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Shabby post office

Has anyone else noticed the continued deterioration of the visual appearance of our Post Office? All of the landscaping is dead or dying, the weeds along the 5th Street parkway are waist high.  The surrounding trees, in particular the redwoods, are dead and a fire hazard.  If this was a residence multiple code violations could […]

There’s gratitude for you

Dear Annie: A couple of years ago, my husband and I introduced ourselves to our new neighbor. We helped her catch her dog when it took off down the street and lent her our cellphone when her dog locked her out of the car. We waved hello and goodbye. She told us that her husband […]

Beef, alfalfa and water use

By Charles A. Hjerpe, DVM In a recent letter to the editor, George Farmer attempts to make the case that taxing beef sales and/or beef cattle production more heavily would reduce beef production, thereby saving large amounts of water for drought-stricken California city dwellers. He quotes a recent New York Times article by Tim Eagan, […]

Reply to Rich Rifkin

Re: “Family failure: the root of our urban crisis,” Rich Rifkin, May 27. Rich Rifkin asserts that “black inner-city poverty is rooted in the breakdown of the nuclear family” and that we need to teach its members to use birth control. He apparently hasn’t bothered to find out that since 2008, nonmarital birth rates have declined […]

Davis Tennis Courts Broken and Dangerous

Over the years my family has been in Davis we have most enjoyed the community spirit and community facilities the town has to offer. To us this is one of the great joys of living in Davis. We are keen tennis players and have loved the development of the high school/community park tennis courts and […]

David Brooks: How adulthood happens

Every society has its rites of passage, marking the transition from youth to adulthood. Most of these rites of passage are ritualized and structured, with adult supervision and celebration. But the major rite of passage in our society is unritualized, unstructured and unnamed. Most of the people in the middle of it don’t even know […]

Can’t buy her love

Dear Annie: My friend, “Josie,” recently joined a popular online dating site after her husband decided he’d rather be single. Josie met several interesting men on the site, and after chatting with them for a week or two, every single one of them asked her for money. She refused. Finally, one asked her to cash […]

The fiber (optic) of the community

By Robert Nickerson Everyone wants to know what to do about the many issues facing our city. What strategy will support our 21st century workers, attract hi-tech business, foster innovation, reduce our carbon budget, and provide new revenues for our city’s continued growth and prosperity? Whatever path our city follows must consider climate, income inequality, […]

Skyscraper on Third St. … really?

This is in response to the Davis Enterprise article: “Project aims for urban chic downtown.” I live in the Old East Davis neighborhood. There are primarily older, one- and two-story homes and a few small apartment complexes within our boundaries (starting at the North/South railroad tracks, to the East/West tracks, to L Street and to a […]

Mother-in-law wants some respect

Dear Annie: I have two daughters-in-law who seem disrespectful to me. The first one only visits on Christmas day. Yet she has no problem calling when she wants me to take her kids to a doctor’s appointment or pick them up from school. The other one does the same, but her excuse is that they […]

Fast track to a bad deal

On Friday, June 12, the Trade Promotion Authority, otherwise known as “Fast Track”, was passed by the House of Representatives; it was blocked from going forward to the President for his anticipated approval by a companion bill known as the TAA, the Trade Adjustment Assistance act. Fast Track gives the president the ability to negotiate […]

Snow Mountain fears are baseless

A Letter to the Editor from Vicky Murphy of Brooks was published on June 12. In this letter Ms. Murphy incorrectly implies that designation of the Berryessa-Snow Mountain region as a National Monument could potentially result in reduced deliveries of water to Yolo County farmers. By suggesting that there might be some unforeseen impacts on […]

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