Is money the only motivation?

I keep hearing that administrators have to be offered extravagant salaries ($400,000 a year plus $100,000 for moving expenses for a chancellor) because they won’t move otherwise. This supposes that the only possible motivator is money, which is very sad. Marlene Bloomberg Davis

‘Favorite things’ is a favorite

Thank you, Heidy Kellison, for your wonderful column, “Heidy’s Favorite Things,” and for being the cheerleader for downtown Davis. Your article offers an insightful and refreshing look at Davis. Heather Caswell Davis

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Reverse a crime against history

The day after Halloween, the City Council on a narrow vote, agreed to the city staff’s desire to tear down the 1937 building housing Central Park’s longtime restroom. The team of docents at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis was horrified by this result and we are still seeking instead to preserve a historical resource […]

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Somebody talked!

Dear Annie: I have been unemployed since April. My former employers signed a nondisclosure contract about the terms of my resignation. But apparently, if the company to which I am applying asks the right questions, they are told everything. My question is: If my former employers signed a nondisclosure agreement, how can they disclose the […]

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Speak out on indefinite detention

A few days ago, the Senate passed S 1867, its version of the National Defense Authorization Act. That bill contains provisions (Sections 1031 and 1032, inserted by Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and John McCain, R-Ariz., allowing (albeit not requiring) the military to indefinitely detain (with charges) U.S. citizens it suspects of being terrorists! The link […]

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Just look at infant death rates

Thomas Randall Jr. likes the Republican candidates because, he says, they give answers (Davis Enterprise, Nov. 16). Unlike, he says, President Obama. But what answers do the Republican candidates give? Cut Medicare, cut Social Security, cut education funding, cut, cut, cut. Cut education — so that China and India lead in science and technology, not […]

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Don’t make us into CSU Davis

I am writing in response to Sterling Chaykin’s guest opinion, published Thursday. Chaykin argues that the major problem confronting UC Davis is diminished quality of instruction. He views the budget crisis as a fortunate opportunity to press for changes in instruction. Among his solutions for improving instruction are to cut faculty salary. Chaykin acknowledges that […]

Will the chancellor resign?

On Friday, Nov. 18, the UC Davis chancellor had a second chance, and she blew it. In fact, students were demonstrating — among other things — in solidarity with Berkeley students who were brutalized by police a few days before. Hence, the chancellor knew or should have known that resorting to a police response to […]

KMJE is NOT a local station

I was aghast to read KMJE 101.5fm identified as a “Davis station” in last week’s story, “Council opposes radio tower proposal.” As a longtime volunteer at KDRT, 95.7 FM, I remember the pitched battle that our little local grassroots radio station had to fight with KMJE when KMJE succeeded in taking over our original frequency […]

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State Department creates ‘virtual embassy’ for Iran

The issue: For now, the Internet will have to supplant a brick-and-mortar presence Tehran and Washington have not had diplomatic relations since 1979. Last week, the State Department launched a possible means of circumventing that lack of communication — an online virtual U.S. Embassy. THE IRANIAN GOVERNMENT immediately moved to block the site, with one […]

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Politics trumps science on Plan B contraception pill

The issue: Decision removes a source of conflict between the Obama administration and the Catholic church and social conservatives The Obama administration stunned physicians’ groups and women’s health advocates by overruling, almost literally at the last second, a decision by the Food and Drug Administration, thoroughly vetted by its scientific advisory groups, to allow the open […]

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That $1.2 billion? It’s around here somewhere

The issue: Congress should quit bleating about the perils of federal regulation and ensure that this doesn’t happen again Misplacing $1.2 billion is not a problem for most of us, at least in the circles in which we circulate. But there was John Corzine before a congressional committee explaining that $1.2 billion of his customers’ […]

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KDVS needs the landfill tower

By Neil Ruud The current KDVS radio tower on Kerr Hall causes telecommunication interference and is not tall enough to legally protect KDVS’ signal beyond the immediate area. In 1996, KDVS’ staff started researching potential sites to build a taller tower and legally protect its listeners in Yolo County and beyond. Throughout this 15-year process, […]

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