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Study questions accuracy of tumor gene mapping

More cancer patients are getting the genes in their tumors mapped to help guide their treatment. New research suggests that isn’t always accurate enough, and a second test could help ferret out the culprit genes. Cancer involves two sets of genetic code — your own and your tumor’s. A study published Wednesday found that mapping […]

Let’s not turn our backs on the Earth

By Mark Aulman In 12 years or so, if all goes according to plan, four brave astronauts will abandon the Earth forever. The privately financed Mars One mission aims to build a human colony on the Martian surface, pioneered by men and women who already have volunteered for a voyage with no return. Earth Day […]

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Yolo Crisis Nursery still needs help

The issue: Community donations, government funds saved lives One child, one day. If only 2,000 of us step up and donate $50 — the amount needed to provide care for one child for one day at the Yolo Crisis Nursery — we’ll have reached a goal of raising $100,000 in community support to keep this vital […]

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This Earth Day, make a pledge to cool your home

Celebrate Earth Day What: Cool Davis honors its Eco-Hero and Climate Solutions Award winners When: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 22 Where: Band stage at Central Park, Fourth and C streets Be green: Walk, bike or take public transit; bring your own water bottle, and bring your own or buy a picnic supper By Nick Buxton […]

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Drink up, kids, but make your choice a healthy one

By Raychel Kubby Adler It’s the new trend. It’s the smart thing to do for our kids. It is not taking away parental rights and responsibilities, however, it is making it easier for parents to order healthy drinks for our children. How many times have you ordered the soda for your child because “that’s how […]

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Are we there yet? Running on empty isn’t for everyone

* Editor’s note: This column originally published in December 2011 I often wonder which of my traits are the fault of my parents’ DNA, versus which are due to their parenting mistakes. Obviously, one way or another, it’s them, not me. Having a sibling to measure against is often how I determine whether one of my […]

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Cheers and Jeers: Picnic Day is a party like no other

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the hard-working Picnic Day Committee — a group of students who toil all year to bring us a campuswide open house worthy of an institution as outstanding as UC Davis. The students have pulled together all […]

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The new one puts her foot down

Dear Annie: Twelve years ago, my son moved his girlfriend into our home. “Lena” lived with us for four years, and we treated her like family. They broke up, and Lena moved out. She then married someone else and now has an adorable 6-year-old daughter. We have remained such good friends with her that my […]

Pipeline veto a good move

President Obama’s recent veto of Congress’ attempt to approve the Keystone XL pipeline is a positive step in defending wildlife, communities and our climate from a polluting project. The Keystone XL tar sands project puts wildlife in jeopardy every step of the way — from lynx, bear and caribou populations in the boreal forest, to sandhill and whooping cranes […]

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Artists offer heartfelt thanks

The 29 Davis Art Studio Tour artists would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s art studio tour. We are thankful to The Artery for making the tour possible by hosting our preview show and pre-tour reception. We also very much appreciate the generous support of our sponsors — J. Cunningham, the Davis […]

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Future leaders give back

Four dedicated staff members and a ninth-grader have ignited the Holmes Junior High Leadership and Green Teams in “making a difference,” as reported in a story on The Davis Enterprise’s Next Generation page on April 9. Their efforts have put into practice what the Davis Farm to School organization has been supporting since 1999. I have […]

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Know where your gift is going

So, according to Bob Dunning (April 12), UC Davis Athletic Director Terry Tumey is getting a $177,500 going-away present for “quitting” his job. Bob states that this is a waste of taxpayer money. It turns out it is a waste of money but the university will be quick to point out that it is not […]

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