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Bob Dunning: Easter Bunny photo violates city ordinance


From page A2 | April 22, 2014 |

BOOK ‘EM, DANNO … the Diversity, Inclusion and Sensitivity subcommittee of the city of Davis’ Human Relations Commission has fined The Davis Enterprise $48,000 for Sunday’s front-page photo identifying a very large rabbit as the “Easter Bunny” instead of the “Spring Bunny” as required by City Ordinance No. 12345 … since the bunny in question was pictured with an impressionable 1-year-old boy, The Enterprise also was cited for “perpetuating” the “myth” of the Easter Bunny, a malady that has been proven to keep gullible children out of the GATE program later in life …

JOB HUNTING WE WILL GO, JOB HUNTING WE WILL GO … according to Dave Ryan’s front-page piece in this very newspaper, if the Measure O sales tax increase fails in June, our kind City Fathers and Mother will not start laying people off until Oct. 1 … wrote Ryan: “City Council members believe the message is needed to prevent city workers from fleeing to other jobs before the election.” … indeed … and if they flee to other jobs in other cities before the election, they won’t be around to vote “yes” or be able to campaign to convince other folks to vote “yes” as well …

According to a scenario painted by Councilman Brett Lee, “A reasonable person would say ‘Well, I think Measure O will pass, but if it doesn’t, I can start my job search after that.” … I don’t know about you, but if I thought my job rested in the hands of Davis’ sometimes unpredictable and currently testy electorate, I wouldn’t be waiting until June to start looking for another job …

SCHOOL DISTRICT AWASH IN DOLLARS … despite having spent $252,405 on external investigations of complaints against district employees since 2010, the Davis Joint Unified School District apparently just hit the Powerball jackpot … among the many items on the district’s wish list is a 60 percent position for a public information officer, whose job, no doubt, will be to put a positive spin on things like that $252,405, which includes $22,041 wasted on the recent volleyball silliness … I can hear the new PIO now: “The board met in closed session for three hours last night and all deliberations and decisions are strictly confidential.” … I think we can do without …

SHORT MEMORIES … as Karen Foster steps down after three short but successful years guiding the Davis High girls basketball team, it was interesting to see praise heaped on former Blue Devil coach Jeff Christian, who was unceremoniously dumped in the middle of the 2010-11 season due to a parental complaint … said retiring DHS athletic director Dennis Foster: “She’s been able to build on what Jeff Christian started.” …

Added Karen Foster: “I give Jeff credit. He mentored and built this program. If I hadn’t been a disciple of Jeff’s, this program wouldn’t be where it is.” … again, Christian was fired in midseason and never given a reason for his dismissal … it’s not likely he’d be interested in coming back after the way he was treated the first time around …

SCHOOL DAYS, SCHOOL DAZE … so the eight brave citizens willing to fill six months of Nancy Peterson’s school board term will be whittled to three on May 1, with the lucky winner decided by board action on May 8 … unclear at this point is what happens if the remaining four board members aren’t happy with any of the candidates’ answers … can they go outside the eight and “recruit” someone for the six-month gig? … there’s plenty of talent out there — several former school board members come to mind — but many folks didn’t want to subject themselves the process the board set in motion for picking Peterson’s replacement …

HEADS I WIN, TAILS YOU LOSE … because there are currently only four members on the board, there exists a very real chance of a 2-2 vote when it comes time to replace Nancy Peterson … that happened under similar circumstances in 2002, prompting the current board to agree to a coin flip if it becomes hopelessly deadlocked this time around … the coin flip will, of course, take place in closed session with the results known only to board members themselves …

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