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I’m voting for Adams, Sunder

I am very pleased to support school board candidates Tom Adams and Madhavi Sunder. I have known Tom Adams for eight years as a friend and colleague at the California Department of Education. His keen sense of analysis and decision-making are much-needed in our Davis school system. Tom understands the challenges that Davis teachers and staff face […]

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Sunder has the right stuff

I have known Madhavi Sunder for more than 10 years as a colleague on the UC Davis law faculty, and I am delighted to support her for the Davis school board. Her keen analytical mind and her nuanced understanding of policy superbly qualify her for dealing with the difficult issues confronting the Davis school system. Anyone […]

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He’s made his choice

Dear Annie: My grown son is an alcoholic. It has not interfered with his job so far, but it seems to be getting worse. His father drank himself to death, and I’m so worried he will go down the same path. He absolutely won’t discuss it. Last Mother’s Day, he promised to give up drinking, […]

Rairdan, Poppenga, Sunder

Chuck Rairdan, Bob Poppenga and Madhavi Sunder get my three votes for school board on Nov. 4. I would be thrilled to have their backgrounds, experiences, skills and perspectives on the board. I have been impressed with their grasp of the complexities of school district issues. They are deeply committed to ensuring a quality public […]

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What’s holding Scotland back?

If even economically limited or resource-limited countries such as Monaco, Singapore, Uganda or Tuvalu can function as independent nations in the international community, why can’t Scotland see itself able to do the same? Glenn Rice Davis

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Lobby for Alzheimer’s aid

In less than a month, we will be casting our votes to elect members of Congress to represent us and the issues we hold dearly. Do you know if your representative has co-sponsored the Alzheimer’s Accountability Act (HR 4351/S 2192)? The act would require the National Institutes of Health to report to Congress yearly on […]

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Follow the traffic laws!

Recently I was bicycling north on Sycamore Lane near Bucknell Drive when a woman bicycling the wrong way came toward me. She kept close to the parked cars, forcing me to veer toward the traffic. Just as she passed me on my right there was a red blur on my left as a Unitrans bus came […]

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Clarifying my recent remarks

I am mortified to have been quoted by your paper, correctly, as saying something really dumb at a Davis Planning Commission meeting regarding Paso Fino, to wit, that “the commissioners are in the pockets of developers.” May I correct myself and apologize for speaking nonsense? In no sense do I believe present commissioners are receiving kickbacks […]

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Commission becomes a political tool

I worked on John Munn’s campaign for Davis City Council and have experienced him as a man of high integrity. I’ve worked with other campaigns as well and not one of the candidates I’d worked was as honest and forthright as John. Thus, I was appalled when I learned the Fair Political Practices Commission fined […]

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Kashkari’s fire may give him a future

No candidate likes to admit in October that he has virtually no chance to win the office he’s running for. So it is today with Neel Kashkari, the Republican nominee — read: sacrificial lamb — who is Gov. Jerry Brown’s re-election opponent. But occasionally a seemingly sure loser shows enough fire and grit to establish himself or […]

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Doesn’t see a way out

Dear Annie: I’m 63 and fat, have been divorced for 20 years and live at the poverty level on social security. I am depressed and do not see the point of anything. My three adult children are grown and are truly great people. I see all of them about once a week. I also have […]

The best kind of leadership

We are so lucky to have Tom Adams volunteering to serve on our school board. He knows curriculum — especially the Common Core standards — and how the focus on literacy and numeracy will serve our students in all subject areas. He also knows about a much less obvious challenge to our local district: the ever-shifting balance between […]

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