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High hopes for Sunder

I am voting for Madhavi Sunder because she is the ant that believes and will move that rubber tree plant. She is strong and mighty and believes. I have never met someone with such passion and energy and high hopes for our schools and children as Madhavi Sunder. She will get the job done, with […]

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Garamendi, Dodd get my votes

I am voting for Congressman John Garamendi and Bill Dodd for the Assembly. John has been effective, worked hard for all of his constituents, and focused on issues, not politics. He is also a very strong supporter of our environment. It is rare to think of a politician as being humble. But, while extremely competent […]

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Public service is in her heart

We are writing this letter of strong endorsement for Madhavi Sunder. Madhavi is a dedicated member of our Davis community and our great university, UC Davis. Her two children go to our schools. Madhavi is a professor’s professor, teacher’s teacher and a scholar’s scholar. She is eminently qualified to be an outstanding school board member. […]

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A calm, thoughtful voice

Bob Poppenga has the personal integrity, skills and experience that will make him an excellent school board member. As a UC Davis veterinary professor, he is dedicated to providing the best public education for each child in our community, regardless of socioeconomic status, culture, talent or need. He knows that real education takes place in […]

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Sunder is a perfect fit

Madhavi Sunder is a perfect fit for the Davis school board. Some may think that teaching in a public law school is very different from engaging the challenges of primary and secondary education. In fact, they are a lot closer than you think, especially if you are Madhavi. At the UC Davis Law School, we […]

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Best predictor is past behavior

Davis has an unusually hands-on school board, and that can be both good and bad. The good is, parents can be more involved in the details of the district: the bad is, parents can be more involved in the details of the district. It has contributed to repeated bouts of parental misbehavior, aimed at getting […]

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Vote for students, with Tuck

One of the most important California political races this November is the election of the state superintendent of public instruction. In one corner is the California Teachers Union-supported Democrat incumbent Tom Torlakson. In the other corner is another Democrat, Marshall Tuck, a former charter school executive from Los Angeles. Tuck is a political newcomer who gained […]

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My choices on Tuesday

We’re in the last inning for the fall political season; here are my picks for Tuesday’s election: I’m proud to call John Garamendi my Congressman. Let’s return him to D.C. with strong numbers. “Keep-the-sweep” and send Democrats to all state constitutional offices and to Assembly District 4. On state measures: to secure California’s water and […]

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Cheers and Jeers: Center gives the aging a helping hand

CHEERS to the Yolo Adult Day Health Center, and the quiet but vital service it provides to our aging family members, friends and neighbors. More than 90 clients benefit from the care provided by a team of nurses, therapists, social workers and activity directors, as well as the socialization and fun of getting out of […]

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Saving water, saving money

The issue: Rare bipartisan effort gives us two propositions worth voting for After years of tough negotiations, Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature have finally arrived at measures to help California deal with its chronic water shortages. Their actions have resulted in a pair of initiatives — Propositions 1 and 2 — that will […]

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She has all the leverage

Dear Annie: My younger sister, “Nora,” is 43 and acts like an 18-year-old brat. She became pregnant nine years ago by a drug addict who is currently in jail for raping a 14-year-old girl. (He is out of the picture, thank goodness.) I love my nephew, “Michael.” My older sister and I keep him at […]

Elect Poppenga to school board

Sometimes you meet a man who impresses you with an honest smile and a firm handshake. This is certainly the case with Bob Poppenga. There are many candidates running for school board, and I haven’t met them all, but Bob offers qualities that are of great value in any organization. He is highly intelligent, extremely […]

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Duo are the best-informed

I’ve been an active volunteer supporting the Davis schools for nearly 40 years. The best-informed, most thoughtful candidates for the school board are absolutely necessary this year, given the challenges of Common Core, funding deficits and staffing deficits that threaten a great school district. I support Madhavi Sunder and Bob Poppenga because they have participated […]

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