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Protect root zone to save trees

The following are excerpts from a letter to the Davis City Council: This letter is regarding the proposal for Paso Fino and the protection measures necessary for the Canary Island pines on the site. My understanding from the proceedings of the Planning Commission (Oct. 8, 2014) was that the pines are to be protected on […]

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Weigh quality of life, density

We encourage all concerned citizens to attend Tuesday’s City Council meeting when Taormino & Associates’ latest proposal for the Paso Fino development in Wildhorse will come to a vote. Taormino and Associates is asking the council to approve Alternate Plan D2, which cedes greenbelt and does not go far enough to protect a grove of Canary Island […]

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Olive expert joins St. James event

Thank you, UC Davis Olive Center and Dan Flynn, director. What a wonderful resource for all things related to olives. As a result, St. James Church will have Orietta Gianjorio, a member of the Tasting Panel, presenting educational information about olive oil and providing tasting of various olive oils at St. James’ annual Wine Tasting […]

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Cheers and Jeers: County’s personal touch seems to be working

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the Herculean efforts underway in Yolo County to tackle major social problems on an individual — yet effective — scale. Members of the county’s Health and Human Services staff have been working diligently to line up […]

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A ‘new deal’ for the WPA building

By Dennis Dingemans A recent Davis Enterprise story left some with the impression that Hattie Weber Museum advocates are backing out of their 13-month partnership with the city. Not so. The museum team will implement whatever the city chooses. We have been good partners over the 13 months of the agreement to collaborate in renovating the […]

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Basement living, with attitude to match

Dear Annie: Last summer, my 19-year-old college student granddaughter asked to rent my basement bedroom, with its own bathroom and access to my laundry room. I agreed and asked for a minimum rent to cover utilities. She attends school on a scholarship and works two full-time jobs, and I postponed payment of rent until her […]

Paso Fino coming to a vote

On Tuesday, Feb. 3, the Davis City Council will vote on a proposal by Taormino & Associates to annex 0.45 acres of designated greenbelt for an infill project in Wildhorse. The half-acre of greenbelt would augment the developers’ 0.8 acres of private property. This important vote has implications for public green spaces and urban forest […]

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50 years since Ash Hall

By Peter Kazaks Fifty years ago, we came together from across the country and from overseas to study at UC Davis. We were graduate students, almost all of us, and all males. We were housed in Ash Hall, a relic of a World War II barracks housing 40 students on California Avenue across from what […]

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Can climate change bring us together?

By Mark Aulman When it comes to the biggest single issue of our time, the news from Washington may be getting better. I’m talking about climate change, and the need to sharply reduce the emission of greenhouse gases before we run out of time. If recent polls are any indication, most of us have, or […]

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Family feels cut off here

Dear Annie: My sister’s son, “Jared,” lives close to us but far from his mother. We always invite them to family get-togethers, but are never sure whether they will show up. Sometimes they don’t respond, sometimes they show up without responding, and sometimes they call at the last minute to say they are sick and […]

Think again on euthanasia

There is an immeasurable difference between an act of intentionally intervening to end human life, and that of giving pain medication that may, as a secondary effect, hasten the onset of death. In the latter case the sole intention is to relieve suffering in the terminally ill, but not death itself as a means to […]

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Let’s speak with accuracy

With regard to the recent issue of physician-assisted dying, I admit that I am internally divided. But I feel very clearly that we need to be careful in how we frame our discussion. Whether or not we agree with the policy of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, I think most of us can acknowledge that […]

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