Another voice of Senate moderation lost with Lugar defeat

The issue: Partisanship is high on the mind of GOP victor Maybe Sen. Richard Lugar’s successful opponent in the Indiana Republican primary was right last week when he said, “It’s time.” LUGAR, 80, WAS seeking a seventh term. He hadn’t owned a house in Indiana since 1977, choosing, as so many lawmakers of his era […]

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Where’s fairness in this attack?

Don’t be fooled by the recent attacks on Judge Dan Maguire. His opponent, Clinton Parish, touts his criminal law experience. It is interesting that at a recent Yolo County Bar Association judicial candidates forum, Parish praised Judges Dave Rosenberg and Tim Fall and retired Judge Tom Warriner. All three judges have or did have felony […]

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Reject this kind of politics

I was stunned when I read the outrageous hit piece I received in my mail from the Clint Parish campaign. It’s disappointing to know that the worst of political campaigning has infected even Yolo County judicial elections. I, for one, am utterly appalled that these tawdry tactics are endorsed by someone who proposes to hold […]

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Don’t be deceived by smear tactics

Our Yolo County judge, Dan Maguire, is running to retain his seat, and he deserves our support. Dan’s distinguished education, broad legal experience and record of leadership among his peers set him apart from the competition, although Dan himself would be among the last to emphasize these. My family and I have known Dan for […]

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House GOP budget favors defense, not safety net

The issue: The groundwork is laid for a pre-election stalemate House Republican got themselves, and just about everybody else, in a real bind when they decided to ignore their own leadership and renege on last summer’s budget agreement. UNDER THAT DEAL, if Congress failed to reach agreement on a long-term deficit-reduction program, $1.2 trillion in […]

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Veolia opponents have but one goal

By George Rooks On May 3, The Enterprise published a commentary by Mikos Fabersunne in which he purports to make “corrections” to Tom Sakash’s report (Enterprise, April 20) on the recent decision of Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency board to include Veolia in the bidding for the new water project. Because Fabersunne and his small cadre […]

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Take Luther’s advice from 1520

Brett Lee’s my man. Let’s face it: Politics, national and local, just isn’t fun anymore; neither is voting. But sometimes, one man can change everything. Take, for example, Martin Luther, architect of The Reformation. He changed the religious world of the day. Around 1520 he made observations that still ring true. He said: “This I […]

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Our world is a-changing

Last Tuesday as I drove down Eighth Street, I was tailgated and so closely that the follower’s headlights were not visible. When I stopped for a red light the driver peeled, tires squealing, turned right without slowing down — but managed to stick his face out the window and yell at me to “get off […]

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Attack ad out of place locally

Last week’s attack ad is the kind of stuff one expects from the lunatic fringe in the national campaign. However, in this local one? Petulant kindergartners. The ad says nothing about Sue Greenwald … and a whole lot about those who wrote/endorsed it. John E. Moren Davis

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Wolk backs economic development

When Anthony Costello and I started Davis Roots, we knew we would need help from the City Council. Councilman Dan Wolk, notably, stepped up to champion it. His motion allowed us to set up shop in an unused portion of the Hunt-Boyer Mansion. In Dan, we see a forward-thinking council member with a keen understanding […]

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She stands up to special interests

I strongly endorse Sue Greenwald because of her strong principles, honesty and integrity. Sue always stands up to special interests that are not beneficial for our community to maintain its high quality of life. Gary Saylin Davis

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I trust both Greenwald, Souza

When you vote, you should always ask the questions, whom do I know and whom do I trust? I am one of those Davis residents who have grown to know Stephen Souza and Sue Greenwald since 1996. They are both hard workers. Greenwald tirelessly studies the issues backwards and forwards and knows her facts. Souza […]

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Annular eclipse creates ‘ring of fire’

In Sunday’s article, “Geology prof to discuss meteorite,” the upcoming solar eclipse that can be viewed on Sunday, May 20, just before Qing-Zhu Yin’s talk is mistakenly called an “annual” eclipse, suggesting that it happens each year. In reality, Sunday’s rare event is an “annular” eclipse. Solar eclipses occur when the moon passes directly between our […]

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