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Cheers and Jeers: Traffic tickets might save cyclists’ lives

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to Davis police, who have been spotted downtown giving tickets to bicyclists who are blowing through stop signs. Thank you, officers, for keeping us safe. And bicyclists — many of whom are new to town and/or new […]

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Our view: Justices need voters’ support

The issue: Seven on the 3rd District Court of Appeal are up for approval Vance W. Raye, Elena J. Duarte, Andrea Lynn Hoch, Louis Mauro, William Murray Jr., Ronald B. Robie and Jonathan K. Renner — they’ll all be on your ballot Tuesday, Nov. 4. You’re probably not familiar with their names, because they haven’t been running […]

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I support John Garamendi

On Nov. 4, I will vote for Rep. John Garamendi for Congress. Garamendi has proved to be a strong supporter of policies that help American families. He supports guaranteed paid sick leave and parental leave for the parents of newborns, the child tax credit and the earned income tax credit. He believes every child should have […]

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We have confidence in Madhavi

It is with great pride and excitement that I write this letter to support Madhavi Sunder for a seat on the Davis school board. I am supporting Madhavi because she has the intelligence, energy, passion and commitment to greatly improve our schools. I’ve known Madhavi for seven years, since our oldest daughters were in preschool together. […]

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Two are especially qualified

As educational researchers and faculty members in the School of Education at UC Davis, we are writing to endorse Tom Adams and Barbara Archer for the upcoming school board election. Like all California districts, the Davis school district faces the immediate challenge of navigating two critical and complex sets of changes: curricular change in implementing the […]

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A force for good on board

When Madhavi Sunder told me she was considering declaring her candidacy for the Davis school board, I immediately offered to support her. The reasons are clear. She is a colleague of mine, a professor of law at King Hall, UC Davis School of Law. The school is named for Martin Luther King and Madhavi lives […]

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We support Archer, Adams

After attending the Davis school board forum, reading about the candidates in the articles and letters to the editor in The Enterprise, talking to friends, and talking to candidates at the Farmers Market, we have decided to endorse and vote for Barbara Archer and Tom Adams. Please join us in voting for these two excellent […]

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We need Sunder on board

As the parent of four and the grandparent of three who have attended, or are attending, K-12 schools in Davis, I feel I have a good idea of the kind of person we need on our board. Madhavi Sunder is one. I know Madhavi well as a UCD law school colleague. My wife, Debbie, a […]

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A leader our schools deserve

In my line of work, I meet and work with a lot of leaders at various levels of government and in a multitude of different not-for-profit and business organizations. I researched Madhavi Sunder before I met her and was impressed by her work in social justice. After talking with her, it was obvious to me […]

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Knowledgeable, experienced

In the upcoming Davis school board election, I am voting for Barbara Archer. I have known Barbara for more than 8 years, and we have worked together on many school-related activities in the district. She is extremely dedicated when it comes to kids’ education, and through her service to the district, Barbara has become very knowledgeable and […]

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Our view: Two more years for Garamendi

The issue: Experience and service benefit Northern California Rep. John Garamendi, D-Walnut Grove, a veteran of California politics and Davis’ representative in Congress for the past two years, merits another term as the 3rd District’s representative in Congress. GARAMENDI won election to the state Assembly in 1974 and since then has served as insurance commissioner […]

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Adams has what we need

We are so fortunate to have in our town so many people dedicated to the community and willing to spend their time to work for the benefit of that community. This year’s school board election is a good example, featuring a full slate of qualified, caring individuals. Exceptional as all the candidates are, I believe […]

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