Not under the same roof

Dear Annie: My husband, our daughter and I made plans to visit my mother-in-law. Other family members will be in town, as well, including our older daughter (age 25) and her boyfriend. They live together. My mother-in-law informed me that my daughter and her boyfriend would be sharing a bedroom. I can’t control how my […]

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Merging into the slow lane

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been friends with “Ed and Bonnie” for many years. We were in each other’s weddings, our kids are the same age, we have taken vacations together, and on and on. My problem now is Ed’s drinking. He has always been a heavy drinker, although it never bothered me […]

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Ah the joys of France: Wine, food, roundabouts

Davis has five roundabouts and my colleague Bob Dunning doesn’t like any of ‘em. For your sake, Bob, I checked out the real thing — in France. A French person would probably regard our roundabouts as trifling, since they usually bring together no more than two streets. A French roundabout is a maelstrom of 3-7 […]

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I am the 99 percent, and you probably are, too

Even the corporate-owned mass media can only willfully ignore things for so long (flag-draped coffins returning from Iraq and Afghanistan notwithstanding). Little by little, the “Occupy Wall Street” protests have forced their way into the news reports. Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, even our own Sacramento have been occupied this month, with people gathering together to […]

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Still dealing with the hurt

Dear Annie: More than 40 years ago, I was the target of cruel bullying. A girl who hated me started a vicious rumor that ruined my reputation. She said I slept with the entire football team. If that wasn’t enough, she and a carful of girls drove by my house one night while I was […]

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The spices of life

We’re not suggesting you swap the spice rack for the medicine chest just yet, but researchers have been finding new medicinal possibilities in some common food enhancers. The trend is hardly surprising. A recent report by scientists at the National University of Singapore found that worldwide, eight of the 20 top-selling drugs are derived from […]

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Put the water rates to a vote

The issue: Everyone needs a voice on this important, far-reaching issue Democracy is more than just an abstract idea in Davis; it’s a way of life. We participate in the great American experiment in a very real way. We educate ourselves about issues of the day. We discuss and debate, with varying degrees of civility. […]

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What do you think? Who is someone who inspires you?

Akilah Young, senior, Davis: “Daniel Dutulesc. He is a junior at DHS. He is never in a bad mood, always compliments people and puts a smile on your face.” Rachel Demarco, sophomore, Davis: “My dad, Jim, has inspired me. He encourages me to keep going and try my hardest and not to give up.” Lauren […]

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Speak out now on cell towers

Do you know that we currently have 20 cell towers in Davis and that we have a telecommunications ordinance (2004) that requires a 500-foot setback from our homes and apartments in most of our neighborhoods? They are in greenbelts, in commercial areas and one is in a field just north of the “bird streets” (Northstar). […]

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‘On the Backlot’ a big success

Thank you to the many businesses and individuals who made Sept. 17’s “On the Backlot” celebration at Davis Media Access successful. We had a wonderful time unveiling our newly revamped community TV studio, celebrating KDRT’s seventh birthday and highlighting local musicians. We also dedicated our recently built ramp to the memory of longtime volunteer George […]

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Don’t miss ‘fruits’ of arts program

I would like to congratulate Dani Thomas and Janice Purnell on having the Yolo Arts Council selected as a national leader in weaving the arts into economic development. Their hard work and innovative programs have provided opportunities for a wide range of Yolo County artists. I am most involved with the Arts and Agriculture Program. […]

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Living lives off the Internet

I was able to attend the International Festival at the Veterans’ Memorial Center run by International House. The event was great fun and a great success. I learned that the people at the Brazilian table did not know about “The Mystery Guitar Man,” from Brazil, the Russian reps did not know Olga Kay or “FPS […]

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Celebrating unity in diversity

On Saturday, Oct. 1, many in Davis took part in the buoyant and cheerful environment that was the inaugural International Festival hosted by International House, Davis, and UC Davis. We know people are proud of their distinctive cultures, and our planning team kept clear focus on this notion as we created our shared vision of […]

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Another Davis showcase

Those who did not have the chance to go to the first (I hope annual) International House Festival on Oct. 1 at the Veterans’ Memorial Center missed a wonderful event. For all who have an interest beyond our borders, there was information, entertainment, food, crafts to make, crafts to buy and general merriment. The many […]

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