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Tom Elias: Passage of Disclose Act is still a must

If there’s one main reason for the distrust many Californians feel for government and elected officials at all levels, it may be the way special interests regularly pour millions of dollars into election campaigns while managing to mask or obscure their identities. A major example last year was Proposition 45, voted down by a 59-41 […]

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Looking for an exit strategy

Dear Annie: I have been married to my second husband for 28 years. For the past 25, he has not shown me affection or touched me. We do what he wants to do, go where he wants to go, eat where he wants to eat. When I retired, I refused to be unhappy. I still see […]

Looking forward to 2015

Dear Readers: Welcome to 2015! My, how time flies. Our New Year’s wish for you, our readers, is for this year to be one of health and happiness. Do your best to make this year better than the last. Be kinder. Be more patient. Be more tolerant. Help someone in need. Vow to look after your […]

And a coach-and-six to pick them up

Dear Annie: I have relatives coming to visit later this month. A week ago, I received a list of necessities for their visit. Some seem reasonable for young children: cribs, high chairs and childproof cabinets. But some seem rude and presumptuous: a grocery list of 20 organic items (including peeled shrimp and smoked salmon) and […]

The gift that keeps on compounding

Dear Annie: Many people say they feel obligated to buy birthday and holiday gifts for children they rarely see or who are already overindulged. I had that situation with my brother’s family. My sister-in-law goes overboard in the gift-giving department. So my thought was: Why buy another toy that will get lost in the pile? […]

Holiday gift went awry

A friend was invited to receive a Salvation Army holiday gift of food, and clothes and toys for her two granddaughters who now live with her. She looked forward to this generous, much-needed gift. She drove to Woodland to pick up the bag of goodies. I can only imagine her disappointment, dismay and humiliation when […]

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The problem with punditry, Common Core and 2016

By Shawn McCoy It’s December 2014, and we all know what that means — the news media and politicians are in full 2016 presidential election mode. It’s as if the midterms of only a month ago never happened. The prognosticators have all moved on to prognosticating about something new. It’s important to change the subject […]

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How about college for grown-ups?

By Mitchell L. Stevens A cruel paradox of higher education in America is that its most coveted seats are reserved for young people. Four-year residential colleges with selective admissions are a privileged elite in the academic world, but their undergraduate programs effectively discriminate on the basis of age. Admissions officers typically prefer that the best […]

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Support a national monument

I had the honor and privilege of attending the hearing on protecting the Berryessa Snow Mountain region as a national monument. I am deeply grateful to all of the people and groups who have worked on this designation. There is broad-based support for heightened protection, which speaks volumes to both the quality of the organizers […]

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Bicyclists must obey laws

As I got home I shook my head for being foolish enough to journey downtown on a Saturday morning. Heading in the car for the shoe repair shop at Second and C streets, I found that people on bikes think that a four-way stop at an intersection doesn’t apply to them. Add to them the head-in-the-phone […]

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Motorists are the problem

It’s a shame that Bridget Curry had to wait through three signal cycles on Fifth Street in order to exit the Hibbert Lumber parking lot. Motorists treat one another like dirt once they get behind the wheel, so it’s no wonder none of her fellow motorists would let her exit the lot and join the traffic […]

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Sleeping through their lives

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for 20 years, and we have three children under 15. He has always been a bit of a night owl, but now, in his mid-50s, he’s turning into my 80-year-old father. My husband works from 8 a.m. until 5, comes home and eats dinner and then […]

Union vote exposes extent of campus anti-Semitism

Few disputes fought out by student governments have ever been as acrimonious as the battles raging intermittently across this state on whether to push University of California regents and trustees of other universities to join an international campaign against Israel. This movement seeks to boycott Israeli companies and academics, demands divestment from companies doing business […]

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