More thanks for Measure C support

In their recent op-ed to the community, Barbara Archer and Lori Duisenberg did a wonderful job of thanking the many, many volunteers who assisted the effort to pass Measure C. They were fabulous, each and every one, and Archer’s and Duisenberg’s committed and dynamic leadership were key ingredients in the success of the effort. Special […]

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Judge Maguire deserves your vote

This June, the voters in Yolo County will have the opportunity to retain Judge Dan Maguire, one of our best Superior Court judges. I’m presiding judge of the Yolo Superior Court, so I’ve had the opportunity to observe Judge Maguire’s work. He’s done an exceptional job in every case we’ve sent to him. In 2010, […]

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Please enforce lights for cyclists

An open letter to the Davis Police Department: On behalf of a good number of residents who agree, would you please enforce the bicycle safety code requiring bike riders to have a proper light on the front and some reflective device on the rear of their bikes when riding at night? When driving at night, […]

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Celebrities hit the runway for kids

Everyone is invited to join the fun when Yolo County celebrities “strut their stuff” Thursday night, March 29, at the West Sacramento City Hall Galleria. Tickets for the Yolo County Children’s Alliance and Child Abuse Prevention Council annual celebrity fundraiser are $45 each and the proceeds will go to support the work of YCCA, including […]

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Our library is integral, indeed

I read Patty Wong’s well written commentary March 9, “Library Seeks Community Vision.” Immediately afterward, I solved your daily “Cryptoquote” ( to which I am addicted) and to my delight the answer was a beautiful quote by Cicero: “If you have a garden and library, you have everything you need.” What a great follow-up to Patty’s […]

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Consider non-resident tuition?

Although I am a native Northern Californian, I spent seven years on the East Coast. I was an attorney, and spent much of my time working for law firms representing school districts in New York and New Jersey. In both those states, school districts routinely required out-of-district students to pay tuition (generally in the neighborhood […]

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Thanks for hoops energy, support

The following is an open letter to Aggie basketball fans, friends, administrators and supporters: As we conclude my first season as head basketball coach, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your unbelievable energy, enthusiasm and support for our program this past season. We endured a lot of adversity in many different […]

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Fellow gamer says ‘good luck’

As an avid video gamer, I really enjoyed seeing Anne Ternus-Bellamy’s article, “Powered up,” in Friday’s edition of The Enterprise. Best of luck to Coby, and best wishes to his loving and supportive family. Joey Chen Davis

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Still pining for the bad boy

Dear Annie: Ten years ago, I fell in love with “Brandon” and had the two happiest years of my life. Then he changed. We broke up, and I found out he had been having sex with another coed. His deception and harsh words put a stop to any fantasies of reconciliation. I soon began a […]

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Whatever you do, don’t go down the website rabbit hole

“Wow, did you see the comments on your column on the Enterprise website?” Nope. Why would I go and read those, when I could just shove an ice pick through my temple? I haven’t visited that website in months. It’s infested with trolls, and arguing with trolls is just an exercise in aggravation as well […]

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There’s dislike all around

Thought I’d write a companion piece to the recent Enterprise letter, “Reasons to dislike Republicans.” Here are a couple reasons to dislike ignorant bigots … or are those terms redundant? According to the letter writer, the four remaining Republican presidential candidates would be willing to send 5,000 to 10,000 American troops to their graves if it […]

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A young performer nails poetry out loud

Recently, I had the pleasure of being the first person in the world to interview Corbin Gomez. I have a feeling I won’t be the last. Last month, Corbin won the Poetry Out Loud contest in El Dorado County. In order to do so, he had to compete against first-place finishers from eight other high […]

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Predicting the number of very old is confounding

Researchers trying to predict future numbers of the very old have missed the mark lately. Plotting trends with the oldest old has always been a tough assignment as Americans overall moved toward increasingly longer lives in the 20th century. But the numbers are important for everything from retirement fund planning to public programs like Medicare […]

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Out of the family?

Dear Annie: I live five hours away from my parents and a married younger brother. I work two jobs and can only afford to visit my folks once a month or so. Lately, when I have driven out to see them, I am the last to discover that the four of them have already made […]

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