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Bob Dunning: How long will council honeymoon last?


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A BRIEF HONEYMOON … things were incredibly lovey-dovey at the City Council chambers last night as newcomer, top vote-getter and now Mayor Pro Tem Robb Davis took the oath of office and Dan Wolk was sworn in as mayor with his proud wife, parents and young daughters in attendance … outgoing Mayor Joe Krovoza arrived with his Bicycle Brigade and drew a long round of applause as he personally and individually thanked every single person in town by name in his closing remarks before handing the gavel to young Mr. Wolk … one by one, the current council members took turns praising one another as if they had just collectively won the city softball championship …

How long this honeymoon will last is anyone’s guess, but here’s betting the Great Rate Debate on Davis water will bring them all solidly back to Earth … for an evening, though, it was nice to see such collegiality, capped by our new mayor’s touching words that brought a lump to the throats of many of those in attendance …

MARCH OF DIMES … as our strictest-in-the-nation plastic bag ban kicks into high gear, many Davisites are asking why merchants are required to charge at least a dime for paper bags … a good question indeed … perhaps Davis is just playing a game of Follow-the-Leader, given that other municipalities that have banned plastic bags decided to charge a dime for paper bags as well …

Still, considering that stores distributing the bags get to keep the dime for whatever purpose they wish, it seems to me they ought to be able to charge whatever they want for a paper bag, including nothing at all … the next thing you know, the city of Davis is going to tell Nugget how much it must charge for a pound of bananas …

Some have argued that the dime charge was put in place to discourage shoppers from exercising the paper bag option under the theory that paper bags are nearly as evil as plastic bags, but if that’s the case, let’s just ban paper bags as well …

Target, meanwhile, used July 1 to institute its dime charge on sturdy paper bags, but was giving away bright red reusable bags for free …

EVEN MORE BAGGAGE … in response to a question from one kind reader, the answer is yes, it is now illegal for seagulls to fly around town with plastic Walmart bags on their heads … they must now wear only paper bags after properly purchasing them for a dime …

EVEN MORE PRESSING QUESTIONS … Renee in South Davis wants to know “What would happen if I took my hoarded plastic bags into the grocery store and used them after July 1?” … a team of attorneys with expertise in the emerging field of plastic bag law is working on that very question even as we speak, Renee … “Are we allowed to use plastic bags if we bring them from home, or are all plastic bags against the law? I don’t want to be arrested and hauled off.” …

Listen, Renee, you’re pushing the envelope just by asking if you can bring plastic bags from home … clearly, you are not feeling the spirit of the law here … the DPBBFP (Davis Plastic Bag Ban Food Police) are likely to haul you in for questioning simply because they don’t like your un-Davisy attitude …

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS … not wishing to run afoul of the First Amendment, the new plastic bag ban does allow for copies of The Davis Enterprise to be inserted into plastic bags on days when the National Weather Service is predicting an inch or more of rain in our circulation area … however, The Enterprise will not be allowed to be placed inside a plastic bag on those days when grocery ads are running in the newspaper, the thinking being that any association between groceries and plastic bags is not a good thing …

G-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-A-A-A-A-L-L-L … my friend John writes to ask “Do you do futbol predictions?”… yes indeed, my friend … you may have missed it, John, but I predicted the U.S. would win just one of its first three battles but would nevertheless advance to the Round of 16 before falling to the Belgian Waffles … I also predicted Brazil would beat Chile in a shootout, and The Netherlands would beat Mexico with a pair of late goals … in the winner-take-all office pool I have Iceland beating Saskatchewan in the finals …

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