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Innovation parks comparison

This reflects recent Enterprise pieces, logically linked. On Sunday, Nov. 16, Rob White, Davis’ chief innovation officer, wrote about Davis’ innovation business plans in technology and research, stating that we can’t know how many will come, but such growth is positive regionally. The second commentary (published Friday, Nov. 14), is cautionary, comparing Davis with Boulder, Colo., […]

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Musings in the wake of Ferguson decision

By Sandy Holman As an African-American woman who has African-American brothers, cousins, uncles and elders in her life, I have had to face the fact that there is a cost to having dark skin. The Culture CO-OP’s documentary, which is called “The Cost of Darkness,” examines how having dark skin impacts people in almost every institution […]

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Rich Rifkin: Is it time to be a bear or a bull?

“Sell, sell, sell!” a friend of mine, who is an investment adviser, told me over the phone last Friday, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 closed at all-time highs. “I don’t know exactly when we are going to have a crash, Rich, but the market is seriously overvalued,” he said. “It’s […]

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Protect our migratory corridors

When I read about the Snow Mountain Wilderness, it always brings back memories. It was a privilege to work on the original designation in 1984 with a large team of local supporters, and I wrote about that experience in a recent Tuleyome Tales. Part of that local support was clearly Vernette Marsh (see her letter […]

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Sit back, watch the spectacle

Let me get this straight. The University of California, which is run by a bunch of  Democrat/progressives, endorses raising tuition on the parents of a bunch of Democrat/progressive students. These hapless and ill-informed students are shocked to learn that governments don’t have unlimited resources and neither, apparently, do their parents, who are also a bunch […]

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Behavior reflects on coaches, parents

It is shameful for coaches when they witness violent attitudes from their players toward opposing players and referees. It reflects on the coaching staff, their methods and the principles that are used to instill sportsmanship among them. No excuses. The Davis High School boys soccer players showed no sportsmanship skills, no respect or discipline. This […]

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Wait, which one is Tom?

Dear Annie: In my circle of friends, there is a 23-year-old man with Asperger syndrome who drives me crazy. This guy has zero understanding of boundaries. He’ll argue, interrupt conversations and answer back to everyone, and he lectures incessantly. He once spent an evening interrupting every conversation I had until finally I said, “Joe, I’m […]

Tom Elias: Who needs a political party?

Neither devoted Republicans nor dedicated Democrats are happy about one obvious message of this month’s election: At least in California, there’s no need at all to choose or join a political party. This message came across in several ways. For one thing, the two Republican candidates for statewide office who refused to endorse their party’s […]

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Green beans aren’t the only ‘green’ this Thanksgiving

By Ilana Creinin This Thanksgiving, consider joining me in adding our planet to your list of things to be thankful for. Given all that the Earth provides for us (like the tasty food we’re about to enjoy), here are some ways you can make your Thanksgiving holiday more sustainable and give some appreciation back to […]

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This is getting expensive

Dear Annie: My sister-in-law and I exchange babysitting for our young children. I have three under the age of 5, and she has two. It is mutually beneficial except for one thing: If the kids break something at her house, she demands that I pay for it. Recently this included getting her couch professionally cleaned […]

When the computer stares back

Dear Annie: Last week, I was watching a YouTube video, and suddenly a man’s face appeared on my screen. He was watching me. I immediately turned off my computer. Apparently, through apps or hacking into computer signals, people can watch you through your computer camera lens. I shared my story with friends and co-workers, and […]

How I want to be remembered

I’d like to leave some instructions to my children. In the past few weeks, we’ve heard a lot about self-chosen death, particularly the case of Brittany Maynard, a newlywed who suffered from aggressive, fatal brain cancer and decided to make her exit before things got too bad. She took her life on Nov. 1, legally, under […]

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