What do you think: What’s your favorite holiday movie?

Rosie Hartman student, Davis: ” ‘Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.’ “ Juby Geli student, Davis: ” ‘A Christmas Carol’ — the Mickey Mouse one. I watch it every year.” Jacob Merenda student, San Diego: ” ‘Die Hard,’ with Bruce Willis. It ends with a Christmas carol, so it counts.” Edgar Trujillo student, Davis: ” ‘The Nightmare […]

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Want clean water? Pay for it

I applaud the belated efforts of Council members Rochelle Swanson and Dan Wolk (did I really write that?) in moving toward repeal of the ill-advised water rate increases and Councilwoman Sue Greenwald’s insights into the absurdity of the project in general. (I haven’t quite nailed down Stephen Souza and Joe Krovoza’s agenda but I’m sure […]

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Don’t forget apartment dwellers

Thanks to Eric Nelson (“PG&E’s spin circus was a gas,” Nov. 15), and PG&E’s door hangers, I attended the second PG&E “open house” on Wednesday, Nov. 16. A barrage of PG&E personnel were available to answer questions, though, as Nelson noted, their divide-and-conquer approach to a community meeting was certainly in the best interests of […]

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Don’t weaken noise ordinance

As the father of school-aged children, I am dismayed by the proposal, reported recently in The Enterprise, to loosen Davis’ noise ordinance. The present noise limit of 80 decibels is already the volume of a typical alarm clock. It’s clear that the authors of this proposal have never tried to get a 9-year-old to sleep with music blaring into his […]

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School sports have real value

I was once a skeptic about the value of school sports. Like your recent guest opinion writer, it seemed obvious to me that struggling students should spend their time in the library instead of on the field. Then I became a teacher and faced my first English 10 class. Students who maintained A’s, B’s or […]

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What happened to Russell trees?

Riding out along Russell Boulevard recently, I noted again the six stumps of removed trees, only one of which had some significant interior cavitation. Was the harvest of these trees put to a vote? There are those of us who love trees and have great respect for the elder trees among us; I am one […]

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Change to Fifth is a bad idea

When considering reducing part of Fifth Street to one lane in each direction, the city needs to carefully consider the effect on emergency services. Others have written about the fire station; my concern is Midtown Animal Clinic, which can be accessed only off of Fifth Street. In recent weeks, I have been stuck in traffic […]

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Concerned about emergency response

On Friday, Nov. 18, UC Davis police called for mutual aid and the Davis Police Department immediately responded from police headquarters and throughout the city. Approximately 12 to 15 patrol cars and other vehicles sped west on Fifth Street with emergency lights flashing. Had Fifth Street been one lane from L to A streets, their […]

Recommit to support education

The board of the UC Davis Foundation has unanimously adopted a resolution regarding the Nov. 18 pepper-spraying on campus, and wishes to share this resolution with the broader community. First, the resolution condemns the excessive use of force to which the students were subjected. This conduct is absolutely contrary to the culture and values of […]

Celebrating our human rights

By Verena Borton On Saturday, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a remarkable document that changed our world for the better, turns 63. It was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on Dec. 10, 1948, and owes much of its content to the brilliant work of Eleanor Roosevelt, head of the U.N. […]

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Newly found planet is most Earthlike yet

The issue: These discoveries go to the core of what makes us humans: We can’t stand not knowing This week witnessed the announcement of two extraordinary astronomical discoveries, once again illustrating that we are not even on the cusp of understanding our universe. NASA ANNOUNCED that its planet-hunting Kepler telescope had found a potentially life-sustaining […]

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Russian people are tiring of Putin

The issue: Prime minister undoubtedly will win the March election for president, but his party lost big this month Vladimir Putin became acting president of Russia in 1999. He was elected in his own right in 2000 and easily re-elected in 2004. Rather unexpectedly, given Russia’s history, he chose to honor a constitutional ban on […]

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Job market beginning to show faint signs of life

The issue: Many key numbers remain grim, but good things are happening nonetheless The nation’s unemployment rate dropped dramatically and unexpectedly last month to 8.6 percent, down from 9 percent, a level at which it had been expected to be stuck for awhile. THAT IS GOOD NEWS and the White House is entitled, and no […]

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