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Bob Dunning: Fueling the fire of global warming


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GLOBAL WARNING … after I scolded Rose Bowl play-by-play announcer Brent Musberger for telling a worldwide audience — including a significant number of Davisites — to “throw another log on the fire” at the start of the game, a kind reader told me in no uncertain terms that this was not a laughing matter … somehow, I’m still laughing … in fact, he pointed out that just two days prior to the Rose Bowl, Sacramento had reported a record high temperature for the day, clear evidence of global warming …

Maybe so, maybe not, but yes, the old record maximum for Dec. 30 was 61, and that record was smashed a week ago Monday when the temperature rose to a searing 62 degrees … the extra degree, no doubt, was caused by folks all over town taking Musberger’s advice and throwing an extra log on the fire … and never mind that Musberger’s advice didn’t come until two days after the fact … as my dad once told me, never let facts get in the way of a good story …

EVEN MORE GLOBAL WARMING … as I understand it, school was canceled for kids in Green Bay, Wis., yesterday, not because it was 90 degrees below zero, but because the beloved fan-owned Packers lost their playoff game to the 49ers and the kids were too sad to go to class …

FRUIT OF THE REALM … absolutely loved that front-page Enterprise story the other day explaining when I can and when I can’t pick low-hanging fruit in my beloved hometown … turns out, “the law allows for people to pick fruit if a tree hangs over on their property or in a public space, like a sidewalk.” … unfortunately, the overhanging tree from the neighbor to the left is the world’s largest sycamore and it drops everything but fruit, and the only thing coming over the fence from the neighbor on the right is runaway ivy that needs to be constantly trimmed so it doesn’t climb through the bedroom window … there is a beautifully laden orange tree over the back fence, but none of its fruit ever comes within arm’s length of the Above-Pictured Columnist …

The message here for fruit lovers is to always check the back yards of potential neighbors before submitting a bid on your dream home …

A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME … no matter where you stand on the Health and Human Services mandate concerning the application of parts of the Affordable Care Act to religious institutions, you gotta love the lawsuit filed by the Little Sisters of the Poor against the United States government … for my money, it’s hard to root against the Little Sisters of the Poor … talk about David versus Goliath …

Back in college I had a coach who used to try to fire us up by saying, “Hey, we’re not playing the Little Sisters of the Poor today,” thinking it was a fictional organization … in fact, we all thought he made it up on the spot … turns out the Obama administration is now in a fight to the death with this very organization … may the best man/woman win …

BELLS-R-US … my friend Ralph at comcast.net asks me to please do my part “for many grateful pedestrians and bicyclists to make sure that the various enlightened bicycle and traffic commissioners and their commissions introduce bicycle bells to the Holy City, also known as COW, Center of the World, as an urgent safety measure.” … forget safety, Ralph, I just happen to like how they sound …

“As a 91-year-old pedestrian and bicyclist, I have been begging for bicycle bells for many years, but to no avail.” … well, given that this town’s council is never shy about passing ordinances requiring people to do things they might not otherwise do, I’d say mandatory bells have a 50-50 chance of being a part of our future … sure beats hearing someone yell “on your left” as you’re walking along your favorite path …

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