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Don’t put me in charge of ice cream, tolls or toddlers

A doggedly cheerful sound of summer made me start thinking about jobs I’d never want. I was standing on a street in South Davis when a white ice cream truck approached playing the same tune it played last summer, and many summers before that, a tune that was only fun at first. The loud, tinny […]

Show some appreciation for the everyone’s mother

It’s Mother’s Day. Let’s take a moment to love and appreciate the ultimate mother of us all: Mother Earth. Just imagine what you’d do without her. That may seem preposterous, but humanity operates as if we can just hop over to a new planet after we use this one up. People. Earth is it. There’s […]

More spice, less sugar!

A terrible thing happened last week in The Davis Enterprise, my beloved newspaper! A new comic strip, “Carpe Diem” has been added to the comics page, and to make room for it, “For Better or For Worse” has been summarily removed. It is too soon to know if “Carpe Diem” will measure up; the first three […]

Do the math on teacher compensation

With the state’s improving economy, there has been an increase in funding to the Davis school district. The teachers who have supported this district during the severe economic drought had hoped for some relief from the loss of income over this period. The numbers, however, tell a different story. $2.2 million = state cuts to […]

Roads should be a higher priority

Read Judy Corbett’s commentary (“Bike, Walk, Transit: Davis’ Plan is on Target,” April 28) and ponder who’s making the decisions that you should become anything other than an automobile owner/driver. Each decision-maker, no matter their position, should be the first to give up their automobiles for used bicycles as their primary transportation and use public […]

Parched California needs ingenuity

By Timothy Egan ANGELS CAMP — In a normal year, no one in California looks twice at a neighbor’s lawn, that mane of bluegrass thriving in a sun-blasted desert. Or casts a scornful gaze at a fresh-planted almond grove, saplings that now stand accused of future water crimes. Or wonders why your car is conspicuously […]

Waking up to privilege

By Judith MacBrine It’s not easy to have your unconscious use of privilege pointed out to you. That’s why I want to give kudos to Yolo County Superior Court Judge Daniel Maguire and Yolo County Public Defender Tracie Olson, who responded promptly and positively to a letter I sent pointing out the court’s inconsistent provision […]

Proud to live in Davis? Let’s celebrate it

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that every person living in Davis has a passion for our community. Davis fosters an unparalleled level of local political engagement. It makes us fight for what we believe is best for our community. It engenders fearlessness in the face of those fights. And […]

J&J seeks bioethics advice on compassionate use of drugs

WASHINGTON (AP) — Dying patients sometimes seek emergency access to experimental medicines, desperate for a last-chance treatment even if there’s little proof it could help. Now drug giant Johnson & Johnson is taking an unusual step, turning to independent bioethicists for advice on when to say yes or no. J&J’s Janssen Pharmaceutical Cos. is beginning […]

Can’t say yes to everything

Dear Annie: I am 17 years old. I have a job that requires I work only a few times a month, and the staff can trade shifts if they choose. I have been at this job for two years, and I enjoy it. During my first year here, I was taken advantage of quite a […]

Another poke at ‘belly shame’

I, too, chose belly dancing to rid myself of “belly shame” (as noted by Debra DeAngelo); however, with all that shakin’ goin’ on, what emerged was a huge “outie” — so large that I was accused of being indecently exposed! David Baum Davis

New garbage plan is all wet

Homeowners in Davis need to become aware of the fact that the City Council is planning to take away our weekly yard waste street pickup. The weekly claw cleanup of 2,000 tons of yard waste is one of the finest services in this city of plush gardens and mature trees. They plan to use the […]

Eyewitness in Vietnam offers whitewash

The guest opinion column by Claudia Krich (“Eyewitness to the ‘Fall’ of Vietnam”) is a gross distortion and whitewash of what happened when the North Vietnamese Army and their South Vietnam communist cadres completed their takeover of South Vietnam 40 years ago. To suggest there was no murder and torture is a ludicrous claim, only sustainable […]

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