Elementary science offers a necessary foundation

Details What: Measure C, a parcel tax of $320 per single-family home and $150 per apartment unit for the next five years to support Davis classroom programs When: Davis voters received their ballots in the mail last week and must mark and return them by March 6 Where: Mail ballots to the Yolo County Elections […]

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Simply charge by the pound

We very much enjoyed your “Our View” discussing mass transit problems presented by the growing size of Americans (Jan. 26). My question is why has it not been suggested to simply calculate everyone’s fare based on total weight: the passenger, their luggage and carry-on(s)? We already have the scales in place at the check-in desk. […]

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We support government reform

About three years ago, a group of community members in Yolo County banded together to address our shared concerns about the effectiveness of California’s state and local governance. We have conducted a series of forums and workshops involving several hundred residents of our region and featuring leading thinkers on governance reform. Our mission is to inform […]

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Don’t be misled by tactics

A special election to hold a single-subject election should never be called by any governmental entity unless there are legitimate circumstances that exist to justify its timing. This is because special irregularly scheduled single-subject elections generally do not attract as many voters as regularly scheduled elections do. They are an unnecessary waste of additional public […]

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Everyone must sacrifice

While I absolutely want to see our schools get funded and our students to get the best education they deserve, I am completely torn about Measure C. I was a school board member in my old hometown and dealt with the same issues the schools in Davis are dealing with today and have been for […]

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Unemployed and marginalized

On Page A6 Wednesday, The Enterprise has an article titled “Jobless Rate Falling.” This article gave me hope after being unemployed for more than a year. I turned to the want ads and found 12 jobs. One asks if you have an extra bedroom in your home for a developmentally disabled adult. One is for […]

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We vote yes, with gratitude

As we carefully inked in the entire box marked YES for Measure C on both of our vote-by-mail ballots, we reflected on what Davis schools have meant to us. We arrived in Davis 25 years ago just in time for our oldest child to enter first grade. As the years passed, both children thrived in […]

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Twin troubles at home

Dear Annie: My wife, “Jane,” and I have been married for five years, and she is the love of my life. She has an identical twin sister named “Jordan.” The two women are best friends. Jordan is at our house four or five times a week, but does not impose on our marriage. She is […]

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Israel shelters its gay residents

While I can agree with much of what Dean Spade says in the article in the Feb. 7  Enterprise, I am appalled at Spade’s ignorance and prejudice in relation to Israel. Spade, a transsexual, praises  groups “launching divestment campaigns in their universities to get them to stop supporting companies that are complicit in the Israeli occupation.” […]

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Our schools need this tax support

By Kathy Glatter As a parent of two Davis elementary students, I strongly support Measure C. My husband and I both volunteer in my kids’ first- and third-grade classes at North Davis Elementary. It gives us an up-close look at what is going on in our school. The class, 25 children strong, seems really full. […]

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Tax truly benefits our students

Thank you, Jeff Hudson and The Davis Enterprise, for the excellent article on Sunday’s front page. Readers, if you missed it — it was Super Bowl Sunday, after all — check out The Enterprise online, www.davisenterprise.com, to read it in full. The Davis school board, administration, teachers and classified staff have been doing a remarkable […]

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School district funding is ample

Davis residents, please vote no on the Measure C, the March 6 Davis school tax hike. Acting like a typical government monopoly that it is, the public school bureaucracy always sacrifices students first (fewer days, fewer hours per day, curtailed Wednesdays), always leaving untouched lucrative pension and health care benefits and other perquisites and leaving […]

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