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Bob Dunning: Everything old is new again


From page A2 | April 02, 2013 |

RECONFIGURE THIS … my buddy Ben says a four-year high school in Davis is not as novel as some folks claim … “In 1976, I was an eighth-grader at Emerson Junior High,” Ben begins, dating himself substantially … “One morning my homeroom teacher, Mr. Gill, came in wearing a black armband. When students asked why, he said “Because Emerson is dead.” … ah yes, Kent Gill … I remember him well … a saintly guy admired by virtually every student he came into contact with … he was my homeroom teacher, too, but they simply called it Davis Junior High School back in the Dark Ages of Davis …

“We ninth-graders (also 10th-graders) had to share lockers at the high school. Within a couple of years, the school I still call ‘The New Emerson’ was built.” … and, of course, Davis High went back to being a three-year school … now, apparently, some folks in charge of our schools want to go back to the good old days … I wonder if anyone has asked Kent Gill …

SPEAKING OF SCHOOL DAZE … this just in, the school board in Windham, N.H., has just banned dodgeball and other “human target” games to prevent violence and bullying … they also banned prison ball, slaughter and bombardment, all of which had not been invented when I was in school … the next thing you know they’ll ban tackle football, which tends to make the quarterback a “human target” …

DÉJÀ VU DENISE … I opened the paper on Saturday to see the front-page sports headline “Curry leads Blue Devils” and wondered if our very own Olympian Denise Curry was back playing at Davis High School … alas, the Curry in question goes by the first name of “Seth” and the Blue Devils he plays for are in Durham, N.C. … no doubt he’s a fine basketball player, but it’s a dead-lock certainty that neither he nor any of his Duke teammates have scored as many points in their collegiate careers as Denise Curry did in her All-American days at UCLA …

WATER WOES … a local restaurant owner writes to say we’re all dreaming if we think our escalating water rates won’t increase the price of eating out in this town … “The cost of water will be too much to absorb and not pass on. I can guarantee that Davisites will definitely pay more for food in restaurants.” … and, when they pay those water bills, they’ll have less cash in their wallets to spend eating out anyway …

A TRULY UNIQUE FUNDRAISER … it’s that time of year for individuals and groups to book a date to tour “Huei’s Garden” in North Davis … Huei’s Garden is a wonderful experience for the senses, combining Chinese and Japanese styles in a magical backyard setting … you can go to to arrange a tour any time during April, with all proceeds going to benefit Yolo Vision Aid 2013 … this program provides free eye exams and eyeglasses to Yolo County children and seniors in need through the generosity of Dr. David Kira and his staff … thus, Huei’s Garden is a win-win for everyone … trust me on this …

SAINTLY TREASURES … “St. James Parish will host its second annual Antique Evaluation Day, Saturday (April 6) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” began the email from my hometown church that was packed last Sunday thanks in part to the popularity of our new pope … the “Road Show,” featuring experts from DeLuna, 3rd Street Jewelers, Main Street Antiques and several others, offers us the chance to find out if that junk in the garage is really worth anything … like that Ming Dynasty bowl that was bought for a few dollars at an estate sale and recently sold for more than $2 million …

In my case, I suspect it would be my old baseball card collection — think Sandy Koufax, Ernie Banks, Ted Williams, Stan Musial and Warren Spahn — that mom threatened to throw out a few years ago if I didn’t immediately come and claim it … “Bring your jewelry, artwork, household collectibles, small antiques, coins, sports and military memorabilia for evaluation,” it goes on …

Just think, if the good folks at DeLuna think my junk is worth millions, I could soon be living in El Macero instead of East Davis … sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday …

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