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Is mother-son mayor combo a first?


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PLANNING AHEAD … because the polls never close before 8 p.m., which is an hour past my bedtime, I have had to come up with a variety of scenarios and trust that the morning editor, who reported for duty at 4 a.m. this morning, picked the one that fits the actual election results from Tuesday night … I gave her five solid choices:

1) The fact that Dan Wolk was the leading vote-getter was not much of a surprise. What was a surprise is that none of the other four candidates managed to garner even a single vote. It was obvious from the get-go that Dan was getting in line to become our next mayor. Congratulations, Dan, I was with you all the way;

2) Who knew that Brett Lee, a complete newcomer to local politics, would be able to soundly trounce three incumbents on his way to a seat on the Davis City Council? Congratulations, Brett, you were my man from the start;

3) It was apparent right away that A Girl Named Sue was destined to win this thing. In her 42 consecutive years on the Davis City Council, hers has been a voice of calm, patience and compassion that has resonated with the voters. Congratulations, Sue, I look forward to working with you in the days and weeks and months ahead;

4) Lucas Who? While “Mayor Frerichs” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, you’d better get used to it, fellow Davisites. Congratulations Lucas. Can I buy you a vowel?;

5) Frankly, I was as stunned as anyone that Stephen Souza lapped the field in the Davis City Council election and will be our next mayor. Congratulations, Steve, I’ll be the one cheering when you put your hand on the Bible and take the gavel from that Krovoza fellow …

BACK TO THE FUTURE … thank goodness my kind and talented editor picked Option No. 1 from the list above … yep, it was a rout from the start … while Davis voters had all sorts of combinations on their ballots, those combinations almost always included Dan Wolk in either the first, second or third position … since all votes count the same, Dan was the runaway winner straight out of the gate … as he downed an Indy 500-ish bottle of milk at his post-game party, it was obvious that his clever campaign slogan — “Got Wolk?” — had caught on like wildfire all over town … indeed, Davis got Wolk …

Have a mother and son ever both served as mayor in the same town? … the folks at Guinness are searching the record books even as we speak …

STRIKE UP THE BAND … the Wolk-Frerichs winning combo gives the esteemed Davis High Jazz Choir a 40 percent voting stake on the new council … if these guys come up with a song-and-dance routine on Inauguration Day, you’ll know where it came from … don’t know if Brett Lee has a two-step in him as well, but we’ll find out …

YOUTH ON PARADE … it’s clear that the Youngbloods won this Battle of the Ages as the three youngest entrants in the race toppled the two oldest … either that or it was a statement against incumbency … hard to figure the latter, however, given that the two left out, Stephen Souza and Sue Greenwald, are about as different politically as two incumbents can be …

THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER … the incredibly lopsided support that Measure D chalked up makes me think they should have gone for a $99 tax instead of $49 … then maybe we could afford the water to keep the “green” in our greenbelts …

POST-PARISH DEPRESSION … I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do without Clint Parish … now that the voters of Yolo County have spoken and overwhelmingly decided to return Parish to his seat in the District Attorney’s Office, I don’t expect I’ll be receiving juicy mailers from Clint anymore … I will truly miss looking in the mailbox to see what surprises Clint had in store for me over the last month or two …

Then again, judges comes up for election all the time, and while Dan Maguire is safe for the next six years, Parish may already have his sights set on someone else … as one who voted to keep Clint in his current job, I wish him well … he does, after all, have a family to feed … and who knows, maybe he developed a sore arm from slinging all that mud and will one day be a better man who respects rather than disparages those he chooses to run against …

What he attempted to do — unsuccessfully — to Dan Maguire’s reputation was reprehensible … but it wasn’t unforgiveable …

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