Maguire’s a great choice

In appointing Dan Maguire to the Yolo Superior Court, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a great choice, even if Maguire did go to Harvard. Roger L. Gambatese Yale graduate, Davis

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What do you think: What should be the Davis City Council’s top priority?

Kristin Fugitt nanny, Davis: “The water issues.” Thanh Thanh Uo student, Davis: “Roads, definitely.” Tyler Goodearly student, Davis: “The road by Third Street and University Avenue, where all the poles are. That needs to be fixed.” Spencer Ling student, Davis: “More parking spots would be nice.” Kevin Green veterinary technician intern, Davis: “Schools, just because […]

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He’s what we need in a judge

Judge Dan Maguire is who Yolo County needs on the Superior Court, and brings an outstanding set of skills and experiences with him. As a judge myself, serving Yolo County since 1995, I am in one of the best positions to know who is (and who isn’t) qualified to be a judge. All Yolo County […]

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Parish engages in table-pounding

Judge Dan Maguire is a smart, capable, honest and ethical jurist. He is respected and endorsed by the entire Yolo bench, by the Yolo Bar Association, by the Yolo sheriff’s deputies and the legal community here and statewide because he is a good man and a great judge. He is running on the merits of […]

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Energy wonk supports Wolk

I am an energy wonk and am proud to be supporting Dan Wolk for Davis City Council. Dan’s ideas about expanding residential solar power, initiating Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) or even our own public energy utility, reducing our peak load through weatherization and other upgrades, and establishing ourselves as a “Silicon Valley of Sustainability,” are […]

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Lee: energetic and capable

I support Brett Lee for Davis City Council. Davis needs a new, energetic, capable person who has the talent to solve the issues we currently face. Brett Lee is organized, thinks logically and is well educated on issues that will be brought before the council. He works well with people and is skilled at conflict […]

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Union influence is troubling

There has been considerable outrage over the smear campaign against Sue Greenwald. This is appropriate, although I find another aspect of the effort much more disturbing, and that is the attempted bribery of an elected official. That is clearly the strategy of the PAC, “Citizens for Better Government in Davis 2012.” This group attempted to […]

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Greenwald, Lee have my votes

With our budget crisis, it is imperative that we thoroughly research our council votes. We have had many affable, many degreed people serve on our council and run for office. Unfortunately, these attributes do not assure votes for the common good, well-researched positions or economically or environmentally sustainable positions. After election, they often anger and […]

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Frerichs has practical attitude

I am supporting Lucas Frerichs for City Council. He is young, but still has spent years serving our interests on several city commissions. His leadership of the Davis Food Co-op board and now on the Planning Commission have provided experience with conflict resolution and collaboration among various interest groups. He cares deeply about this city. […]

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We need a plan for the future

When we sit down to mark our ballots on the way to mailboxes or anticipate going to ballot boxes on Election Day, we need a clear vision of our future as a community. As a member of the Davis Chamber of Commerce, I am disappointed by the choice of City Council candidates by the Chamber’s […]

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Focus on savings by efficiency

I resonate with City Council candidate Brett Lee’s position on Davis water policy. Seems to me that in these generally constricted economic times, our city managers and council members should focus on savings by efficiency rather than expending limited city revenues on what Lee aptly has called “over-sized” projects. You would think they are ordering McDonald’s […]

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‘No-kill’ shelters are a work in progress

The issue: Well-intentioned idea catches on, but hurdles remain San Francisco has always been an incubator of radical ideas, and in 1994 it came up with another one. The city’s pound would no longer kill healthy dogs and cats but, through a policy of sterilization and an aggressive outreach program, see that these so-called “shelter […]

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Do you know the enemy? It’s fabric

Last weekend my husband and I were browsing Ikea for a new bed frame for our younger son. We always end up buying bed frames there because they are made in such a way as to not need bed skirts. !#@&ing bed skirts! As we perused the store and our son pointed out things he […]

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