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Thanks for the winter shelter

“Thank you, Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter of Davis” doesn’t quite say enough, so let me add to that and say that because of you, (corporations are people now, right?) no one need feel sorry for me, not even a little bit; not this winter holiday season. And why? Because I now have two or three […]

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Why are we watering?

My wife and I were running by Walnut Creek Park on a recent Sunday morning. We would like to know why the city is watering the grass after all the rain we have had. Kevin M. Young Davis

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Davis comes through again for UNICEF

Round it up! Help make Davis’ contribution to UNICEF for 2014 an even $12,000 — schoolchildren and other donors have raised $11,793.90 — by sending a check to UNICEF (UNA-USA Account), First Northern Bank, 434 Second St., Davis, CA 95616 By Jennifer Holman The Davis United Nations Association sincerely thanks the residents of Davis for […]

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They’re not a bank

  Dear Annie: Two years ago, my sister called crying that they were going to lose their house. She didn’t realize her husband hadn’t been making the mortgage payments. She said she wouldn’t have taken all those vacations or eaten out in fancy restaurants if she had known they couldn’t afford it. Of course I […]

Anti-police protests ignore the root of the problem

Since no police officers were indicted for the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., or Eric Garner in Staten Island, N.Y., heated protests, many of them violent, have erupted all over the United States. There seems to be a growing anger with the police within many black communities. This may have culminated on Sunday, […]

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My money goes elsewhere

Bicyclists are happy. Great! The Davis City Council has made my life easier, too. I’ve lived in Davis for more than 30 years and for years, with the lack of choices and horrendous parking, the city has made it abundantly clear that it doesn’t want me to spend my money downtown. It want bikes downtown, not cars. […]

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Compelling series on Putah Creek

Congratulations to The Davis Enterprise on the excellent series of articles you have published on the history and restoration of Putah Creek. Each section was compelling in content as well as clear and easy to follow. We are eager to hear more from Elizabeth Case, who put together this fantastic story. She is a gem of […]

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Here’s my two cents’ worth

After reading “The Wary I” on Sunday, Dec. 14, stating that the city “is offering $87,467.54 a year, plus benefits,” for someone to take over as a bicycle/pedestrian coordinator — Oops! That’s more like $87,467.52 at $7,288.96 per month (as Bob points out) — the middle finger of my right hand stood up straight and […]

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The wheat from the chaff

I read the commentary on “wheat people” vs. “rice people” and the associated societal mentalities with great interest, and I don’t dispute the facts as presented by professor T.M. Luhrmann. But I do differ in the interpretation. Without any outright declarations, professor Luhrmann writes with an underlying tone that non-Western civilizations are superior to Western […]

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Davis, your holiday generosity overflows

By Katy Zane On behalf of the Short-Term Emergency Aid Committee, I would like to thank all the individuals and organizations that helped make this year’s Holiday Program such a huge success. As always, the Davis community was incredible, stepping forward to adopt 377 families and individuals who received gift and food boxes this season. […]

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Finally, right-sized solar getting a push

When ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar made their way onto a hot and sunny alkali flat just west of the Interstate 15 freeway between Barstow and Las Vegas in late 2010, they were opening an era of giantism in solar electricity. They and bunches of utility executives went to a site […]

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Argument splits up family

Dear Annie: A few years ago, there was an argument in my husband’s family. Since then, my mother-in-law has stopped having holiday dinners. She invites only one daughter and her family. This hurts my husband, but he will not say anything to his mother. We feel she should invite everyone as usual, and those who […]

It’s not a pretty picture

Dear Annie: Last month, I attended a bridal shower for my “new” granddaughter. The shower was lovely, and we all enjoyed ourselves. We took pictures of everyone with our friends and family and the new bride. My grandson’s wedding was last weekend. When my husband and I arrived, the bride and groom were off with […]

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