Lack of oxygen is a bit of a problem

The issue: But moon-pie concessions will be a big hit when tourists visit Tranquility Base The U.S. National Park Service is underfunded by several billion dollars, considering the backlog in maintenance, the increased attendance with the need for greater upkeep and new facilities, the demand for more rangers and the necessity of adding lands that […]

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Occupy protesters have made their point

The issue: It’s time to channel passion into productive ways of making change In 1981, a group of demonstrators set up camp outside a British air base to protest the government’s decision to allow U.S. nuclear-tipped cruise missiles to be based there. THE GREENHAM Common Women’s Peace Camp initially generated a great deal of publicity, […]

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And now she’s out

Dear Annie: Here’s the story: My sister married into a wealthy family. Unfortunately, her husband died three weeks ago at the age of 63. My grieving sister was visiting with her in-laws recently and was informed through casual conversation that they had prepared a new will so that their surviving two sons receive equal shares […]

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It’s not justice, it’s revenge

Does Marco Topete deserve the death penalty? In my opinion, yes. Should he therefore be killed? In my opinion, no. If killing the murderer brought the victim back to life, advocates of death penalty might have a strong point. Since this is impossible, killing the criminal is not justice, but revenge. My firm opposition to […]

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GOP candidates answer questions

In response to David Sandino’s recent letter critical of the Republican Party candidates for president not having any clear message, I disagree. I attended the Republican Party presidential debate in Las Vegas last month and I also asked a question: “For all candidates: What is your position regarding the replacement of the federal income tax […]

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Be skeptical of this GMO study

The letter of Diane Evans (Nov. 3) warrants some serious skepticism. She states, “I learned from a study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences that GMO corn had serious negative effects on rat’s kidney, liver, heart, adrenal, spleen and blood cells.” But a review of the article itself shows clearly that there was […]

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Noise ordinance process a concern

The Davis noise ordinance has been developed over several decades using a recurring committee process. I chaired one committee that worked over an eight-month period, and was composed of community members and students, including members of fraternities or sororities. That committee held public hearings and accepted public input. All 10 recommentations of that committee were […]

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East Davis turkeys aren’t ‘pests’

I am very disturbed that The Davis Enterprise portrayed our treasured flock of wild turkeys in East Davis as “pests.” These magnificent birds grace our streets and lawns, as they seek to survive and coexist with us. I have had the pleasure of watching momma turkey lead her babies onto my yard and graze for […]

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Who cleans up after turkeys?

My husband (a veteran of World War II) and I, along with one of our daughters and her husband, attended the Veterans Day ceremony at the cemetery. We were all deeply touched. It seemed even more meaningful than last year’s observance, which we had thought was very nice. Unfortunately, there were not as many people […]

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A proper tribute to veterans

A thank you to both Joe Finkleman and Joe Cattarin from the Davis Cemetery District. They were most helpful and professional in setting up and hosting the Veterans Day celebration this past Friday at the Davis Cemetery. As a veteran, I thought it was a well-done, proper tribute to past and present veterans with an […]

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PG&E’s spin circus was a gas

Open house What: PG&E will host a second open house to answer Stonegate residents’ questions about the reported gas leaks When: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Where: Stonegate Country Club, 919 Lake Blvd. By Eric Nelson The first of two PG&E “open house” meetings at Stonegate to “inform” the community about the rash of gas […]

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Younger woman catches his eye

Dear Annie: I am a 44-year-old single guy with no kids, never married. I look younger than my age and could probably pass for 34. I recently met this beautiful girl who is a senior in college. She seemed very nice and is probably 21 or 22 years old. I thought that maybe the next […]

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Only one way to protect yourself

Dear Annie: Recently, my sister, “Linda,” became furious when a friend of mine politely declined to do an unreasonable favor. Rather than accept no for an answer, she tried to manipulate other people into strong-arming him into changing his mind. When that didn’t work, she caused a scene and stormed out. While such behavior is […]

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