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Making friends half a world away

By Ryan Nishikawa In the spirit of the holidays, I would am spotlighting something I am quite thankful for: the Korean Culture Exchange Club at Davis High School and the opportunities it provides. Several months ago, 10 students from Davis High School traveled to South Korea to participate in a homestay program. There, we learned the […]

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Can she ever trust him again?

Dear Annie: I have been with my husband for 10 years, and we have two children. Two years ago, I found out that he was bothering a 19-year-old girl. He was 30 at the time. We separated over this, but six months ago, we got back together. Now when I ask about this young woman, […]

A letter from the other side

Dear Annie: This is an open note to my husband: Dear Husband: I love you, and most of the time, I like you, as well. However, right now, I am too angry to talk to you. When I exhaust myself doing “womanly” things like cleaning the moldy shower stall that you never notice, you gush […]

Well water is fine for irrigation

We do not need the high-quality treated water from the Sacramento River to irrigate the fresh food gardens and fruit trees in the greater Willowbank area. Well water will do just fine. In the greater Willowbank area, many residents grow produce throughout the year. Some of this abundance has even ended up in the Davis […]

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Police overreaction to protest

I was amazed upon returning from a meeting in Sacramento on Thursday to find my town turned into a police state. There were at least a dozen cop cars and 20 officers blocking off Richards Boulevard south of the underpass, and a dozen more police cars scattered around downtown. Then on the UC Davis campus […]

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Maybe we’re not big enough?

Regarding the fact that Davis didn’t make the list of “Climate Action Champions” reported by Dave Ryan in Thursday’s Davis Enterprise, could it be that Davis was snubbed because our population isn’t large enough? Oh, that darn limited growth policy! Aileen Kader Davis

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Deep aquifer would supply plenty of water

By Paul Brady Bob Dunning is not wrong (Nov. 16 column), despite what letter writer Bill Wagman has to say (Nov. 18). Davis has no water shortage. Beneath our feet are deep formations down to about 2,500 feet that constitute a huge reservoir/aquifer of clean, relatively soft water. Monitoring wells show that this aquifer remained […]

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How historic names came to The Cannery

Change is around the corner. North of Covell Boulevard and east of the railroad tracks, the familiar landscape of Davis will transform next year, as new houses in The Cannery subdivision start sprouting up. At the direction of the City Council, those homes will be erected on streets with two principal themes: the first is […]

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Father and son butting heads

Dear Annie: My husband, “Ricardo,” is a naturally curious man. He usually asks questions in a charming manner, showing genuine interest in family and friends. We have a teenage son. Ricardo often asks him probing questions about his girlfriend, which upsets our son. I totally get that Ricardo is interested and concerned for our son, […]

Leave decisions to parents

The Davis City Council has nothing better to do than to make the restaurants the soda pop cops? Restaurants offer a variety of beverages, including water. It is the parents’ responsibility to make the beverage decision for their children, whether the parent orders or allows the child to order. Restaurants already have to list ingredients […]

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Frank Bruni: Air travel is just plane ugly

The woman in 27E doesn’t have only one carry-on plus a small bag for a laptop or personal items. She has one carry-on plus a purse the size of a bassinet plus some canvas vessel for all of her electronics plus two different plastic totes for various pillows, blankets and possibly an ottoman and a […]

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Treat the pets who spend winter on the streets

By Eileen Samitz Mercer Clinic is staffed by a volunteer group of UC Davis veterinary students, who, together with volunteer local and UCD faculty veterinarians, offer a free clinic monthly to care for the pets of the homeless in Sacramento. The Mercer Clinic was established in 1993 and is located adjacent to the Sacramento Loaves and […]

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A humbug around the holidays

Dear Annie: My 88-year-old uncle is mentally ill. He is paranoid and suffers from extreme anxiety. He has refused mental help for years. His three grown children also have indications of mental illness. It is difficult to be around “Uncle Joe” because he rants about nonsense and claims that everyone is doing something evil to […]

Wife’s behavior out of control

Dear Annie: My brother has been separated from his wife, “Sherrie,” for a year. They have three girls under the age of 5. Sherrie is crazy. She stalks him. She has gone to his job and caused a scene. She’s called every one of his female workers and accused them of sleeping with him. She […]

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