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Bob Dunning: ‘Mayor Davis’ has a nice ring to it


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CAN YOU SAY “MAYOR DAVIS”? … I suppose it was only a matter of time before the city of Davis had a mayor with the last name of Davis … and now, with Robb Davis’ solid first-place finish in the race for two City Council seats, we will one day have a mayor named Davis …

SPLIT THE BABY … a quick glance at the returns for the 4th District Assembly seat leads to the inevitable conclusion that having two Davisites in the race cost both of them a chance at winning … Dan Wolk was close, but no cigar … at one point last night, with fully 84 percent of the six-county votes in, Bill Dodd and Charlie Schaupp were in a dead heat, both with precisely 14,431 votes … Wolk was third with 13,253, with Krovoza at 9,169 … only two move on to the World Series in November …

NOT WAITING FOR FREDDIE … because I’m a journalist on a strict deadline, I had to prepare for any and every electoral eventuality even before the votes were counted last night … thus, I developed at least a dozen story lines that I could simply plug into print once the final results were released …

“Congratulations, Mayor Parrella, you are a rocket ship with a one-way ticket to the stars. I could see your potential long ago.” … I also prepared “Sheila, Sheila, Sheila, you overcame long odds and relied on your solid Midwestern roots to shock the electorate. You will make a fine mayor.” … in addition, “Mayor Davis of Davis, how fitting. I knew it all along,” and “Mayor Munn has kind of a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? John, you were the unstoppable force that all other candidates bowed before.” …

And finally, “Rochelle, you earned another term with your stellar work the first time around and now you’ve been rewarded with the middle seat and a great big gavel. The outcome was never in doubt.” … there, I think I’ve just about covered my bases …

DISINFORMATION OR MISINFORMATION? … in the last days of the campaign there were emails sailing around town claiming the Davis City Council, at its most recent meeting, had “rescinded” those onerous water rates and now the prudent thing to do was to vote “no” on Measure P … it’s all moot now, of course, but just for the record, the council didn’t “rescind” anything …

While expressing its disdain for the truly immoral “look-back” system that charges some residents for the water used by someone else, the council basically kicked the whole matter back to the Utility Rate Advisory Committee for further study and recommendation … in short order, we will have a new council in place and it can do whatever it pleases about a water issue that has dominated political discourse in this town for several years now …

OH OH … with scant organized support or opposition, it’s not surprising that Measure O’s modest half-percent sales tax sailed past the electorate with room to spare … note to council: spend that money wisely or the voters won’t be so generous next time around …

L, M, N, O, P … the only thing that can be discerned from the Measure P results is that the town remains hopelessly divided on what constitutes fair and understandable water rates … time for the new council to roll up its sleeves and go to work …

A BELATED BOBBY … commenting on the Boobies and Bobbys that were awarded to various candidates and campaigns by the Above-Pictured Columnist just one day ago, my friend Austin suggests “A Bobby to everyone who takes down their campaign signs no later than 8 p.m.” on Election Day … no Bobby there, Austin … saw many such signs still blowing in the wind long after the polls closed … kind and gracious person that I am, I’ll give them until sundown tonight to clean up their act and then I’m calling the litter police …

SPEAKING OF SIGNS … is it just me or were there way more campaign signs than usual this time around? … that’s certainly the way it looked on my trips down such heavily traveled routes as Eighth Street, both “East” and “West,” and Pole Line Road … then again, when you went onto the side streets where very few cars or bicycles travel, the signs were virtually nonexistent … the strategy is clear: dominate the thoroughfares and ignore the rest of town …

SIGN SCOFFLAWS … another troubling aspect of this campaign were the large number of campaign signs placed on what is clearly public property … the thinking seems to be it was OK to put a sign just about anywhere and leave it there until somebody told you to take it down …

COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT … I received the usual number of complaints about lawn signs being folded, spindled, mutilated or stolen, with the blame always placed squarely on one’s opponent … absent evidence to the contrary, I suspect almost all sign destruction or theft is the work of vandals who pretty much don’t care who or what wins on Election Day …

A WOMAN’S WORLD … the phone rang around lunchtime yesterday and the kind female voice on the other end asked if the Red-Headed Girl of My Dreams was available … I noted that she was absent from the premises and offered to take a message … “Oh, I’m just calling to make sure she votes for Dan Wolk,” came the reply … apparently, the Wolk Folks didn’t give a damn who I was planning to vote for …

IT’S LONELY INSIDE … hit our local polling place around 4:30 p.m. … thought I was at a convention for Maytag repairmen … no voters in sight …

A GIRL NAMED SUE … many thanks to Erin, who sent along a photo of a “Sue Greenwald for Council” sign on Lehigh Drive, nestled up against a “Krovoza for Assembly” sign …

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