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Parents, don’t stress out about math

By Grant Acosta As a former high school teacher and current academic skills specialist at UC Davis with more than 19 years experience in math education, I feel compelled to respond to a couple of issues that have arisen in the great AIM debate that is currently ensuing in our community. It is clear that math […]

What has she gotten into?

Dear Annie: I took early retirement and moved in with my son and daughter-in-law in order to help care for my five grandkids. At the time, my daughter-in-law was attending college and my son asked me to move in. I help pay the household expenses and also do the daily work around the house. All […]

Death with dignity

Each of us shall die in due time. No one’s forced to die by a pill. I prefer to not be forced to live beyond my due time. Sign the bill, Gov. Brown. John E. Moren Davis

International experiences?

The commentary in Friday’s edition of The Davis Enterprise written by Professor Walter Leal from UC Davis was interesting and provided insight regarding issues related to the cost of higher education and other notable issues at a local and international level. He clearly stated that the cost of higher education is a major concern. What […]

In Wagner, I see rare creativity

Somewhere somebody wrote, “Suburbia is where they cut down the trees, pollute the rivers, and name the streets after them.” Whenever I pass by Peter Wagner’s home I feel refreshed and exhilarated. I see being recycled what some call junk or scrap, the shambles of a mind-set that needs a new car (or bike!) every […]

Rural tourism is essential to state’s economic future

By Caroline Beteta and Patricia Megason Tourism is everyone’s business in California. As the nation’s largest tourism economy, the industry is a major pillar of California’s success, with more than $117.5 billion in direct travel spending last year. This supports more than 1 million jobs and generates nearly $9.4 billion in state and local tax revenues. […]

Manson follower tests Brown on parole again

If this seems like déjà vu, that’s because it is. For the 29th time since he was convicted in two of the nine gruesome killings conducted by the cult-like Charles Manson “Family” in the late 1960s, 72-year-old Bruce Davis is up for parole. Gov. Jerry Brown has until the end of December to veto a […]

Still here, still not going anywhere

Dear Annie: My 31-year-old daughter, her boyfriend and my 13-year-old granddaughter have lived with my husband and me for the past 10 years. I never thought they would stay this long. My daughter, “Tina,” asked whether her boyfriend could live with us for two weeks until his car was fixed after a hit-and-run accident. We […]

We’re not doing enough

Articles in The Enterprise are forever warning us of the imminent destruction of civilization by the coming global climate catastrophe. Yet Davisites seem reluctant to make the necessary draconian changes. So I would like to offer some suggestions. The Davis City Council should outlaw air-conditioning. The Native Americans survived for centuries without it, and so […]

Please banish hateful terminology

By Antonio De Loera-Brust I was dismayed to find the column “Immigration Regulations Must Ensure Our Safety” in the Sept. 13 edition of The Enterprise. Author Paul Brady seems to lack any awareness of the critical, foundational roles that undocumented people play in our society. Repeated studies by think tanks from the very liberal Center […]

Homelessness and immigration

Our analysis of homelessness is based on the premise that this is a bad thing. When the premise is changed, the conclusion can lead to a new view. In Brazil, there is a cultural respect for the man who sits down anywhere (but private property) and “pitches a tent.” We need to remember the Earth […]

Trackside Center is misguided

Joy Cohan’s selective use of the 2001 Design Guidelines to make her case for the Trackside Center development are extremely misleading. The 2001 Design Guidelines (updated in 2007), were created to guide development so that we have a cohesive vision for how Davis should grow and densify into the future. They spell out how buildings […]

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