goals in mind, she has worked to preserve a […]

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Greenwald has a strong vision

Davis needs Sue Greenwald on our City Council! We can depend on Sue to be independent, analytical and hard-working. We can trust Sue to be working for us, not special interests. I first met Sue Greenwald in the 1990s when we served together on the Growth Management and Neighborhood Preservation Committee — the land-use component […]

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Wolk, Frerichs are problem-solvers

We strongly endorse Dan Wolk and Lucas Frerichs for the Davis City Council. They don’t just talk about service to community. Both candidates have put their time and effort into making Davis a better place for all of us. Both candidates will bring a problem-solving ethic and refreshing independence to the City Council. They will […]

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Souza walks the walk for us

Stephen Souza has a number of personal qualities that have contributed to his success as a City Councilman and that underscore some of the many reasons he should be re-elected. Patience, good humor and an innate respect for others are among them — prerequisites for anyone in elected office! However, it is Stephen’s ability to […]

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Yolo’s lucky to have Maguire

We have had the pleasure of knowing Dan Maguire and his wife, Fran, for a number of years — through both friends and community involvements. We were delighted when Dan was appointed as Yolo County judge. In his years as judge, Dan has abundantly demonstrated the integrity, intelligence and sense of fairness that this position […]

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Vote for Greenwald and Lee

In 2005, Davis voters had the choice to vote yes or no on Measure X. Measure X would have allowed the building of Covell Village, a very large subdivision of 1,864 housing units on the periphery of Davis. Sue Greenwald and Brett Lee both took strong stands against Measure X, thereby showing their rejection of […]

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Frerichs brings energy, experience

Amid all the pre-election ambiguity, one thing is clear. We may vote for the status quo on the City Council or choose to vote for youth and energy. Personally, I admire the two fresh, young candidates, Lucas Frerichs and Dan Wolk, both of whom I have known personally since their days at Davis High. Dan’s […]

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Frerichs can pull folks together

Lucas Frerichs has the skills and experience to do the job. I have met many people who know Lucas from one of the commissions and boards he has served on or led. All of these people speak about Lucas with admiration and respect. Lucas gets this response because he has the skills and experience to […]

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Fed up with the negativity

Dear Annie: My sister-in-law, “Kate,” has a son who is a year older than mine. For my husband’s sake, every time Kate comes to town, I tell her she’s welcome to stay with us. Kate doesn’t always behave herself. I try to blow off her offensive comments, but it’s hard. My husband says, “My sister […]

Re-elect Councilwoman Greenwald

Sue Greenwald possesses a very sharp mind that she consistently uses in her work on the City Council. Indeed, she is a very hard worker who researches every issue thoroughly. And she has all those years of experience to bring to the new City Council. Let’s re-elect Sue. We are lucky she is willing to […]

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Honor the fallen

Dear Readers: Today is Memorial Day. Please remember those servicemen and women who have died serving their country. You can honor our fallen heroes by visiting cemeteries and placing flags or flowers on the graves of veterans. It is also customary to fly the flag at half-staff until noon. ———— Dear Annie: A few years ago, […]

Informed, skilled, cooperative

We have known Lucas Frerichs for many years and in many venues — car pools, neighbor, fellow community volunteer. We support Lucas for City Council because of his experience and his character. As chairman of the Davis Planning Commission, Lucas understands the many complex challenges the city confronts regarding water, land use, energy and climate […]

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