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Bob Dunning: Campaign signs sprouting up like weeds


From page A2 | April 23, 2014 |

SIGN OF THE TIMES … Joe Krovoza seems to have won the Battle of East Eighth Street as well as the Battle of Pole Line Road when it comes to lawn signs … then again, Dan Wolk is starting later in this department and soon may flood the town as well … candidates seem to believe that the more signs they have out, the better, but it’s an unproven science … especially when a candidate has three or four signs on the same property, carefully spaced to make it look as if more than one homeowner is offering support … when I see such a display, it simply tells me the candidate has more signs than he has supporters …

One candidate for Woodland City Council has 13 signs aligned among the weeds on northbound Road 102 as you approach Costco … spaced closely together, they are simply irritating and will no doubt backfire on this candidate … the word “overkill” comes to mind …

MORE SIGNS OF THE TIMES … I think Davis City Council candidate Robb Davis missed the boat with his green-and-gold lawn signs … if I were running his campaign — which I’m not — I’d have used the very clever “Davis for Davis” … that would at least leave people smiling, which is always a good thing for someone asking for our vote … after all, Judy Davis was a beloved elementary school principal in this town, and Debbie Davis is a beloved newspaper editor …

Just imagine, if Robb Davis gets the most votes on June 3, he’ll be mayor for this town’s much-anticipated centennial celebration in 2017 … he’ll also be the only mayor in California whose last name matches the town he serves, unless someone resurrects Abner Weed … one more mistake Robb Davis made in this Aggie-crazed town — using the Sac State color combination on his lawn signs …

SIGNS OF THE TIMES, PART III … Rochelle Swanson’s signs say simply “Rochelle for Davis,” but the “Davis” is in bright white letters that so outshine “Rochelle” that all I saw was “Davis” as I was traveling along and glancing quickly at lawn signs … given that one of her main opponents is named “Davis,” she may want to rethink those signs and stop giving our friend Robb free advertising …

BROCHURE MANIA … our esteemed mayor not only was first out of the box with lawn signs, he also landed the first brochure in my East Davis mailbox … addressed to “Dear Neighbor,” Joe writes that “My family and I love giving back to Davis,” a sentiment that may play well with the home folks, but would not be greeted with enthusiasm in Woodland, Williams or the vote-rich city of Napa … here’s betting an entirely different brochure hits the streets in cities with ZIP codes other than 95616 or 95618 …

ODDS ARE … I have taken a bit of grief from folks who claim Esparto’s own Charlie Schaupp should have rated higher than 10,000 to 1 in the 4th District Assembly odds I listed in this space several weeks ago … given that Schaupp seems to be a contender in several “insider” polls run by the various campaigns, I’ll repeat what I said when the odds were released … “The odds may be revisited, as necessary, between now and the June primary, but note, these are odds to win the Assembly seat in November, not just to come in first in the primary” …

In other words, Schaupp may show well in the primary, given that he’s a Republican and has three strong Democratic opponents, but when it comes to the general election — if he gets that far — Schaupp is toast … both Dan Wolk and Joe Krovoza would be happy to come in second in June if the top vote-getter is Schaupp, who simply would be overwhelmed in November by the district’s Democratic majority …

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