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City Council does what voters would have


February 23, 2011 |

OH DANNY BOY … the system wasn’t perfect — far from it — but it’s hard to argue with the result … after an evening of questions and answers and sometimes startling silliness, the four members of the Davis City Council unanimously admitted Dan Wolk to their exclusive club … well, let me amend that slightly … Dan was selected on a 3-1 vote after he and Paul Boylan were the only candidates left standing … then, on a motion by Steve Souza, Dan unanimously was endorsed by all four council members and thus has someone to blame for ruining every Tuesday night for the next 16 months of his life …

I doubt that  anything that happened in the Community Chambers last night affected the final vote and we’ll never know if the four elected members of the council simply wanted a placeholder who would attempt to get along with everyone else, or if they were seriously trying to mirror what the Davis electorate would have done had these same 10 candidates been on the ballot … if it’s the latter, they performed admirably …

While it’s impossible to judge what candidates might have emerged and who would have been elected if we’d had a real election, I’m confident that had these 10 been on the ballot, Dan would have won going away … the torch has been passed … the Wolk brand is alive and well in the city of Davis …

MADNESS FROM THE MOB … we weren’t very far into the process last night before e-mails began to light up the switchboard … Craig at wrote to say “I’ve been watching DCTV coverage of this embarrassing civic charade being played at the city council chambers and it makes me want to turn in my membership card. If this is the sort of anguished bumbling that we have to incur, I say a special election is a cheap price. Freedom and democracy are not free.” … amen, brother …

A few minutes later Will at weighed in with the incredible news that “At 9:45 Sue asked the applicants which kind of pizza they like. Democracy in action.” … Will was not making that up … Dan Wolk apparently came up with the right answer … we may have to start calling him the Pepperoni Kid …

FRIENDS ALL OVER … I knew the Wolk selection was a done deal when I opened Tuesday’s Enterprise to read a letter to the editor from former Mayor Bill Kopper, who wrote “I will be very disappointed if Dan is not appointed.” … apparently the council was listening … added Kopper: “I frankly do not know anyone who does not support Dan for the fifth seat on the council.” … well, I do have friends in Corning who say they’ve never heard of him, but other than that, Kopper just might be right …

LAUGH A MINUTE … Paul Boylan may have been eliminated in the final round for picking the wrong pizza, but he’s likely to be hired as the city of Davis’ official Court Jester … in addition to a pledge and a prayer, I say we open all future council sessions with five minutes of standup from Paul Boylan … his best line last night: “I shopped at Target, but I didn’t inhale.” …

ANNOUNCEMENT OF CANDIDACY … in her “you can’t get rid of me that easily,” speech after the final ballots had been tallied, candidate Kari Fry seemed to be saying she’s ready to declare her candidacy for Wolk’s seat when it pops back on the radar a year from June …

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