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Bob Dunning: Sir Dan ready to ride in and rescue those damsels


From page A2 | May 29, 2014 |

GENDEROSITY … “GIRL POWER!” was the strong but simple message on the cover of the flashy mailer from the “Dan Wolk for Assembly” folks, a cover that was graced by a bright, young, clenched-fist swimmer who is about to conquer the world, or at least the local pool … inside we see a warm and fuzzy family photo of the candidate himself, along with his wife and two happy young daughters …

But all is not well, despite the winning smiles on all four faces … no, Dan tells us, all this joy is tempered by the fact he must “reflect on what it means to my daughters to be young girls growing up in a man’s world.” … never mind that a majority of UC Davis graduates are of a gender other than Dan’s, the chancellor of UC Davis is a woman, and Dan’s own mom is a former mayor of this town and current longstanding and prominent member of the California Legislature … apparently, it’s still a man’s world, even in Davis …

“It is then,” Dan notes, “that I renew my pledge to change the way women are treated in our society — for my daughters, your daughters and our granddaughters.” … Dan has a granddaughter? … who knew? … he looks so young … so how, exactly, does Dan plan to solve this “man’s world” problem? … well, by golly, by urging us all to vote for — you guessed it — a man …

SPEAKING OF POWERFUL WOMEN … in an otherwise brilliant column analyzing the race for a seat on the Yolo Superior Court bench, I referred to candidate Larenda Delaini as a “deputy district attorney.” … if we were still living in the year 2008, I would be correct … but since that time Larenda has moved up the legal ladder and is now a deputy attorney general … if she wins this thing and I get hauled up on charges of impersonating a journalist, I plan to plead Yolo Contendere …

LEGAL FICTION … in the “City Attorney’s Impartial Analysis of Measure P” that appears in our Official Yolo County Sample Ballot, Harriet Steiner writes “If approved by the voters, this initiative would repeal the 2405 rates in their entirety. If repealed, with no other action by the Council, the water rates in effect prior to May 1, 2013, would be reinstated because these were the rates replaced by the 2405 rates.” …

Only half true … indeed, the current water rates would be replaced by the old rates, but only because the initiative specifically states: “and putting water rates in effect prior to May 1, 2013, back into effect …” … even City Council action cannot overcome the clear language of the initiative … if Measure P passes, the old rates will be reinstated, period … the council may then suggest new rates and put them through a Prop. 218 noticing and protest procedure, but the council cannot block implementation of the old rates in the interim …

AND NOW, THE REPUBLICAN RESPONSE … several weeks ago I noted that Republican Assembly candidate Charlie Schaupp used his ballot statement to openly tout the fact he is a “retired Marine Corps Officer” and “a graduate of Chico State.” … I said such self-revelation indicated Charlie wasn’t exactly courting the Davis vote …

Well, faster than you can say “Semper Fi,” Charlie fired off a letter that said: “Bob — you seem to infer there is something not honorable about military service or attending Chico State?” … no, Charlie, the listener “infers,” the speaker “implies” … I was implying and you were inferring … except I wasn’t implying dishonor at all, just making an observation about the town I live in …

Given that my dad, like you, is also retired military and fought in World War II as part of what Tom Brokaw describes as our “Greatest Generation,” I would never imply or infer negativity to the U.S. military, except I do wonder why Army can never seem to beat Navy on the football field …

I also have great respect for anyone who attended Chico State, even before they dropped Pioneer Days … this may surprise you, but I recently learned that fully 57 percent of Chico State graduates go on to college …

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