UC Davis leaders must bear some blame

The issue: Problems stretch far beyond one cop’s actions Viral videos of UC Davis police Lt. John Pike pepper-spraying protesters sitting on a sidewalk angered people around the world. NOW, A TASK FORCE led by former California Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso has exposed equally troubling dysfunction behind the scenes — both in Mrak Hall […]

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Cemetery’s good practices

My friend Quirino Paris articulated some reasonable cautions that apply to all public agencies, including the Davis Cemetery District. A near-decade as a voting member of the DCD board gives me familiarity with the issues he raises. I see public money being thoughtfully expended. Our fees for plots, for niches, for interments and for endowments […]

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UC Davis has a woman problem

The Reynoso report discloses that a woman spoke to the chancellor’s Leadership Team for 40 minutes about the judgmental error the team was making in planning the use of police force on the Quad. She also had contradicted the police report that non-students predominated the Quad population. The response was “dead silence.” A woman police […]

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What do you think: about the pepper-spray task force report?

Tara Zagofsky graduate student, Davis: “I think they did a fantastic job for what their mandate was. I also think more actions need to be taken regarding Nov. 18 and in light of current charges against the (11 students and one professor) regarding the privatization of the university.” Farshid Haque graduate student, Davis: “I do […]

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A necessary rewind on a woman’s right to choose

By Lyra Halprin Ten births, three abortions — that’s what I know about my grandmother Anne. During her childbearing years, 1911 through the 1920s in Austria, Canada and the United States, it was almost impossible for women to access birth control. She raised her children in Cleveland, where the first birth control clinic — a […]

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Public pensions will get us if we don’t watch out

By Jay Ambrose City and state officials have been as accomplished as Washington squanderers in lavishing money they don’t have and never considering that the days of sunshine and plentiful revenues might end. Thus, they set us up for a mighty fall. My prime example for this thesis is highly publicized Stockton, which is getting ready […]

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Funds raised to help immigrants

On March 24, the Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network held its first fundraising dinner. It was a sold-out event, and we were able to raise funds for our programs as well as increase awareness of YIIN’s mission and work. YIIN is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) group whose mission is to serve and advocate for immigrants in […]

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Recognize Turkish National Day

On April 23, more than half a million Turkish-Americans celebrate the Turkish National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Ninety-two years ago, on this date, the Turkish Grand National Assembly was established, to fulfill the aspirations of Turkish people for freedom, justice and peace. Within three years, a secular modern Turkish republic was proclaimed under the leadership of Ataturk. Marked for […]

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What a remarkable season

In his commentary on Bud Henle published Tuesday, Bob DaPrato did not have the fact correct on the 1965 football game against Woodland. The score was 7-0 Davis. Woodland did have a 50-plus-yard run on its first play, but never scored. The 1965 team gave up only 32 points all year to go undefeated. There […]

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Meters are a community problem

Santa Cruz and Marin counties both forbade installation of PG&E’s SmartMeters in unincorporated areas. What wise steps for a shared health problem. See the informative Santa Cruz report at www.santacruzhealth.org/pdf/2012%20Report%20on%20SmartMeters.pdf. Towns need help even more. Neighbors often live close together. Most single households cannot choose to avoid SmartMeter electromagnetic emissions, as the neighbors’ impinge. My […]

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Dems resist planned budget cuts

Just 17 months ago, when voters passed Proposition 25 and restored simple majority votes of the Legislature in California budgeting, the presumption was that if Democrat Jerry Brown also became governor, a new era of sweetness and light would arise in Sacramento. For budgeting would now be a one-party thing, no Republicans involved. Well, as […]

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Are we there yet? Getting back on that horse — or bike or ski slope

Two years after a bone-smashing ski accident, I finally felt like my old self on the slopes last week. Having learned to ski when I was 10 years old, I think I benefitted from the lack of fear that comes from learning an activity before you fully understand all that can go wrong. I had […]

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