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What do you think: How do you feel about the presidential debates so far?

From page A13 | October 21, 2012 |

Gina Erickson, student, San Diego

Gina Erickson

student, San Diego:

“I feel like it’s important people watch and be involved. (…) It’s an education for me because I was born in Canada, and I want to understand how things are run here.”

Kathleen Lee

housewife, Davis:

“Definitely, it seems that (Tuesday night) Obama was trying to be more aggressive than last time.”

Adrian Hough

historical interpreter, Davis:

“Pretty interesting. There seems to be a lot riding on them. Though the debates don’t really change my opinion, they seem to have of impact on undecided voters.”

Varruna Arama

student, Davis:

“(Tuesday night’s debate) was interesting. The way the points were argued — very, very convincing. No clear winner.”

Jacob Rukeyser

attorney, Oakland:

“They’re a side show. Very little of substance was said. Bunch of sound bites.”

Harman Behniwal

student, Davis:

“I feel like it’s been pretty rocky as of now. I thought (Tuesday night’s debate) went more in Obama’s favor.”

Asked in downtown Davis

compiled and photographed by Anna Sturla



Anna Sturla