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Hey, if you want it done right

Dear Annie: My daughter and her husband are using a surrogate to have a baby. What do I do about a shower when someone else is carrying their child? It is my daughter’s first child, and she and her husband are in their late 40s. Should I make the shower for them as a couple? […]

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I’ll be at the Celebration of Abraham

This Saturday I got back in town from a very pleasant trip to Mexico and headed straight for the Farmers Market. While there I ran into my friend Hamza El-Nakhal who I often encounter at the market. He invited me to a great event taking place later this month in Davis called the Celebration of […]

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Memorial trees help our healing

The city of Davis Parks and Recreation Commission will hold a very important meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 15, at the Davis Senior Center, 646 A St. They will be discussing whether to allow a memorial tree plaque program in Davis. We respectfully ask the commission to support such a program to honor our loved […]

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Death-with-dignity laws give us end-of-life options

By Michael Amster, M.D. I am disheartened and cannot help but respond to the op-ed piece by Stanislaus Dundon, “Is Assisted Suicide Wise?” in response to Anita Freeman’s heartbreaking essay about the horrific death of her sister and Anita’s subsequent support of the end-of-life options movement in California. Dundon provides a unique philosophical argument about […]

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Latino Outdoors supports protection for Berryessa Snow Mountain region

By José Gonzales Ya es tiempo — it’s time. People who care about the outdoors have had several reasons to celebrate recently in regards to public land protection. For the first time in about five years, Congress has passed a land-protection bill and several national monuments have been designated by President Obama, from Point Arena-Stornetta […]

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He couldn’t be any clearer

Dear Annie: My boyfriend and I are in our 60s and have been together for 12 years. We recently had a disagreement, and he walked away. I emailed him and he said he has feelings for me and always will, but he can’t make me happy. He said I need someone who is as romantic […]

No surety on my donation

The commentary in The Davis Enterprise for Jan. 7 by Toni Smith and Bob Smith has prompted me to write. I have been donating to the Salvation Army for years, in various ways and from various locations. Early on, I made holiday contributions to the Men’s Rehabilitation Center in Sacramento, and always received a nicely typed and […]

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Thanks to ringers and donors

The Davis Salvation Army Committee would like to thank the many volunteers who rang the bell during the holiday kettle drive. The bell-ringing earned $22,090.35. The bell was ringing at the Davis Farmers Market, CVS/pharmacy on East Covell Boulevard, the Davis post office, Davis Ace Hardware and The Avid Reader. The following groups rang for […]

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Boys feel community’s love

The children at Progress Ranch had a very special holiday experience due to the loving support of individuals and groups from Davis. The Sunset Rotary Club of Davis started off the season with a decorating party that included a new tree with all the trimmings. The Soroptimist Club of Davis presented each child with a […]

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I oppose Israel’s policies

On the Forum page of The Enterprise on Dec. 30 there was a column by Tom Elias called “Union Vote Exposes Extent of Campus Anti-Semitism.” I strongly disagree with Tom’s analysis. Although Jewish myself, I support a two-state solution to the Palestinian issue in the Middle East, and find Israel’s actions unconscionable as it slowly builds […]

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Israeli government is the target

In his column on campus anti-Semitism (Dec. 30), Tom Elias, whose writing I always respect, obliges me to respond with added perspective and accurate terminology. As an outsider to the unending struggle between Israel and Palestine — except as a taxpaying contributor to our immense supplements to one side — I hesitate to offer the […]

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Empathizing with frustration

In our not-for-profit Sutter Health network, we are the doctors and nurses who care for you — and care about you. For many, we are lifelong partners, and we value the mutual bonds that we have created. Regrettably, for our patients with Blue Shield insurance, those bonds are being threatened. Sutter Health has been unable […]

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Moderate Muslims must address this

I share Hamza El-Nakhal’s shock, fury and condemnation of the hideous Islamist terrorist attack at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris (Enterprise, Jan. 8). Of course, El-Nakhal doesn’t use the term “Islamist,” and informs us, as he always does, that Islam is a “religion of peace.” However, to convey this, he selectively quotes one of […]

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