Just Us in Davis: The change we seek

This is the autumn of our discontent. When the gap between the average CEO salary and their lowest-wage worker is 400 to 1 (up from 40 to 1 in the 1970s). When college students and professors are subject to baton charges and pepper-spray assaults by university police. When the educational, government and financial institutions that […]

Football parents: Our sons reap many benefits

By Nancy McTygue on behalf of the Davis Blue Devil Football Backers As parents of current Davis High varsity football players, we write to offer an alternative perspective to Joan Blake’s Nov. 20 opinion piece. While we agree that the time and effort required for football are substantial, we believe it is equally important to note the significant […]

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Op-ed: Thanks, Davis, for all you are and do

By Melanie Madden The day before Thanksgiving is always our biggest sales day of the year. The store is alive with excitement, shopping carts full to the brim of potatoes and pies and all the delicious things folks are bringing home for their celebrations of gratitude, food and togetherness. The energy is just a little […]

What do you think: What’s your favorite part about working at the Christmas tree lot?

Richard Bode assistant scoutmaster of Troop 139, Davis: “It really kicks off the holiday season. The scouts have a great time and learn responsibility.” Colin Ruan student, 13, Davis: “It’s fun. You get to hang out with your friends.” Christopher Monheit student, 12, Davis: “It definitely feels like you’re contributing. It’s good work.” Ryan Nishikawa […]

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Here is one of the many reasons why I love kids

Editor’s note: Marion is taking the week off. This column first ran in 2004. It was intermission at the Vets’ Memorial Theatre where Davis High School students were performing the musical, “Oklahoma.” Intermission was short and the line in the ladies room was long, mostly high school girls, with a sprinkling of moms among them. […]

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Roommate acting sophomoric

Dear Annie: I am a sophomore in college and have been living with the same roommate for the past two years. I’ve known “Max” since high school, and we were good friends. Toward the end of last semester, however, Max started to do things that really irked me, but I was stressed from finals and […]

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A day to count your blessings

Dear Readers: Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you are fortunate enough to be spending the holiday with family and friends. And an extra shout-out to those readers who are spending the day volunteering at shelters and soup kitchens. Bless you for your kind hearts and generosity of spirit. Here is one of Ann Landers’ favorite essays, […]

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Hunger is a year-round problem

This time of year is especially busy for food banks and other nonprofits. Local businesses, schools and organizations host food, clothing and toy drives, and most people feel blanketed by the spirit of giving. While holiday donations are greatly appreciated, we know the needs of clients don’t dissipate after Dec. 25. The reality is, for […]

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No time to let up on al-Qaida

The issue: You’d like to think we learned our lesson with bin Laden and won’t make the same mistake again, but we might Since the death of Osama bin Laden, the ranks of al-Qaida have dramatically diminished and its leadership ranks diminished to just two figures, U.S. intelligence officials tell The Washington Post, “whose demise […]

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Are we there yet? Song manglings add to merriment of the season

Editor’s note: Tanya is taking the week off. This column first ran in December 2007. When I was a kid, my friend, Caroline, was convinced she was right about the words to the J. Geils Band song “Freeze Frame.” Whenever it came on the radio, Caroline belted out, “Ahh, free the slaves!” When I told […]

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Dear Annie: My oldest child is 27 and engaged. He and his fiancée, “Kayla,” ordered the wedding rings together. Last May, my son texted, saying, “We are going to pick up the ring on Thursday.” That Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day at my daughter’s home. While cooking, I asked Kayla if I could see the […]

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Op-ed: Violence anywhere a threat to nonviolence everywhere

By Lamar Heystek The following is an open letter to the Davis City Council: My heart goes out to each of you. Having borne the burden of your office myself, I know the weight. I can only imagine how much harder it has become in the months since I have left the City Council. Nevertheless, […]

Occupy your local stores, banks

The media’s coverage of the Occupy movement reveals a dizzying mosaic of disparate causes. Though I am sympathetic to the core concerns expressed (and thoroughly disheartened by the recent pepper spray incident at UCD), it is increasingly apparent that many in the movement are just opportunists — fair weather protesters if you will — trying […]

Different reactions in same city

Occupy Davis relations with the democratically elected city council and local police forces have been genial and productive. The authorities have worked continuously to harmonize the occupation’s presence with the park and surrounding businesses and ensure that all aspects of the encampment remain non-violent. Those in charge of using force are aware that they are […]