Too young to face reality

Dear Annie: I am 57 years old and divorced. I am now engaged to a woman who is 29 years my junior. “Carla” is everything I ever wanted. I never intended to fall in love with her, but I needed a friend, and there she was. She feels the same way. Here is the problem: […]

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Da Vinci students are water-wise

I would like to thank the environmental science students of Bekeh Rottenberg’s class at Da Vinci High School for their excellent presentation of the facts regarding the current water challenges faced by the Davis community. Last week at the International House, the students presented a comprehensive overview of the current system now in operation in […]

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Give our chancellor a chance

The recent events involving the protesting students at UC Davis created an unnatural storm on the UCD campus and caused complex reactions by many citizens of the university, the city of Davis and beyond. There are signs that the storm is abating, and hopefully, this will never happen again. The students have a right to […]

Join Davis’ weekly peace vigil

This Saturday, the Davis Community Peace Vigil will begin its 11th year with its weekly witness for peace. On the first Saturday in December 2001, the Davis Friends Meeting began a peace vigil on the G Street Plaza as an expression of profound horror at the events of Sept. 11, 2001. The vigil is an expression of our […]

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Do what’s right for business

When I read recently that Davis Diamonds Gymnastics was seeking to relocate to a larger facility in South Davis, several thoughts crossed my mind when I also discovered the city had denied the application based on the zoning for the proposed location. While not surprised, I was equally as disheartened and, frankly, embarrassed for all […]

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College football: It’s all about money

“At Georgia Southern we don’t cheat. That costs money and we don’t have any.” — Erk Russell, 1926-2006 It’s certainly not breaking news to say so, but major college football is all about money. This was reconfirmed for me on Sunday evening, when it was announced that the No. 7 ranked team in the country, […]

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Losing touch with their son

Dear Annie: My husband and I have three adult sons. The oldest and youngest are married, but the middle son (age 56) is not. He has his own house in our neighborhood and has had a younger man living with him for many years. We assume our son is gay, which is fine, but he […]

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Guard against airborne toxins

Although not an Occupy protester, I did happen to be sitting downwind last month when some of the hazardous substances hit me in the face. Standing up to run, I held my breath and squinted my eyes to minimize immediate physical effects. I took the long way around to the upwind side of the man […]

Seize this moment to teach

Watching the Occupy movement evolve over the past several months from camping in urban parks to protesting at and occupying college campuses, I am disappointed in the responses by those campuses. Responses have ranged from tolerance to assault — as we in Davis bore witness to not long ago. None that I am aware of […]

No hope to regain our trust

To Chancellor Katehi: The partial lockdown of Mrak Hall is a disgrace and testifies to the hypocrisy of your attitude toward the people of this campus and the California people in general. You repeatedly stated that you intend to gain the trust of students, staff and faculty. And yet you mandate (or tolerate) actions in […]

Why fast-track development?

Last Monday night, I attended a presentation regarding the Yolo Natural Heritage Program-Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plans. The presentation was hard to follow but what I got out of it is that there is a request for comments on a plan to fast-track development projects in our county, limit the number of endangered species […]

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Treat students with respect

To Chancellor Linda Katehi and Mrak Hall administrators: I am writing to express my anger over the “lockdown” of Mrak Hall. I’m a graduate at UC Davis. I’m cobbling together two readerships because I have reached the limit for teaching assistant positions. Due to budget cuts and decreased course offerings, both of the courses I’m […]

This NASA mission was a blast

We just returned from a week at Cape Canaveral, Fla., where I participated in the launch of the Mars Science Lab spacecraft “Curiosity,” on its eight-month journey to the red planet. I was able to get NASA VIP invitations for 25 of my family to attend the launch. Our three children and all seven of […]

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