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Bob Dunning: While we’re waiting, an election review


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WOLK’S HOPES FADING … yes, 7,200 votes remain to be counted in Yolo County, but perhaps only three-fourths of those are in the 4th Assembly District, which excludes West Sacramento … they do all count, however, in the races for Yolo County superintendent of schools, Superior Court judge and all other countywide races … of the 11,000 outstanding votes in Solano County, less than 10 percent are likely to be in the 4th District, which also excludes Vacaville and Fairfield … meanwhile, all of Napa County — Bill Dodd’s stronghold — is within the 4th District, with as many as 10,000 votes still outstanding …

In other words, this is good news for Bill Dodd, who claims a “statistical analysis” of where the remaining votes are coming from virtually guarantees him one of the two spots in the November election … the best hope for Dan Wolk is to overtake Charlie Schaupp with the remaining uncounted votes in Yolo County, where Wolk finished first and Schaupp third …

Wolk currently trails Schaupp by 629 votes, but Schaupp was ahead of Wolk in the district’s other five counties, all of which have votes outstanding … Schaupp was first in Lake, Colusa and Solano counties; second in Sonoma and Napa; and third in Yolo … Wolk was first in Yolo; second in Solano; third in Lake, Colusa and Napa; and fourth in Sonoma … if all current county-by-county percentages hold when the remaining votes are tallied, the likely winners are Dodd and Schaupp …

SOUNDING OFF … there’s been no end of second-guessing the fact that two sitting members of the Davis City Council declared their intention to run for the California Assembly on the same day, and neither one decided to call off this game of political chicken that ultimately proved fatal to both … typical are the thoughts of my friend Ralph, who writes: “The fact that the two Davis candidates for State Assembly couldn’t cooperate among themselves, and therefore both lost, simply confirms that neither one was ready for higher office.

“Now, if Davisites can put aside their resentment and vote for the Napa candidate in November, we’ll have a moderate Democrat in office who won’t spend every dime in the budget, and more.” … that may be hard for Davis Democrats to swallow, Ralph, but certainly not as hard for them as voting for Charlie Schaupp …

FUZZY MATH … trying to make sense of the voting habits of the good and decent citizens in the Second-Most Educated City in America is an exercise in futility … given that John Munn was the only one of the five City Council candidates to openly and wholeheartedly support Measure P, you might figure that if Measure P won, so would John Munn … well, it didn’t work out that way … Measure P won in a photo finish, and John Munn lost, also in a photo finish … apparently many Davisites who wished to overturn our new water rates simply couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a Republican …

SPEAKING OF REPUBLICANS … Charlie Schaupp, who may or may not become the first Espartoan to win a seat in the California Assembly, said after his one-vote primary victory, “I’ve got to get Yolo County behind a guy from a fourth-generation farm family — we’ve been here since the 1880s.” … Charlie, we’re all fourth generation from somewhere … just because your great-great-granddaddy lived in County Yolo and mine lived in County Mayo does not make you more fit for public office than I am …

DEMOCRACY IN ACTION … with a hotly contested City Council race on the ballot, plus two well-known Davisites running for a seat in the California Assembly, and two interesting local ballot measures and a judgeship race, you’d think voter turnout in the Most Relevant City Ever would approach 100 percent … think again … when those 3,000 or so missing-in-action votes finally get counted, it appears our turnout percentage will be somewhere around 38 percent, which is flat-out embarrassing ….

And even that lowly percentage is based on the pool of registered voters … if you count everyone who is eligible to vote (citizens 18 and over), the percentage drops down near 25 percent … the two council winners, Robb Davis and Rochelle Swanson, were mentioned on 43 percent and 36 percent of ballots, respectively … now we’re down to about one to 10 eligible voters who cast votes for either of these two …

Despite our worldwide image of citizen activism and participation, you can now call us The Town that Actually Doesn’t Care Very Much …

NUMBERS, NUMBERS EVERYWHERE … Robb Davis stole the voters’ hearts in 28 of the 34 Davis precincts, while John Munn won four precincts and Rochelle Swanson two … if we decided things with a precinct by precinct winner-take-all system like the Electoral College, Munn would have finished second and Swanson third … Sheila Allen’s best finish, meanwhile, was second in just one precinct, while Daniel Parrella’s best showing was third in one precinct and fourth in two others … Parrella was dead last in 31 precincts, Allen in three …

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