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Bob Dunning: We’ll certainly miss these classroom heroes


From page A2 | June 13, 2014 |

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL … I have long felt that we can’t pay our school teachers and other school personnel enough for all they do in this town, but when I saw the headline that “Retirees take seven centuries of experience,” I knew right away there are some folks who are going to be missed …

Our family’s experience at this point has been at Valley Oak and North Davis and now one year at Holmes, but the retirements hitting the district are spread out all over the city … Steve Legé (31 years), Susan Britts (29 years), Mary McCoy (30 years), Allen Carlson (29 years), Mary McGuinness (29 years), Sally Harris (25 years), Stephen Bowman (25 years), Gerald DeCamp (27 years), librarian Wendy Chason (27 years), Carol Curinga (21 years), Lili Floyd (22 years), Angela Nuccitelli (21 years), Karen Moore (21 years), Linda McClain (22 years), Nancy Chatteinier (20 years), Lorraine Nail Visher (20 years), Susan Darst (21 years), Barbara Sells (19 years), Elena Pehlke (19 years), Kathleen Doty (17 years) and many, many more who gave long and dedicated service with the goal of educating our kids …

As I read through this long list looking for a familiar name or two, I received an email from a stranger about the 33-year district service of Darlene Loyola at Chavez Elementary … this stranger happens to be Darlene’s teaching partner who wrote: “Darlene pours her heart into the classroom. She loves to teach and it is magical how she gets her students to love to learn. Although she is reluctant to receive any attention surrounding her retirement, it just doesn’t feel right letting her close this chapter of her life without acknowledging her contributions to the Spanish Immersion community.” …

The email goes on to point out that “Hundreds of children and their families have benefited from Darlene’s commitment and dedication. She is kind, gentle, caring, creative and generous, and always willing to help when help is needed. She will definitely leave a void in the classroom.” … to Darlene Loyola and the several dozen others who have taught their last class in the Davis school system, thanks from all of us who have benefited from your heroic efforts …

NEWS FROM THE NORTH … my friend Dennis in North, North Davis (also known as South Woodland) writes to say “Measure P wasn’t on the ballot here. Our Poly Ticians never proposed such a wack-a-doodle water payment structure as the Poly Ticians in Davis proper. Maybe Davis’ brain trust has moved north.” … perhaps … it is true, of course, that Woodland does indeed have those old-fashioned, straightforward, year-round water rates that everyone can understand, if not completely afford … whether Davis will now swallow its pride and mimic Woodland remains to be seen, but don’t bet on it …

TREE DAVIS … Mary on the Stadium Streets, who signs herself as a “Tree Hugger,” wants to know if I have a “pool going for when the post office’s first dying redwood will fall on a car exiting the parking lot” … I’m setting the odds for just such an occurrence even as we speak, Mary … “Such a shame to watch the redwoods die. They have put up a good fight, but are losing. Unfortunately, these trees won’t be the only ones in our ‘Tree City’ to die.” … can you spell s-h-o-r-t-s-i-g-h-t-e-d, Mary? …

STRIKE IT RICH … if you’re like me, you may be hanging onto that old baseball card collection mom found in the attic after you went off to college … or perhaps you have a piece of jewelry whose value is unknown, at least to you … if so, you may want to stop by St. James Church’s local version of “Antiques Roadshow,” where a number of local experts will be on hand to tell you exactly what your prized possessions are worth …

Expert evaluators participating in Saturday’s event (10 a.m. to 3 p.m., 1275 B St.) include DeLuna Jewelers, Davis Gold and Silver, Main Street Antiques, Hastings Back Porch and Winters Refinishing … feel free to bring jewelry, sports and military memorabilia, stamps, coins, artwork, furniture and household collectibles for an expert opinion … sounds like all sorts of fun on the last Saturday of a very warm spring …

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