This is why you leave it to the professionals

Dear Annie: My husband and I moved from Alaska to Hawaii a year ago to help a friend who is suffering with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). “John” promised to pay my husband $120 a day if he would leave his job and act as caregiver. My husband agreed, and he not only helps with all […]

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Set some funds aside for history

Although I have served on the Davis Historical Resources Management Commission since 2005, it was just a few months ago that I discovered the city maintains a financial account called the “historical fund.” The historical fund is supposed to be used to pay for projects that promote Davis history (such as landmark signs). It is […]

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Adding value to our agriculture

By Duane Chamberlain, Don Saylor, Mike Reagan and John Vasquez Telling you that agriculture is important in Yolo and Solano counties is not news to any of us. But if we told you that agriculture is the engine behind a $2.5 billion sector of our economies, you might be interested. When we add that agriculture […]

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Obama challenges Congress

The issue: The president puts the ball in the legislators’ court The State of the Union address, regardless of who is president, is usually an overly long and, frankly, not very interesting recitation of administration accomplishments, shout-outs to worthy citizens in the first lady’s seats and an assurance that America is still great — but […]

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Massive black hole gets ready for its close-up

The issue: As scientists tell us regularly, there is much we don’t know, but this photo would be a great place to start Black holes are perhaps the most powerful, least understood phenomenon in the universe, but no one has ever really seen one. Astronomers are hoping to photograph one for the first time by […]

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Fed sees slow but sure economic recovery

The issue: All the numbers are heading in the right direction and the nation’s economic prospects are brightening Make no mistake: The economy is recovering, just not as fast as anybody, including the Federal Reserve Board, would like. We still may be three to four years away from anything that looks like a full recovery. […]

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Law offers no protection for detained Americans

The issue: Bipartisan coalition forming to rectify this egregious error Whether through legislative absent-mindedness or an alarming ignorance of the Constitution, Congress approved a chilling provision in the National Defense Authorization Act, the law that gives the Pentagon the go-ahead to spend the money allocated to it. President Barack Obama signed the measure into law […]

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Leave NOAA where it is

The issue: A plan to move the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from Commerce to Interior is simply unnecessary Last month, President Barack Obama restored authority that was allowed to lapse in the Reagan years that would allow him to reorganize federal agencies to eliminate overlapping and duplicate functions. He brought up the proposal again […]

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No, tell us what you really think

Dear Annie: My mother-in-law, “Mary,” is a demanding, conceited, freeloading, depressed 60-year-old witch. She has made our lives miserable for the five years I’ve been married. Mary used to work as a nurse, owned her own home and paid her own bills. Shortly after we married, she quit her job, saying she was too depressed, […]

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The (bitter) voice of experience

Dear Annie: I have loved a gay man all my life, and I am now 64, so I know a little something about the problem. I work in an office where a 35-year-old man is dating a female co-worker who is 50. I believe they both care for each other, but he is concealing his […]

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Alcoholic mother can’t cope

Dear Annie: I am a 23-year-old married woman. I have two much younger brothers from my mother’s second marriage. They live with her in another state. Recently, Mom admitted that she is an alcoholic. I’ve always had my suspicions, but was never sure, since we weren’t close. When my husband and I went to visit […]

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Clean-car opposition is misguided

If California highways and parking lots of 2025 look considerably different from today’s, it probably will be because they’ll contain almost 1.5 million more hybrid cars and trucks, hydrogen-driven vehicles and plug-in hybrids that run mostly on electricity except on long trips. That’s the vision behind the latest set of proposed rules rolled out by […]

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