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Bob Dunning: We’re sure to have a row over Cannery


From page A2 | August 20, 2013 |

A CANNERY ROW IS BREWING … longtime Davis residents remember the fight that ensued when a tomato cannery was proposed for what was then the northeast edge of town, just east of the railroad tracks … were we a white-collar university town or a blue-collar industrial town? … would overloaded tomato trucks spill their loads on city streets, turning the asphalt to ketchup? …

Well, the cannery came and went, leaving a massive eyesore that is only partially hidden by the Covell overpass and some volunteer vegetation … in its place, a large housing project has been proposed, described brilliantly by The Enterprise’s Tom Sakash as “a 100-acre parallelogram of abandoned industrial land whose western edge leans against F Street and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks with East Covell Boulevard to the south, which was once home to the Hunt-Wesson tomato canning plant.” … a parallelogram? …

As a non-GATE student who once earned a “D” in geometry in the Davis public school system, I find the very concept of a parallelogram positively terrifying … worse yet, because of its location, this particular parallelogram is not subject to a Measure J/R vote, which may mean I’ll have to go to sleep every night knowing that a massive parallelogram is lurking less than two blocks from my bedroom window … worse yet, after reviewing candidate forums from the last five Davis City Council elections, I’ve yet to see even a single mention of a potential parallelogram coming to town … may finally be time to start looking at homes in Tillamook …

POSTAGE DUE … Barbara on the Wheat Processing Street writes to say she hasn’t noticed “anyone pointing out that our water bills now must surely cost at least twice as much to produce.” … yep, 12 times a year instead of six sounds like twice as much to me, unless the city cuts a deal with the post office based on the increased volume of mail … adds Barbara: “We went from a postcard sort of invoice some years back to an envelope statement with an enclosed return envelope now. The print cost, envelope cost and staff time to produce it now happen twice as often in a year as it previously did.” … true, true …

“Oh yes, it’s supposed to be less painful (or less noticeable) to pay once a month instead of every two months.” … no, no, no, Barbara, the city insists this move was designed to help folks like you and me who can’t keep the family budget straight … we should be thanking them as we write our checks … “My cup runneth over, and every drop has a price tag.” … I feel your pain, Barbara …

EVEN MORE WATER WORRIES … Dan, who lists himself as a “Nugget Field Neighbor,” wants to know if I have “any idea who pays for the water used on the Nugget soccer fields.” … adds Dan: “Even after the sprinklers have been off for an hour or more, there is still standing water two or three inches deep in places and water still flowing down gutters into drains.” … Dan, shhh … I sneak over there every morning with my refurbished tanker truck and haul the excess water home to sell to the neighbors … please keep this problem to yourself …

FLUORIDE UPDATE … Eric in North Davis forwards the results of a 2012 study published in the Journal of Structural Biology that notes shark teeth are covered in fluoride, thus making them cavity-resistant … the city’s Public Works Department is now studying the feasibility of adding shark teeth to our water supply …

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