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Bob Dunning: Don’t compare Davis to the W’s


From page A2 | May 09, 2013 |

SCHOOL DAZE … those of you who thought you were voting last November to reduce class size in our elementary schools had better think again … according to one bit of testimony at last Thursday’s school board meeting from a parent who “moved to Davis because of the schools,” our classrooms are now packed with 30 kids each, while Woodland classes have just 24 kids and West Sacramento’s just 20 … if she’s suggesting we pattern ourselves after those two cities, she’s not likely to get very far in her new hometown …

THE COUNTING GAME … OK, sometimes the arguments against larger class sizes get just a little bit goofy … I mean, we all know that too many kids in a classroom makes it difficult for anyone to learn, but it did make me smile to see one dedicated teacher tell the board that having 30 or 31 kids in her classroom makes it more difficult when she has to count her students on the playground during recess … being a dedicated parent and math genius who knows all the numbers between 20 and 31, I am at this moment volunteering my services to help count her kids at recess … when she gets to 20, I’ll take over … and it’s not even my school … that’s just the kind of guy I am …

POLITICKING ON THE PUBLIC DIME … my D.C. correspondent, a chap named John Garamendi, wrote me the other day to let me know when he plans to be in the neighborhood … turns out John is also a Congressman representing my district and his glossy postcard to folks back home “was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.” … in other words, I paid to hear from John whether or not I was interested in what he had to say …

On one side of the extra-large postcard are a bunch of different ways to get in touch with John by phone, Facebook or Twitter, plus a listing of the dates when the Congressman will be appearing at various senior centers in the district … but the flip side of this mailer is pure politics … “Not only are there proposals in Congress to privatize Social Security, some are now calling for a decrease in the Cost of Living Adjustment,” John writes … what he doesn’t tell us is that among the “some” who are advocating a decrease in the cost of living adjustment is the president of the United States, who happens to be a member of John’s own party …

Notes John: “While I advocate for a balanced budget, I don’t believe it should be done on the backs of seniors by slashing the benefits they have earned, deserve and need.” … especially when the vast majority of those same seniors paid into this system for 40 or 50 years and are now being treated like welfare cheats … hopefully, Mr. Garamendi will pass those thoughts along to the White House and express a willingness to vote against his own leader if and when the time comes …

TANNENBAUM TOSS MARCHES ON … my friend Ken K. sends photographic evidence of a Christmas tree unceremoniously tossed into an East Davis gutter … apparently, as temperatures climbed into the 90s last week, someone got tired of waiting for Santa Claus … according to Ken, “A Christmas tree kept in water out in the back yard can stay greenish for months, for an extended period of admiration of its beauty and sacrifice.” … ah yes, the sacrifice of the Christmas tree … from now on, I suggest the Boy Scouts sell only artificial trees to their customers …

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