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Gasoline price-gouging evidence grows

Just about two years ago, when gasoline prices in most of California last moved well above the $4-per-gallon level, crude oil cost $147 a barrel. Oil companies said the high price of crude was a major factor in that price spike. This spring, when gas pump prices again jumped above $4 in many places, crude […]

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Stats tell a different story about inner-city black families

By Ellen Cohen I am writing this as a response to Rich Rifkin’s criticism that my original letter responding to his op-ed piece titled “Family Failure: The Root of Our Urban Crisis” lacked facts. He is correct. I was so disturbed by what he wrote that I noted only my incredulity. In this letter, I will […]

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Water solution for California: ‘little sip, big gulp’

By John Garamendi Don’t be fooled. The dreaded twin tunnels through the heart of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta did not die. The governor’s new “California Water Fix” plan is the same destructive twin-tunnel $17 billion boondoggle, just without the fig-leaf cover of habitat restoration. Not one gallon of new water supply is created for our […]

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She’s still hanging around

Dear Annie: I am confused about how to handle my husband’s ex-girlfriend, who shows up at his family funerals and stays three hours at the visitation hanging with my husband and reminiscing about the past. They discuss things out loud with no respect for me. This woman is married, but never comes to these gatherings […]

What’s changed since then?

Dear Annie: My dad died two years ago. He was 73. Mom misses him so much. When we visit, she talks about all the nice things Dad used to do. This makes me sick. When Dad was alive, he never missed a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any other important day. He would always buy […]

Really think about the issues

The most important thing is not what you think, but that you think! People have always had divergent opinions and that is a good thing. I respect Ron Paul, and Bernie Sanders. They differ on a lot of things (I think you could call Bernie the Ron Paul of the left or vice versa) but […]

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Let’s build up our reputation

It was reported that most of the perpetrators caught in the “bike sting” operation had prior convictions before for bike theft. Evidently, the way they were handled then did not deter them from continuing to steal bikes. Let’s not make that mistake again! Davis should get a reputation for being very harsh on bike thieves. […]

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Water risks with monument

Regarding Craig McNamara’s glowing support of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument effort, he is correct to say that all of the cities and most agencies have given their endorsement, and that they celebrate that Lake Berryessa waters and the water interests in Solano County will be exempted from it. However, Indian Valley Reservoir is […]

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Comparing apples to oranges

Much is being made of the news that The New Home Company just developed a wealthy enclave at Lambert Ranch in Irvine, touting that it had no Mello-Roos assessment. Some citizens are wondering why The New Home Company insisted on a similar CFD assessment for The Cannery here in Davis. Comparing Lambert Ranch to The Cannery […]

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Families love special baby quilts

Clients of CommuniCare Health Centers’ Perinatal Program have again been the honored recipients of handmade baby quilts from Nori Lindberg’s class at Pioneer Elementary in South Davis. The students make the handmade fringe quilts themselves as part of a yearlong community service project with the help of volunteer parents. Students work in teams to pick […]

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How about some follow-up?

Dave Ryan’s puff piece on the Trackside Center was OK, although not great. However, a more interesting piece could have been written, since the center is a project in the Davis downtown, which the City Council is intent on developing to the “max.” There are a few Ryan columns I’d be interested in in: * […]

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Cut out the Trackside spinning

The politically well-connected backers of the Trackside project could not have wished for better PR than the front-page article on June 4. The proposed building is 5 1/2 stories tall and would sit in a transitional block between downtown and the Old East Davis neighborhood, which contains a mix of older homes and two-story apartment […]

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Spewing water like we’re Texas

From the city’s own website, http://public-works.cityofdavis.org/general-notices/what-days-to-water, “No excessive water flow or runoff onto pavement, gutters or ditches from watering or irrigating landscapes or vegetation of any kind;” On Atlantis Drive, north side, east of Caceres Way, the city regularly waters the sidewalk, bike path and street, with gallons and gallons running down the gutters. The kids […]

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Change is never easy

I was recently on an early-morning walk in South Davis. One street in particular had many lush green lawns. At least six had water spilling into the street, one with a gentleman hand-watering while his sprinklers sent water over the curb. I commented that I was not pleased and he commented that he was adjusting his sprinkler heads. Change […]

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