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Bob Dunning: Davis’ electoral oomph will be divided


From page A2 | June 14, 2013 |

DIVIDING THE BABY IN HALF … while many folks seem to think that Dan Wolk and Joe Krovoza will finish 1-2 (or maybe 2-1) in next spring’s primary election for the 4th Assembly seat in the California Legislature, I suspect that’s just wishful thinking among local residents who tend to think the sun rises and sets at the Davis city limits … there’s a better chance that these two Davis City Councilmen, both of whom have the word “mayor” in their titles, will split the Davis vote, allowing an unheard of out-of-towner to slip into the second spot — or maybe even the first spot — to force a runoff in November of 2014 …

True, true, Davis does have a lot of votes in this thing, but not enough to split between two local candidates … and remember, party affiliation is meaningless under our new-and-sometimes-confusing primary system, where the top two vote-getters in the primary square off in November, unless, of course, someone shows up with a majority of the vote the first time around … that won’t happen in this race, but it’s certainly possible in a less crowded field …

GENTLEMEN, MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS … because it’s hard for the average Davisite to distinguish major differences between Dan Wolk and Joe Krovoza on the pressing issues of the day — both pushed hard to flood Davis residents with Sacramento River water — veteran campaign watchers will be scrutinizing every vote that comes up in the Davis City Council between now and Election Day … which makes Tuesday’s council vote on preserving 391 acres of farmland east of town incredibly fascinating … i

In the end, Krovoza voted for preservation, while Wolk voted to keep open the option of developing the land into a business park that could provide much-needed revenue to the city … had these two not just announced their intention to seek employment in Sacramento, this vote would have been significant only in terms of Davis city politics … but now we have a clear divide on an issue that could resonate one way or the other in the California Assembly race …

No doubt Krovoza’s first campaign mailer will tout the fact that he voted to “preserve prime ag land,” while Wolk voted to “hand the land over to developers.” … that brochure, of course, will go only to voters on the Sierra Club’s mailing list, but trust me, this most recent vote, which sharply defined a difference between the two candidates, will most definitely be a campaign issue, and I suspect Krovoza will be the one to raise it first …

TORTILLA FLATS … my friend Clyde wants to know “What’s the story of the ‘Coyote Crossing’ sign going north on Mace just before we turn west on Covell toward Exotic East Davis?” … as far as I can tell, Clyde, the esteemed Bobby Coyote plans to open yet another Dos Coyotes outlet at the site, given Davis’ love for both wily coyotes and wild burritos … only this one will be called “Los Coyotes” given that there are several dozen of these beloved critters living in the immediate vicinity …

THE FROZEN FINAL … just between you and me, the Stanley Cup is nowhere near as much fun to watch without the spectacle of dueling national anthems to start the game … while the Star Spangled Banner will always tug at my heart and bring a tear to my eye, it’s also stirring to see an arena full of Canadians belting out “O Canada” …

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