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Sara Pinto and Brendan MacDonald, who shared the Gordon H. True Cup, check out the awards table following Tuesday evening's Davis High School Senior Awards Night. Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo

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The best of the best: DHS honors seniors

By From page A1 | June 05, 2014

More than $1 million in scholarships were presented to Davis High School’s graduating seniors in front of a crowd of peers, parents and faculty Tuesday evening. More than 280 students from the Class of 2014 were honored.
“This senior class is probably the most accomplished that I’ve ever been associated with,” said first-year Davis High School Principal Will Brown. “It’s inspiring for me to just walk through the halls and ask them about their plans after graduation.”
Sara Pinto and Brendan MacDonald were the recipients of this year’s Gordon H. True Service Cup, an honor that has been awarded to two graduating seniors for outstanding citizenship and service every year since 1930.
Pinto, who will attend the University of Washington, was lauded by Brown for her energy, enthusiasm and compassion for the student body.
“I participate in community service, because I love to do it,” Pinto said after hugging her parents, True Cup in hand. “I’m just in awe that I was picked.”
The most valuable player and team captain of the Blue Devil varsity football team, MacDonald was described by Brown as a “pleasure to know, a friend to all and a leader both in and out of the classroom.”
MacDonald, who has been busy fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society over the past few months, will play football for Claremont McKenna College in the fall.
Zhongxia Yan was awarded the Rotary Scholarship Cup, given annually to the student with the highest weighted grade-point average (Yan’s is 4.5). Yan’s father accepted the award on his behalf. As one of 20 students selected to compete in the national biology olympiad at Purdue University, Yan was unable to attend.
Agriculture teacher Ellie Michel was chosen by students as the Rotary Teacher of the Year. In just her second year at Davis High, Michel has taken charge of the horse judging team and installed planter boxes around campus in which to grow produce for the school’s cafeteria.
“Every parent that has spoken to me about her has spoken glowingly about the impact she has made on the lives of their children,” Brown said of Michel. “Every staff member who has spoken to me has spoken with enthusiasm for what she brings to our team, and every student raves about how much she means to them.”
Many of the scholarships awarded Tuesday are funded by Davis residents and organizations specifically for DHS graduates, and Brown credits the community for supporting its students.
“They put their money where their mouth is,” Brown said. “The community rewards the kids for their academic achievement, and it’s one of the things that makes the Davis community so special.”
Although nearly half of the Class of 2014 was recognized Tuesday, Julie Clayton, Davis High’s college and career specialist, says academic achievement is typical of graduating Blue Devils. Davis High School boasts one of the highest graduation rates in the state, graduating nearly 98 percent of its 2013 senior class, with more than 90 percent of graduates pursuing some form of higher education, according to data from the California Department of Education.
“The number of scholarship winners we have this year has been pretty consistent with what we’ve seen in the past,” Clayton said. “Davis High graduates are very ambitious and very high-achieving.”
The Class of 2014 will graduate next Friday, June 13, at 7 p.m. at Ron & Mary Brown Stadium.

Local, state and national scholarships

California Retired Teachers Association Scholarship: Shannon Segall

California School Employees Association Scholarships: Robert Padilla-Campos, Mason Morgan, Clayton Webster

Davis Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: Catherine Archer

Davis Chinese Association Scholarships
Davis Chinese Association Scholarship: Zhongxia Yan
Annie Tsao Van Memorial Scholarship: Amy Jiang
Lee-Jing Chen Memorial Scholarship: Robert Li
Leslie and Gregory Chin Memorial Scholarship: Jacqueline Liu
Shang Fa Yang Memorial Scholarship: Zequn (Michael) Zhao
Wen-Tze Hwang Memorial Scholarship: Brandon Lin
Ying Yung Tsao Memorial Scholarship: Daniel Zhu

Davis Girls Scouts Graduating Senior Awards: Emma Agruss, Emily Isakari

Davis Host Lions Club Scholarships: Sara Pinto, Alicia Vega

Davis Musical Theatre Company Scholarships: Mary Ellen Price, Brian Stewart

Davis Senior High School PTA Graduating Senior Awards: Catherine Archer, Madeline Asta, Nora Filet, Icela Pantoja, Cristina Puente

Davis Sunrise Rotary Club Scholarship: Christopher Pereira

Davis Teachers Association Scholarship: Haley Blackwell

Davis Waste Removal Scholarships: Julian de Terra, Ale Ruiz-Jimenez

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship: Amani Lee

Ed and Clara Comingore Scholarship: Theresa Milbrodt

India Association of Davis Scholarships: Aamia Malik, Udhe Singh Nijjar, Sara Pinto, Ani Ramakrishnan, Pooja Tripathi

Kiwanis Club of Davis Scholarship: Selina Arias

Mansfield-Hulbert Dedicated Service Scholarship: Tara Mullen

Marilyn and R.L. “Dick” Mansfield Scholarship: Madison Yule

Monsanto/Calgene Biotechnology Scholarship: Hosna Mohabbat

National Merit Scholarships: Amanda Glazer, Murtaza Khan, Brandon Lin

Novozymes, Inc. Scientific Achievement Scholarship: Lucas Jensen

Petersen Family Scholarship: Pooja Tripathi

Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Merit Scholarship: Chad Prizmich

United States Air Force Academy Appointment: Garrett Fisk

United States Naval Academy Appointment: Patrick Long

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #6949 Scholarship: Isabel Leamon

Woodland Elks Lodge #1299 Scholarship: Evelyn Zarate-Sanchez

Yolo Masonic Lodge Scholarships: Amani Lee, Shannon Segall

Memorial scholarships

Aaron Aronson Memorial Scholarships: Catherine Archer, Nora Filet

Aaron King Spirit of Davis High Scholarship: Brendan MacDonald

Armstrong Family Education Scholarship: Madison Yule

Beeghly-Merritt Memorial Scholarships: In-Hwan Heo, Adrian LoBuono-Gonzalez, Elias LoBuono-Gonzalez

Charles “Doc” Wood Memorial Scholarship: Zachary Anderson

David Murphy Scholarship: Ale Ruiz-Jimenez

Hanna Bauer Memorial Scholarship: Icela Pantoja, Chelsea Sacramento

John Barovetto Memorial Award: Andre Foster

Katie Sallee Memorial Award: Cristina Puente

Lily Nisen Memorial Scholarships: Shelby Danzer, Luis Zepeda, Shelby Ziccardi

Nicole Auclair Memorial Scholarship: Mandy Chen

Soroptimist International of Davis Archie Moore Memorial Scholarship: Nora Filet

Teo Villanueva Memorial Scholarship: Evelyn Zarate-Sanchez

Woodland Healthcare Foundation Scholarships
Thomas Adney Butler Memorial Scholarship: Emily Isakari
Louise M. Wong, MD Memorial Scholarship: Emily Isakari

Yolo County Mexican American Concilio Scholarships
Mexican American Concilio Scholarships: Marco Gomez, Adriana Jimenez
Academic Center Scholarship: Jose Jesus Gutierrez
Jerry Kaneko Memorial Scholarship: Oscar Alvarado
Mary Lou Hernandez Memorial Scholarship: Evelyn Zarate-Sanchez
Mel Trujillo Memorial Scholarship: Ariane Rusanganwa

Recognition by faculty

Outstanding participation in departments, clubs, activities

Agriculture Department
Agriculture Department Recognition: U’ilani Kaaekuahiwi
Agricultural Engineering: Connal Hart, Zachary Slavich
Animal Science: Jordan Weston
Floriculture: Cassie Miguel
Future Farmers of America (FFA): Lourdes Aimee Maria, William Sharp, Jeremy Snow, Zoe Strachan-Payne, Lauren Sutkus

Art Department
AP Art History: Brandon Lin, Sophie Meads, Brendan O’Brien, Emma Peterson, Ju-A Son
AP Art Studio: Maya Lopez-Ichikawa, Tahnya Martinez, Manduul Naranzogt, Charlotte Rock,
Lauren Smith, Kaitlyn Vitangcol
Ceramics: Laura Blumenfeld, Le-Hsuan (Daniel) Chen, Casey Hannah, Caitlin Harjes, Michaela Joerger, Hana Moskovitz, Xiaoxi Xu
Drawing and Painting: Siena Cox, Nathan Feldman, Jane Gunnell, Jenna Plasterer, Mia Stombler-Levine
Photography: Robin Hansen

Avid (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
Academic Diligence: Chelsey Nickell

Band Department
Band Department Recognition: Connor De Angelis, Nathan deRopp, Francisca Echiburu, Lillian Feng, Max Guerrero, Armen Hovagimian, Julianne Emily Jonsson, Seunghyun Kim, Megan Kraft, Ashok Kunda, Aaron Levin-Fay, Robert Li, Matthew Linvill, Peyton Lyons, Emma McElroy, Andrew Miller, Garek Najita, Keir Negron, Udhe Singh Nijjar, Daniella Reyes, Vita Sandhu, Loren Skinner IV, Eli Smith, Ju-A Son, Wesley Stein, Caitlin Thornton, Allyson Weir, Laurel Wilkinson, Sabrina Williams, Peter Young, Jasmine Zhou
Bob Day Award: Armen Hovagimian
John Philip Sousa Award: Andrew Miller
Louis Armstrong Award: Garek Najita

Car Club: Miguel Zavala

Cultural Exchange Club: In-Hwan (Helen) Heo (president), Gavin Thompson (vice president)

English Department: Gheed Abdul Satter, Evan Anderson, Kevin Anderson, Catherine Archer, Selina Arias, Rebecca Buer, Ilana Creinin, Aidan Delplanque, Micaela Everitt, Nathan Feldman, Garrett Fisk, Melinda Gorges, In-Hwan (Helen) Heo, Kaitlyn Honeychurch, Carolyn Irving, Tia Jackson, Lucas Jensen, Seunghyun Kim, Magdalene Koo, Kaitlyn Lagattuta, Isabel Leamon, Daryl (Ming) Leung, Isaiah Matthews, Brigitte McFarland, Theresa Milbrodt, James Wyatt Millstone, William Montooth-Keating, Alice Moylan, Rachael Neustadt, Emma Peterson, Vikram Prathap, Cristina Puente, Alanna Quinn, Ani Ramakrishnan, Samuel Ravani, Daniella Reyes, Usama Riaz, Alexandra Rieger, Micaela Robertson, Adam Siegel, Loren Skinner IV, Sally Spinardi, Scott Stone, Han-ah Sumner, Ivan Timofeyev, Samir Townsley, Linnea Tucker, Laurel Wilkinson, Megan Wong, Jasmine Zhou
Environmental Club: Madeline Asta, Emma McElroy

Freedom from Hunger Club: Kira Furie, Danielle Gantar, Sophie Meads, Daniel Rowen, Pooja Tripathi

French Club: Margaret Lawson, Pooja Tripathi

French Department: Alexander Borowsky, Julian Fuchs, Amanda Glazer, Caitlin Harjes, Seunghyun Kim, Margaret Lawson, Evelyn Zarate-Sanchez

French Language and Culture Course: Tsetsen Anuurad, Kaitlyn Honeychurch, Emily Kappes

Friendship Day Circle of Honor: Isabel Leamon (president), Chloe Clouse (vice president), Ciara Brown, David Kim, Maite Knorr-Evans, Brendan MacDonald, Casey Schmidt, Vikram Singh, Katie Werner

German American Partnership Program (GAPP): Carolyn Irving, Kelly Ragsdale, Miranda Steidler, Shelby Ziccardi

German Club: Andira Gilliam, Caitlin Harjes, Scott Stone

German Department: Je Hsieh, Zoe Rosario, Scott Stone

Japanese Club: Kimberlee Abilgaard, Christy Sangpolist

Japanese Department: Kimberlee Abilgaard, Tsetsen Anuurad

Jazz Choir: James Wyatt Millstone

Key Club: Selina Arias, In-Hwan (Helen) Heo, Amy Jiang, Magdalene Koo, Margaret Lawson, Emma McElroy

Math Department
Math Team: In-Hwan (Helen) Heo, Brandon Lin, Jacqueline Liu, Ivan Timofeyev, Zhongxia Yan, June Yang, Zequn (Michael) Zhao
Mu Alpha Theta: Amanda Glazer, Ashok Kunda, Brandon Lin, Jacqueline Liu, Ivan Timofeyev, Zhongxia Yan, Juneyoung Yang, Zequn (Michael) Zhao, Jasmine Zhou
Achievement in DSHS Math Courses: Melinda Gorges, Kaitlyn Lagattuta, Ani Ramakrishnan, Daniel Zhu
Overall Excellence in Mathematics: Tianyu Chu, Julian Fuchs, Kunwoo Hoang, Ashok Kunda, James Brandon Lin, Jacqueline Liu, James Wyatt Millstone, Ivan Timofeyev, Zhongxia Yan, Jasmine Zhou

Model United Nations Club: Madison Newton

National Honor Society (Three-Year Active Members): Gheed Abdul Sattar, Rebecca Buer, Ilana Creinin, Julia Gladding, Amanda Glazer, Melinda Gorges, Kaitlyn Honeychurch, Emily Kappes, Shae Langley, Alanna Quinn, Samuel Ravani, Evelyn Zarate-Sanchez

Orchestra Program: Jayoon Baek, David Chen, Ariel Chien, Victor Choi, John Conant, Matthew Fyhrie, Alek Hernes, Anna Hodgson, Brian Hubbard, Brian Li, Jacqueline Liu, Brendan MacDonald, Brigitte McFarland, Daniel Merritt, Donald Pinckney, Samuel Ravani, Aina Smart-Truco, Scott Stone, Ivan Timofeyev, Enpei Yang

Science Bowl DSHS Team: Brandon Lin, Raleigh Lukas, Zhongxia Yan

Science Department Anatomy/Physiology: Corinne Clapham, Aleson Laird, Alice Moylan, Emma Peterson, Vikram Prathap
Science League National DSHS Biology Team: Kevin Anderson, Edward Alexander Arnheiter, Alex Borowsky, Julian Fuchs, Melinda Gorges, Brandon Lin, Raleigh Lukas, Allyson Weir, Zhongxia Yan, Yimin Yang, Zequn (Michael) Zhao, Daniel Zhu

Science League National DSHS Chemistry Team: Kevin Anderson, Utsav Baral, Tianyu Chu, Melinda Gorges, Margaret Lawson, Brandon Lin, Raleigh Lukas, Brigitte McFarland, James Wyatt Millstone, Donald Pinckney, Ani Ramakrishnan, Samuel Ravani, Usama Riaz, Aidan Setran, Zhongxia Yan, Yimin Yang

Science League National DSHS Physics Team: Nathan Beaumont, Jennifer Blanc, Julian Fuchs, Isabel Leamon, Brandon Lin, TJ McMorrow, Donald Pinckney, Ani Ramakrishnan, Loren Skinner IV, Han-ah Sumner, Ivan Timofeyev

Social Studies Department: Madeira Alba, Kevin Anderson, Madeline Asta, Brian Birt, Jennifer Blanc, Ilana Creinin, Eva Dicker, Nora Filet, Julia Gladding, Melinda Gorges, Brian Hubbard, Emily Kappes, Riley Kent, Kaitlyn Lagattuta, Aleson Laird, Isabel Leamon, Maya Lopez-Ichikawa, Peyton Lyons, Brendan Macdonald, Aryan Maroufkhani, Andrija Marquez, Tahnya Martinez, Brigitte McFarland, Hosna Mohabbat, Rachael Neudstadt, Mary Ellen Price, Alice Renaud, Adam Richardson, Emma Robinson, Clare Saiki, Evelyn Zarate-Sanchez, Yoojin Shin, Vikram Singh, Miranda Steidler, Scott Stone, Han-ah Sumner, Emelia Unger, Laurel Wilkinson, Sabrina Williams, Enpei Yang
Speech and Debate: Eva Dicker, Emma McElroy, Yoojin Shin

Technology Outreach Club: Kevin Anderson, Victor Choi, Ladislas Etzol, Murtaza Khan, Brian Li, Patrick Long, Nashiz Memon, Samuel Ravani, Adam Siegel, Samir Townsley

Theatre Department
Board Members: Canela Garcia (3 years), Patty Quijada Salazar (1 year), Eli Smith (2 years), Arina Ushakova (1 year)
Theatre Department Award: Eli Smith
Excellence in Leadership Award: Arina Ushakova
Leadership through Love Award: Canela Garcia
Thespians: Camille Aguilar, Ciara Brown, Mandy Chen, Dustin Choi, Sarah de Groot, Canela Garcia, Joshua Garrett, Clayton Johnston, Megan Kraft, Alice Moylan, Christopher Pereira, Patty Quijada Salazar, Tyler Roberts, Ariane Rusanganwa, Eli Smith, Brian Stewart, Arina Ushakova

Special Davis High School awards and honors

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Scholarship Recipients (DSHS Local Chapter): Madeline Asta, Kaysey England, Han-ah-Sumner

California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Lifetime Members: Emma Agruss*, Madeline Asta*, Rachel (Jayoon) Baek, Kathleen Benjamin, Rebecca Buer*, Lindsay Callahan*, Jia Bin (Jason) Chen, Le-Hsuan Chen*, Josie Clerfond, Chloe Clouse, Ilana Creinin*, Eva Dicker*, Marcus Dodge, Kaysey England*, Micaela Everitt*, Sarra Falakfarsa, Nora Filet, Kira Furie*, Danielle Gantar*, Julia Gladding*, Amanda Glazer*, Melinda Gorges*, Jose Jesus Gutierrez, In-Hwan (Helen) Heo*, Anna Hodgson*, Kaitlyn Honeychurch*, Emily Isakari*, Amy Jiang*, Michaela Joerger, Julianne Emily Jonsson, Emily Kappes*, Seunghyun Kim*, Magdalene Koo*, Margaret Lawson*, Isabel Leamon*, Andrew Leung, Brandon Lin*, Jacqueline Liu*, Raleigh Lukas*, Peyton Lyons*, Sophie Meads*, Bernard Medina-Brown, Nashiz Memon, Hosna Mohabbat, Christopher Pereira*, Vikram Prathap*, Alanna Quinn*, Kelly Ragsdale, Ani Ramakrishnan*, Alice Renaud*, Kian Reno*, Micaela Robertson*, Lauren Robison*, Clare Saiki*, Olivia Schmidt*, Shannon Segall*, Yoojin Shin*, Ary Spilkin*, Sally Spinardi*, Han-ah Sumner*, Dennis (Yuchun) Tian*, Emelia Unger*, Laurel Wilkinson*, Megan Wong*, Emma Wu*, Zhongxia Yan*, Juneyoung Yang*, Yimin Yang*, Zequn (Michael) Zhao*, Daniel Zhu*
(*Active Lifetime Members)

HUB Editor’s Award Recipients: Rana Eser, Micaela Everitt, Amy Jiang
Recognition for senior HUB staff members: Rana Eser, Micaela Everitt, Chris Garrison, Elliot George, Amy Jiang, Katie Lee, Natalie Silver
Regional Occupational Program (ROP) of Yolo County Awards
Automotive Technology: Brett Butler
Biotechnology: Pavle Jeremic
Environmental Science: Julia Gladding
Internetworking: Evan Anderson
Journalism: Elliot George
Stagecraft: Brian Stewart

Seal of Biliteracy
Recipients for Chinese Language: Jia Bin (Jason) Chen, Andrew Leung, Timothy Wu

Recipients for French Language: Kevin Anderson, Natalie Anderson, Tsetsen Anuurad, Catherine Archer, Alexander Borowsky, Tianyu Chu, Shelby Danzer, Julian Fuchs, Amanda Glazer, Marco Gomez, Alexandra Graves, Caitlin Harjes, In-Hwan Heo, Kaitlyn Honeychurch, Carolyn Irving, Tia Jackson, Emily Kappes, Seunghyun Kim, Margaret Lawson, Aamia Malik, Madison Newton, Adam Siegel, Pooja Tripathi, Evelyn Zarate-Sanchez, Jasmine Zhou

Recipients for Japanese Language: Leo Goldstein, Ken Hashimoto, Emily Isakari, Cristina Ruiz-Jimenez

Recipients for Spanish Language: Destina Agar, Oscar Alvarado, Selina Arias, Emily Baker, Samuel Burke, Lindsay Callahan, David Chen, Logan Davis, Frances Devanbu, Daniel Diaz-Vigil, Francisca Echiburu, Kira Furie, Lydia Gegan, Melinda Gorges, Murtaza Khan, Magdalene Koo, Kaitlyn Lagattuta, Aleson Laird, Shae Langley, Elizabeth Leshuk, Brian Li, Maya Lindeman, Adrian LoBuono-Gonzalez, Elias LoBuono-Gonzalez, Patrick Long, Peyton Lyons, Brendan MacDonald, Lourdes Aimee Maria, Matthew Mayr, Brigitte McFarland, Sophie Meads, Matthew Michael, James Wyatt Millstone, Hosna Mohabbat, Rachael Neustadt, Brooke Palmer, Cristina Puente, Alanna Quinn, Samuel Ravani, Yoojin Shin, Aina Smart-Truco, Brian Stewart, Han-ah Sumner, Ivan Timofeyev, Samir Townsley, Linnea Tucker, Emelia Unger

Associated Student Body Special Award: Rami Rashmawi

Triple “D” Award: Ted Riffle

Athletes of the Year: Heather Johnson, Matthew Trask

Blue Devil Service Award: Teresa Delgadillo, Stacy Desideri, Dennis Foster, Amelia Hess, Tom McHale, Eric Morgan, Courtenay Tessler

Rotary Teacher Service Award: Ellie Michel

Rotary Scholarship Cup: Zhongxia Yan

Gordon H. True Service Cup: Brendan MacDonald, Sara Pinto

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