Thanks for help on Santa breakfast

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge and the Rebekah Lodge were delighted to host our sixth annual Breakfast with Santa. Some 360 children and families enjoyed a healthy breakfast at the Odd Fellows Lodge. The children all got a chance to meet and talk to Santa (aka Odd Fellow Doug Hatton), have their photos taken with […]

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Expedite city business inspections

I would add one more bullet point to my friend and Councilman Dan Wolk’s “Action Plan for Downtown.” This one is wholly within the city’s power to fix. * Speed up city reviews and inspections of new retail businesses and restaurants to get them operating in a timely fashion. When existing downtown retail/restaurant spaces sit […]

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Don’t restrict any voting rights

The West Yolo Democratic Club strongly opposes all election laws that suppress the voting rights of citizens. More than 5 million voters could be barred from voting in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada and California through concerted efforts to pass laws restricting voter registration. Not surprisingly, these laws heavily target young, poor and African-American voters, who […]

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Higher bid accepted on dorms

Cuts. Everywhere you look in our University of California system, programs, staff and services are being cut. Our schools are being forced to increase class sizes, reduce student enrollment, raise tuition by 9.6 percent and eliminate programs and financial aid. Our local campus, UC Davis, has been no exception. Programs have been cut. Employees have […]

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Trail builders are trespassing

For the most part, hiking enthusiasts are good people who try to advance their activity in a respectful manner. Unfortunately, as is often the case, a few extremists ruin how all who are connected to this activity are perceived. This is the case with the leadership of Yolo Hiker. This leadership seems willing to do […]

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The real injustice is the killing

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that urinating on the dead bodies of men killed in Afghanistan was “entirely inappropriate for members of the United States military.” (“Panetta blasts video of Marines urinating on dead,” Jan. 11.) What about killing them in the first place? Killing them is a far greater injustice than urinating on […]

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Rally against corporate influence

How much money does it take to buy the Speaker of the House John Boehner? Not much. Juliet Eilperin in the Washington Post of Jan. 14, quotes Bill McKibben of saying that the fossil fuel industry donated more than $1 million to the speaker and that, additionally, Boehner has hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

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Where’s our student outrage today?

On Saturday night, several hours after the 49ers had forced the Saints to go marching out of the playoffs, I turned on Channel 6 (PBS) to watch the first of seven episodes of an Independent Lens documentary series called, “Have you heard from Johannesburg: the Road to Resistance.” One reason I am especially interested in […]

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Renovation wrecks relationship

Dear Annie: We have five grown children. One of our sons, “Mark,” obtained a contractor’s license and asked to remodel our kitchen and bathroom so he could show his work to potential customers. He said the only cost to us would be for materials, which he estimated to be about $300. Mark has always been […]

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State decides bike-light laws

David Allen does not clearly explain about how he thinks his call for mandatory rear lights on bicycles would be implemented (“Make rear lights mandatory,” Jan. 13). He criticizes what he sees as the city’s “emphasis … on helmets and … the front light.” The California Vehicle Code mandates a front white light visible from […]

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Don’t ‘discourage’ paper bags

Tom Sakash’s article in the Jan. 3 Enterprise has brought to my attention that the city of Davis’ Natural Resources Commission has an ordinance in the works which, among other things, will be banning the handled plastic bags from large stores (annual revenues greater than $1 million). Wonderful! These bags are not biodegradable, are readily […]

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Kudos to the Yolo SPCA

A big thank you to the Yolo County SPCA volunteers who recently rescued the lost dog running around El Macero for the past week. Dedicated women patiently and steadfastly combed the fairways until the dog was located and captured. Please think about making a donation today to the Yolo County SPCA. That could have been […]

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Honor Bauer, end death penalty

Re: “We must abolish the death penalty” letter from Herb Bauer on Jan. 3: Herb Bauer has applied his common sense and high principle in his (as usual) brief letter urging the abolition of California’s death penalty. As one of Davis’ most respected citizens, his view has great weight. In honor of Herb’s continuing contribution to […]

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