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Support a national monument

I had the honor and privilege of attending the hearing on protecting the Berryessa Snow Mountain region as a national monument. I am deeply grateful to all of the people and groups who have worked on this designation. There is broad-based support for heightened protection, which speaks volumes to both the quality of the organizers […]

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Bicyclists must obey laws

As I got home I shook my head for being foolish enough to journey downtown on a Saturday morning. Heading in the car for the shoe repair shop at Second and C streets, I found that people on bikes think that a four-way stop at an intersection doesn’t apply to them. Add to them the head-in-the-phone […]

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Motorists are the problem

It’s a shame that Bridget Curry had to wait through three signal cycles on Fifth Street in order to exit the Hibbert Lumber parking lot. Motorists treat one another like dirt once they get behind the wheel, so it’s no wonder none of her fellow motorists would let her exit the lot and join the traffic […]

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Sleeping through their lives

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for 20 years, and we have three children under 15. He has always been a bit of a night owl, but now, in his mid-50s, he’s turning into my 80-year-old father. My husband works from 8 a.m. until 5, comes home and eats dinner and then […]

Union vote exposes extent of campus anti-Semitism

Few disputes fought out by student governments have ever been as acrimonious as the battles raging intermittently across this state on whether to push University of California regents and trustees of other universities to join an international campaign against Israel. This movement seeks to boycott Israeli companies and academics, demands divestment from companies doing business […]

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The indistinct meaning of ‘happy new year’

As the crystalline ball lowers over Times Square, as confetti rains down to the strains of “Auld Lang Syne,” as old calendars are tossed into the trash and replaced with new ones, as friends and lovers embrace once the clock strikes midnight, people invariably recite a three-word phrase: “happy new year.” Beginning the day after […]

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Much more than coffee, sandwiches

After 18 years, our time at Mocha Joe’s is sadly coming to an end. We have received such tremendous support through this difficult time. We are so incredibly grateful for all the fantastic people we have had the pleasure of meeting. They are not just our friends, but have grown to become our family. Running […]

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This cat is on life No. 7

Dear Annie: My son and his wife have an elderly cat who scratches herself raw. One night, I noticed that the poor thing had bleeding scabs. I asked how long it had been going on, and they said, “Years.” I had no idea this cat was suffering. My son said they weren’t taking the cat […]

Are we there yet? MyChart, Round 2: Healthcare regulatory attorney weighs in

A column I wrote in mid-November received some great feedback from friends and readers. The plot of that column — “From 12 to 17, it’s a black hole of kids’ health info” (Nov. 16) — was that parents who get comfortable emailing their kids’ doctors via UC Davis Health System’s MyChart will have the rug […]

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Rudolph? Charlie Brown? Here’s my favorite Christmas story of all

I know this will sound weird, kids, but once upon a time we had to wait to watch TV shows. There was no cable TV, DVRs or even VHS recorders. We had to actually plan to watch a TV show or else miss it completely. We had this wonderful little magazine called TV Guide, which […]

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Say thanks to the caregivers

Dear Annie: I am a caregiver. There are millions of us dispensing love 24 hours a day for weeks, months, even years to incapacitated family members. We have no sick days or vacation days. Sleep is a thing of the past. If we are not caring for loved ones, we are worrying about which bills […]

Writer’s arguments fall flat

Re: “Why I Want An Innovation Park,” by Jason Taormino I read with interest the recent column by Jason Taormino stating why he wants an innovation park in Davis. Here are some quotes: “First hundreds, and soon a few thousand more people will be working in Davis earning high salaries.” And he hopes to attract “… […]

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Commission’s list needs vetting

I am perplexed that these folks accuse me of being “offensive.” If you look at the document produced by their commission, it explicitly states the reasons why various categories of names were selected. They put Jack Forbes and Jerry Kaneko in their “minority” category, which is made up of non-white people. That strikes me as […]

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Rifkin’s statement is offensive

We are members of the city of Davis Human Relations Commission. Last year, the Davis City Council asked us to offer some suggestions about names of historical figures that might be suitable to be used as names for streets in the newly approved Cannery project. Our commission spent some time on finding appropriate names and […]

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