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Bob Dunning: Take the Buckeyes by a bunch


From page A2 | September 13, 2013 |

JOE KAPP OR EARLE BRUCE? … my friend Jonathan suggests that in my weekly football forecast (see Sports), I let Blue Devil head coach Marc Hicks “make the honorary prediction of the winner of Saturday’s Ohio State-Cal game.” … as some folks know, the multi-talented Hicks played first for Cal and then for Ohio State in the mid-’80s … probably the only football player in America who can make that claim … as much as I’d be honored to have Hicks as a guest forecaster, I suspect he’s much too busy at the moment game-planning for the next Blue Devil victim, so I’ll do it for him … Buckeyes by a bunch …

THE DREADED HYPHEN … did it bother anyone that at last Saturday’s Aggie-Nevada football game in Reno the official with the microphone kept referring to the Blue and Gold as “Cal-Davis” … fingernails across the blackboard for folks wearing the “Go Ags” buttons …

SPEAKING OF FOOTBALL … several pigskin fans have inquired as to why UC Davis is playing a 12-game schedule instead of the usual maximum of 11 for schools in their division … officialdom reports that they are “Allowed to play 12 regular-season games instead of the usual 11 because the calendar has 13 weekends between the Thursday before Labor Day (opening night on Aug. 29) and the Saturday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 23)” … plus, there was a blue moon in August …

HE SAID IT … in making a ruling not to close a preliminary hearing to the press and public, Yolo County Superior Court Judge Tim Fall indicated that “Prospective jurors say things along the lines of ‘I don’t pay much attention to what happens in Davis.’ ” … no surprise there …

PAPER OR PAPER? … after the council’s 5-0 vote last Tuesday to make the world safe from plastic bags, it’s still unknown whether Davis merchants will be allowed to sell any sort of plastic bags to their customers … in other words, if you want to buy plastic freezer bags, plastic trash liners or plastic yard waste bags, can you still get them from your favorite Davis grocery or hardware store? … if scofflaw Davis residents put banned bags into their garbage, will DWR be allowed to pick it up or will they be a mandated reporter required under penalty of law to call the DA? … suffice it to say, best not to stock up on any questionable merchandise at this point, especially if it’s suddenly “on sale” at giveaway prices …

EVEN MORE SOLUTIONS … over and over I’ve heard from the bag banners that when they see an errant plastic bag in town, it’s invariably stuck on the north side of a fence … which means it most likely blew in from Woodland … the solution here is simple … tear down all those fences doing the trapping and let the plastic bags blow freely all the way to Dixon …

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