What can I say – I just love Pearls

When your own mechanic, the guy who profits from your car repairs, says it’s time to get a new car … it’s time to get a new car. That was Bob’s verdict, down at Pisani’s Auto Repair, when I brought my beloved Impala in with a new and improved problem: a bad catalytic converter, and […]

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Look up in the sky, look down the land

When something new and important happens, I am often dismayed by how slowly I catch on. The best example I can give you is 9/11, which I witnessed on TV in real time. I knew something horrifying had happened and I grieved the loss of life. But it took quite a while before I understood […]

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Focus on health: A limping animal can be a serious concern

It is not uncommon for older pets to have chronic lameness (limping) or creakiness from the long-term buildup of arthritis. But lameness is not always an “older pet” issue — certain congenital or developmental problems can cause dogs and cats to limp from a young age. In certain pets, especially in small breed dogs such […]

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And now, another view of Monsanto

By Doug Graves I was impressed by Gabe Lewin’s response in The Davis Enterprise of April 4 to the article “Why I Protested at Monsanto” (The Davis Enterprise, March 22) by 11-year-old Ci Yin Oliveira. Lewin, a former Monsanto clerical worker, claims that corporations are not responsible for their past actions because they are not […]

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A milestone for Davis lacrosse

Many thanks to the Davis Lacrosse Association and all the many coaches and parents that are working hard to educate and teach all of the Davis Knights players. This week saw the pinnacle in the development of this sport in our town. The Davis High School varsity boys made history by going undefeated when they […]

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Vote Clint Parish for judge

I am supporting Clint Parish for judge. We met at a difficult time, when my family was the victim of a crime that occurred nearly five years ago. Since he was the prosecutor for this case, I came to know him well and can attest to his great personal integrity, intelligence, and sense of fairness: […]

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Set aside council pay issue

Notably, the Davis City Council did not vote its members a pay raise. I attended the May 1 session to argue that they deserved more and better compensation. All five council members differed among themselves and with my view, for good reasons. I understood that council members receive about $760 monthly along with health care […]

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School district must be accountable

In February of this year, Davis voters approved Measure C — a parcel tax that will continue to levy up to $320 per parcel for our schools, with one of the specific purposes in the text of the measure to “preserve class size reduction.” Now, just a couple of months later, our elementary school teachers […]

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Wal-Mart must look for the truth

The issue: Investigation reveals retailing giant may have bribed Mexican authorities As a lightning rod for criticism, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is the kind of company that should go out of its way to avoid trouble. Or so one would think. Instead, according to The New York Times, the global retailing giant suppressed an internal investigation […]

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Human rights concerns drive advocacy

Special to The Enterprise Regarding Tom Sakash’s report (Davis Enterprise, April 20) on the meeting of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency board, some corrections are necessary. First, there is no group in Davis named “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.” Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions is an international campaign of organizations and individuals around the world seeking to […]

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Drones may come to rule the skies

The issue: Who will fly, how they’ll be trained, what crafts can see and record are all still to be decided Unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, are already more than a flight of fancy over American domestic airspace. ALTHOUGH DRONES are best known for tracking and attacking terrorists overseas, big-city police departments, university researchers and […]

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Crony capitalism prevails

The Blackberry panic that started on Wall Street in 2007 was just a big overdue correction and the speculators were terrified that the feds might let capitalism work. But when the market dropped 600 points, politicians threw our money from the U.S. treasury into the biggest scum bucket in history. This happened even though there […]

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Let there be light at UCD

If you care about UC Davis, and especially if you support Chancellor Linda Katehi remaining, please read the Kroll report on the events and decisions leading up to the Nov. 18 pepper-spray police-student incident. If you are an academic, you will find it to be junior college-level information. It should be required reading for every […]

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