Brown, GOP give Dems tough pension choices

Do the Democrats who dominate the state Legislature side with a governor of their own party or do they go the way of their colleague Republicans, who fought with party mate Arnold Schwarzenegger most of the seven years he spent as governor? Do Democrats try to keep feeding ever bigger chunks of state money to […]

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Wanted: AD who knows how to fundraise

Athletic Director wanted. Major public university with visions of grandeur located in scenic Northern California. Compensation to be determined. Must be able to define “Aggie” and bleed Blue and Gold. Apply ASAP. Yes, the folks on campus are on the prowl for a new athletic director, but before doing so they felt it necessary to […]

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Not a fair comparison

In an April 19 news article in The Enterprise, School Board President Susan Lovenburg is quoted as saying, “that when teachers complete an additional academic degree or similar professional training, they move up a notch on the step and column salary scale, but there is no equivalent provision for administrators,” to justify the board’s paying […]

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America, it’s time to wake up

Are we still striving to become a nation of laws with liberty and justice for all, as well as the land of the free and the home of the brave? Our commitment to these noble goals came into question in 1961 when retiring President Eisenhower warned us of the dangers posed by our military-industrial complex. […]

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What do you mean you don’t want a driver’s license?

By Dale McFeatters Since the beginning of the republic, the nation has been afflicted with a breed of scholars, social critics and think tankers who take indecent relish in predicting the decline, even the imminent demise, of the United States. I’ve always thought this a harmless kind of nuttery, akin to the doomsayers who predict, […]

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Scandal, yes, but Cartagena had summit, too

The issue: U.S.agents stole spotlight from real troubles The prostitution scandal involving U.S. Secret Service agents in Colombia had at least some small benefit: It helped eclipse the fact that the Summit of the Americas was largely a failure. Rep. Connie Mack, R-Fla., who led a congressional delegation, said those shameful activities “unfortunately have become […]

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Making it clear

Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation recently sent a letter to The Enterprise listing a number of out of town people and organizations who had written to the City and the Attorney General about DACHA. The letter we sent was within the 350 word limit. Regretfully, The Enterprise edited out the very important clarification of “organizations for […]

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I-House keeps flags waving

It’s true that the Picnic Day Parade has diminished sadly over the years. But one of the vibrant, enthusiastic entries for the past several years has been the international flag display organized by International House Davis. A campus department used to be responsible for the event, and borrowed our flags, but when UC Davis personnel […]

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Photo doesn’t tell whole story

In the article by Lyra Halprin, the happy faces of the mothers and children shown in a group picture celebrating Roe v. Wade seem strangely out of place when considering all the implications of that decision. Surely there should also be some sad acknowledgment of those children who are not able to be there (or […]

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Taxation of Social Security payments

Social Security Trustees have predicted that the Combined Trust Funds will be exhausted by 2033, requiring benefit payments to be limited thereafter, unless some changes in funding and/or benefits are enacted. On a progressive sliding scale, 0 percent to 85 percent of SS retirement benefits are subject to federal individual income taxation at the recipient’s […]

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When your car is smarter than you are

The issue: Even “drivers” may soon be nothing more than passengers Traffic and highway-safety experts are perhaps too polite to say so, but the key to safer motoring and less congestion is to take the driver out of the equation. THESE EXPERTS SEE the day 10 to 20 years off — sooner if the federal […]

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Public safety may be improved by changing course

A few months ago, sitting outside the Community Chambers where a City Council meeting was in session, I was talking with one of the top people employed by the city of Davis. We were discussing staffing in the fire department. I mentioned that we could save around $1.5 million per year, if Davis would go […]

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An note of thanks for Emerson Carnival help

On behalf of the Emerson Junior High PTA, I’d like to report that our carnival fundraiser was a success! We raised approximately $18,000 that will be used for the library technology upgrade benefiting both Emerson and Da Vinci junior high students. We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the Butler Amusement carnival this past weekend. It […]

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