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Bob Dunning: Poop scooper uses plastic on the sly


From page A2 | October 17, 2013 |

POOP PATROL … she was all bundled up in the early-morning chill, but there was just enough emerging sunlight that her brazen misdemeanor did not go unnoticed as I opened the living room curtains to welcome another day … it was garbage day and our empty containers were still sitting on the street, having just been serviced by the good folks at DWR …

Wearing jeans and a blue hoodie, she paused briefly to let her canine companion do what dogs do on our front lawn, then scooped it all into a green plastic bag she pulled from her pocket, deposited the whole mess into our just-emptied garbage can and scurried on down the street, hoping that no one had observed her obnoxious behavior … I was honestly too stunned to call 9-1-1 … I would have opened the front door and let out a loud “hey, what are you doing?” but I hadn’t had my coffee yet and didn’t want to do something I’d later regret …

So, because DWR had already made its weekly rounds just minutes before, we were stuck with this lady’s dog poop for seven more days … better in our can, she figured, than hers … I blame this all on our new, strictest-in-the-nation, soon-to-be-enacted plastic bag ban … she clearly didn’t want to be seen in public walking around with a green plastic bag in her hand, and given the contents of the bag, she presumably didn’t want to put it back into the pouch-pocket of her blue hoodie …

I thought about retrieving the bag from our garbage can and taking it down to City Hall — “see what your stupid ordinance is causing people to do?” — but like I said, I hadn’t had my coffee yet …

WATER WIZARDS WOW WARY WORRIERS … no one was happier than the Above-Pictured Columnist to see the recent front-page headline declaring that the “Water project bid saves $10M.” … trust me, that’s not chump change on my side of the tracks … yes, Mayor Joe Krovoza finally has something to Kro about when it comes to the much-maligned project as he reported that the lone bidder in the process, CH2M Hill, had come in at $141.2 million compared to the maximum guarantee of $151.5 million … so, the mayor actually could have claimed a $10.3 million savings had he wanted to Kro a bit more …

But here’s the best part … according to Tom Sakash’s piece, “Krovoza says, however, the process to secure state revolving fund loans, which traditionally carry extremely low interest rates and short payback periods, is going well.” … furthermore, according to Sakash, “Finance staff told the City Council earlier this year that if the city were to pay for a significant portion of the project with that type of financing, the overall cost of the project could be reduced by up to $60 million.” …

Wow, reverse osmosis in action … pretty soon the mayor is going to tell us we’ll all be getting rebate checks from the city every time we use a gallon of water … the more we use, the bigger the rebate … Krovoza, of course, plans to be drinking from the state Capitol water fountain long before even a drop of that Sacramento River water hits Davis taps a few years from now …

ADVICE FOR THE OLD ALMA MATER … because I am a dedicated and loyal alum of UC Davis — I was on the eight-year plan — I have a bit of advice for the powers that be in the athletic department … I realize the Big Sky Conference has 13 teams, of which the Aggies must play nine each year … this season, however, the Aggies chose to play 11 Big Sky teams, with the first two counting only as “non-conference” games … that makes no sense to the many fans who follow the fortunes of the Blue and Gold …

Please, play just nine Big Sky opponents as the rules require and go elsewhere to fill out the schedule … there are, after all, some wonderful options … in case you hadn’t noticed, fellow conference member Cal Poly entertained Yale this year … imagine Yale coming to Davis … why, the Clintons probably would show up … Bethune-Cookman, a former Aggie opponent, would be an interesting hookup, as would Lehigh, another opponent from the Division II playoff days …

Or fill the steins for Dear Old Maine or the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers … we could give away free tickets to the first 10 fans who could tell us what a Chanticleer is … Fordham could resurrect the ghost of Vince Lombardi and the Seven Blocks of Granite, Grambling brings incredible history, and Harvard, Penn, Villanova, Dartmouth and Bill & Mary just might fill Aggie Stadium … we could even schedule Samford, and if we said it fast enough, people might think we were playing Stanford …

The possibilities are intriguing … let’s take advantage of them …

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