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Bob Dunning: For Joe, it appears that ‘math is hard’


From page A2 | May 30, 2014 |

FUZZY MATH … several weeks ago in this space I quoted the good news from Krovoza for Assembly headquarters, the claim being that Joe’s campaign “hit a notable milestone: we surpassed 750 individual donors!” … that exclamation point was followed by the statement that “Most have given just $100 or less,” and that was followed by “We’ve raised an impressive total of $300,000 to date.” … in other words, the little guy supports Joe …
I, of course, felt-duty bound to point out that 750 people giving 100 dollars apiece adds up to only $75,000, not $300,000 … this caused a critic — who doesn’t have enough belief in his own opinions to sign them — to write the paper and say I was assuming the word “most” really meant “all” …
My anonymous critic is, of course, right … some of those 750 donors, no doubt, gave much less than 100 dollars, which means more than a handful of folks had to have given significantly more than $100 … simple math tells you that when 750 donors combine to give $300,000, that’s an average of $400 per donor, which more or less lays to rest the myth that this was just a whole bunch of little people tossing $20 bills into the pot … after all, if 700 donors contributed $100 each, that means the remaining 50 donors had to average $4,600 each …

COMPLAINTS, PART II … my friend Corky, noting that candidate Dan Wolk planned to have campaigners visit “all” 13 cities and towns in the 4th Assembly District the weekend before last, was appalled by which “towns” were missing … “Bobster,” Corky begins lovingly, “In your roll call of terrific townships in the 4th Assembly District, you inadvertently missed out on the joy that is Kelseyville.” … not to mention Nice, Middletown, Cobb, Lucerne and Loch Lomond … adds Corky: “If I don’t stand up for Zamora, who will?” … good question …

SIGN OF THE TIMES … saw a “No on P” bumper sticker the other day with a message along the lines of “No Paid Parking.” … minding one’s P’s and Q’s is getting more difficult these days with multiple elections taking place on the same day …

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER … loved the quote from upstart City Council candidate Daniel Parrella, who says, “When I walk the precincts, no one — no one — supports the road diet or public power.” … my experience as well, Daniel, even if I’m not asking anyone to vote for me …

SPEAKING OF CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES … the Chamber PAC, apparently unaware of the laws against bigamy, has endorsed three candidates — Robb Davis, Rochelle Swanson and Daniel Parrella — for two council seats … the late, great Herb Bauer, who saw so much good in every human being that he had trouble saying “no” to candidates seeking his approval, frequently endorsed as many as four candidates when there were three seats available … given that the Chamber PAC gave a cold shoulder to two other candidates, it remains to be seen if Sheila Allen and John Munn will continue to shop in downtown Davis …

NEWS FROM THE NORTHERN MENACE … the other day, in writing about our proposed sales tax increase, I wrote, “The good news for the council is if the case can be made that without this tax Davis will essentially become Woodland, the thing will pass with flying colors.” … this prompted Dennis from the county seat to write “I was in downtown Woodland with some friends when I read your column today. Don’t worry, I didn’t give them your address.” … thank heavens for small favors …

MAD AS HELL … Glen at says he’s simply not going to take it anymore when it comes to city spending and the sales tax increase … “The Bank of Glen has no further interest in bankrolling our irresponsible City Council. It’s time for tough love down at City Hall.” … how many folks will agree with Glen on Election Day remains to be seen …

SPEAKING OF MEASURE O … it’s a simple proposition, really … if you think the current council has been spending prudently, reward them with a “yes” vote … and if you think they’ve been careless with our precious dollars, reward them with a “no” vote … as far as the method of taxation itself, however, a sales tax is probably the least intrusive and most palatable way to go, if you’re of a mind to vote “yes” … I realize a number of local merchants fear any increase in the sales tax, but I suspect most shoppers won’t even notice …

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