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Prop. 46: It’s a money grab by the trial lawyers

A couple of years ago, I noticed swelling in my scrotum, went to my doctor and he diagnosed a hydrocele. I was relieved to know it was not cancer. My general practitioner sent me to a urologist, who confirmed my diagnosis and said he would surgically repair the “watery tumor.” But before going under the […]

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Cousin didn’t like kissing

Dear Annie: When I was a teenager, one of my cousins tried to molest me when we were at our grandmother’s house. He tried to force a kiss on me and said because I was older, I should learn about sex and teach it to him. I fought him off. I was afraid to tell […]

When sympathy turns into something else

Dear Annie: Two years ago, a good friend died of a heart attack. His wife, “Sally,” asked me to help her get rid of his things, which I was happy to do, and I soon found myself mowing her lawn and doing chores around the house. Here is the problem: I am a happily married […]

Employer is taking advantage

Dear Annie: My husband’s half-brother is 59 and working as a custodian. “John” does not drink or smoke and can converse well, but has a learning disability and cannot read. He tried tutors, but made no progress. He did OK while his mother was alive, but she died, and then John’s wife died within the same […]

Old dog trying new tricks (gulp) speaks out

Longtime readers have followed me through thick and thin as I became a hospice volunteer, got braver about singing and plunged into new rapids in my kayak. Recently, I took on something else that’s new, something that scares me much more than holding the hands of the dying. What did I do? I took a […]

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Despite Victoria’s denials, customers still report breast rashes

October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s the perfect time to talk about boobies, or more specifically, things that harm them. Like our bras. In May 2013, I wrote about a horrific rash I kept getting on my breasts, and over time realized that it reoccurred every time I wore a particular Victoria’s Secret bra. […]

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Her counter-reformation has stalled

Dear Annie: I am Protestant, and my husband was baptized in the Catholic Church, but religion was never important to him or his family. Neither of us has converted, nor will we. My husband has attended services with me, and I have attended the occasional holiday Mass with my in-laws. I respect their faith. Here’s […]

Trustees need to keep open minds

In this election, the voters of Davis will elect three people to serve as trustees for the educational services for all students of Davis. It is important that the individuals elected have a strong knowledge of the operation of the school system, personal experience with several of the district’s programs and a proven record of […]

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Not fooled on Prop. 46

I have made up my mind to vote against Proposition 46. It is simply a ploy to float through the raising of the cap on malpractice suits, which will benefit trial lawyers. In an attempt to get it it passed, so they can make more money, they added sweeteners like requiring drug testing for medical […]

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Two great choices for trustee

Two candidates for the Davis school board have the integrity, commitment to all students, and experience to move our district toward excellence. The new school finance system — the Local Control Funding Formula, which devolves significant budgetary decision-making authority to local school districts — and the implementation of new curricular standards heighten the need for […]

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Sunder would be an asset

I am a sixth-grade student in the Davis school system. I have known Madhavi Sunder personally for a very long time. She is a powerful advocate for all children, but at the same time, a genuinely hard-working person. I think she would be an ideal school board member because she seeks knowledge to help others […]

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Elect Archer to school board

My friend Barbara Archer is running for one of three seats on the Davis school board. I have known Barbara for almost 13 years. We met when our oldest children were our only children and life wasn’t so complicated that we couldn’t leave our homes once a month to meet for book club. Personally, I […]

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Mayor offers his choices

The upcoming election is critically important, which is why I encourage all Davis citizens to get out and vote on Nov. 4. First, I urge you all to support Bill Dodd for Assembly. I got to know Bill when we ran against each other for this seat, and over the course of the campaign I […]

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Prop. 47: a perspective from the bench

By J. Richard Couzens Having served as a trial judge for more than 37 years, I share in the laudable goal of Proposition 47 to reserve prisons for violent and serious offenders and to make funding available for treatment and crime prevention. But voters must understand that passage of Prop. 47 on the Nov. 4 ballot […]

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