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Too loud to go outside

Dear Annie: How do I tell my neighbors that it’s annoying and frustrating to listen to their teenaged daughters shrieking and screaming as they’re having fun outside? Often, I want to go out and play with my dog, but I can’t because these girls are behaving like 5-year-olds, screaming their heads off. There are things […]

Yolo Conservancy does so much

It’s rare to see so much misinformation in so few paragraphs as in Shawn Smallwood’s July 2 Enterprise letter bashing the Yolo Habitat Conservancy. Yolo County has many rare species, including highly endangered ones, and the Conservancy plans to finally protect them. Contrary to Smallwood’s claims, the Conservancy doesn’t focus more on the Yolo Bypass […]

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What happens to the comics?

JEERS to The Davis Enterprise for waiting until Friday to give us the Thursday comics (again). ‘Sup? Ted Parks Davis * Editor’s note: We thank our readers for their understanding when we must change the configuration of the paper due to page-count constraints on our press.

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Watch out for rights of the poor

This an open letter to the California Assembly Health Committee: It has come to my attention that Dolores Huerta has announced her support of SB 128. The power of “Compassion and Choices” (aka the Hemlock Society) has scored a sorry point here. I hosted Dolores at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo when I taught agriculture […]

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A great big thank-you from museum supporters

The recent “Treasures and Curiosities” sale at the Hattie Weber Museum was a huge success, raising more than $1,000 for the fund to convert the old WPA restroom building to a museum annex. And we still have a few items to sell! We were touched and gratified by the generosity of the donors to the sale. […]

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Sports complex is a good idea

Speak out What: Davis City Council meeting When: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday Where: Community Chambers, City Hall, 23 Russell Blvd. Watch it: Live on Comcast Channel 16 or AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, or as streaming video at www.cityofdavis.org/media By Charlie Russell On Tuesday, the Davis City Council will be considering a proposal to fund and develop […]

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Wait till the Smiths hear of this …

Dear Annie: After living and working for 35 years in a large city, my husband and I were able to return to our hometown to help care for our elderly parents. I reconnected with a high school friend who asked me to work part-time in her large, nationally known family business. One of my duties […]

Was the Wave Broadband outage a terrorism dress rehearsal?

There I was, early last Tuesday morning, Twittering away, when suddenly … connection lost. Just then, my husband called to me, “Is your internet working? Nope. Although we rarely have problems with our Wave Broadband service (overall, I give them two thumbs up), I’ve learned from the handful of interruptions to check the television. If […]

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I learn about myself from how I treat my guest

* Editor’s note: Marion is on summer break. This column first ran in May 2008. I studied my daughter’s list of suggestions, which ended with, “You shouldn’t be worried if he throws up. This usually happens in the middle of the night.” Nighttime makes it better? She added, “We’re giving you some carpet cleaner just in […]

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Davis’ love is on its way to S.C.

The Davis Phoenix Coalition would like to thank the community for attending the candlelight vigil held for the victims of the Charleston, S.C., shooting. We were overwhelmed with the depth of compassion and commitment exhibited from all who attended and the wonderful collaboration of all the social justice groups that made the vigil a success. We […]

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Board did the right thing

The following is an open letter to members of the Davis Board of Education: As a former Davis Joint Unified School District teacher and school psychologist, as well as the parent of two children who attended Davis schools from kindergarten through high school, I would like to thank the four board members who voted to […]

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City has wisely spent Measure O monies

By Marc Hoshovsky Last Sunday’s column about Davis’ open-space tax (“Let’s Take a Look at Davis’ Open-Space Tax”) was useful to remind residents about open-space issues in Davis and our unique, voter-approved funding to conserve local open space. Your readers may appreciate the following information about the city’s open-space activities, progress and plans, which clarifies some […]

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A premature death for our open-space protection tax?

By Jean Jackman, Elizabeth Lasensky, Pam Nieberg, Lynne Nittler and Alan Pryor Fellow Davis residents, In November 2000, more than 70 percent of Davis residents voted for Measure O, the open-space protection tax, to tax themselves for 30 years to permanently protect and enhance open space around their community. The Measure O promise was that these tax […]

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For love of Davis, and Earth

By Susana Rainier Everet We are living in a time where we are at peak oil, peak water and peak resource depletion; peak temperatures; peak species extinction; and peak pollution of land, water, atmosphere and ocean. And all of this is happening right before our eyes. Nothing less than a transformational change in the way […]

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