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Bob Dunning: Ding-ding! It actually was Julie’s idea


From page A2 | May 10, 2013 |

AND NOW, THE REST OF THE STORY … several weeks ago, in a hard-hitting exposé concerning bells on bicycles, I quoted David Takemoto-Weerts, the bicycle program coordinator at UC Davis, who said “When Lois Wolk served on the council, she suggested a mandatory bike bell ordinance.” … Lois, now a state senator, responded in her usual genial manner that she did no such thing … “I think David T-W is mistaken,” she writes … “I think the bell proposal was Julie’s” … that would be the late, great Julie Partansky, who almost certainly had a bell on her bicycle … Lois does admit to suggesting mandatory bike helmets for all ages, but was shot down by Dave Pelz, who said the city couldn’t change the California Vehicle Code all on its own …

EVEN MORE BIKES AND BELLS … in the same piece about bicycle bells (see above), I noted that I couldn’t recall ever seeing Lois Wolk on a bicycle … well, I ran into Lois on Picnic Day and she now says “I was riding my bike when I saw you at Picnic Day. It was parked behind me on the grass.” … like I said, I’ve never seen Lois Wolk actually on a bicycle … adds the woman who will one day be governor, “It’s against the law not to ride a bike in Davis, especially on Picnic Day.” … spoken like a true Davisite …

THERE’S ALWAYS A LOCAL ANGLE … the esteemed Pizza Guys store, which is basically the engine that drives the East Davis economy, had a surprise visitor not long ago and has the photographic evidence to prove it … yes, none other than Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the beloved San Francisco 49ers, dropped in at the Fifth and L establishment to order up the $11.99 one-topping extra-large special for his family … according to sources high within the Pizza Guys — the good-looking young man who posed for the photo with Harbaugh — the coach did not order ahead and indicated he was just “passing through” Davis …

The Chamber of Commerce shudders when people say they are just “passing through” Davis, but that’s the way some folks are … hey, I know people who think of our town only as “Davis Exit” as they sail down Interstate 80 … Harbaugh was probably on his way to show his family our world-famous Toad Tunnel, which is just down the street from the Pizza Guys … the Harbaughs ate their pizza in-house (studies show pizza and driving is nearly as dangerous as texting and driving), then Big Jim signed his empty pizza box as further proof that he was actually there … good pizza, good football …

THE NAME GAME … the geniuses who took 145 years to finally bring us a college football playoff at the highest level have put their collective heads together and come up with an official name for the four-team playoff that will begin at the conclusion of the 2014 season … and they didn’t create something more grandiose and self-important than the Super Bowl or the World Series … no, they’re going to call this much-anticipated system the “College Football Playoff” … I am not making this up … I know it sounds awkward and clunky right now, but give it a while and “College Football Playoff” will roll right off the tongue like it was always meant to be … second choice among those voting was apparently the “SEC College Football Playoff,” but that could not be immediately confirmed …

Those putting together the College Football Playoff say they want a wide and diverse committee made up of college football purists to actually select the four teams that will play for the national championship, so I’ve offered my services to help them pick the three playoff participants in addition to Oregon State …

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