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With our crime tax, they’ll leave weapons home

March 8, 2011 |

CRIME WAVE … are you getting tired of opening the paper every evening and reading about the latest crime downtown? … well, my friend Chris certainly is and he thinks he has a solution … “As I was reading The Enterprise today (and in recent weeks), it occurred to me that most of those arrested in Davis for major theft or gun-related offenses do not reside in Davis.” …

As much as I hate it when there’s a local problem and folks try to deflect blame elsewhere, I do notice a trend with out-of-towners coming to town to raise hell … especially on the weekends, which tend to begin on Thursday nowadays … adds Chris, “One article mentioned that police patrols had adjusted to add overlap hours in order to maintain safety. I presume this will result in higher costs when budgets are already tight.” … you have that one right, Chris …

And then, after pointing out that Sacramento recently enacted a crash tax for errant out-of-towners, Chris suggests “In order to cover these expenses, I suggest we impose a crime tax on non-Davis residents who commit crimes in Davis.” … a splendid idea indeed, but won’t it hurt tourism if these out-of-town thugs know they’ll have to leave their bad attitudes and loaded weapons at home? …

MINDLESS RESPECT … we’ve just come out of Principles of Community Week at UC Davis, this year featuring something officially titled “Building a More Inclusive Community.” … which is all well and good … the theory is that the more we understand each other, the better we’ll all get along … sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t … I mean, when I come to understand that my neighbor is actually running a meth lab out of his basement, it’s not likely to enhance our relationship …

A couple of weeks ago, when it was discovered that the principles contained a glossary with some incredibly odd definitions of religious discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism, the entire glossary was suddenly “disabled.” … but the principles themselves remain, including “We promote open expression of our individuality and our diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect.” … fine, but when the Fred Phelps family — or anyone like them — shows up on campus with their gay-baiting, gay-hating brand of “religion,” I will refuse to treat any of them with courtesy or sensitivity and certainly not with respect … respect is earned, not demanded … I can respect your right to speak and your right to express an opinion, but I don’t have to respect the opinion itself …

EVEN MORE RESPECTFUL EXERCISES … included in Principles of Community Week was a “White Privilege Workshop” that answered the question “Are you privileged and don’t know it?” … another workshop “Reveals how our social institutions ‘make’ race by disproportionately channeling resources, power, status and wealth to white people.” … all of which makes my friend Ann Onymous, a UCD staffer, ask “Are we as a campus attempting to promote respect for each other’s differences, or to stereotype and promote hatred toward some — specifically toward those who are white, heterosexual or Christian?” … a fair question given the content of the several workshops …

ALL ABOUT UNITY … after reading about the UC Davis-sponsored “White Privilege Workshop” that taught how certain groups (Agents) oppress other groups (Targets), my friend Dennis is having an identity crisis … “I’m a single father, so I claim to be a Target,” Dennis notes … “I’m also a white Catholic male of French and English descent, so I’m sure the Office of Campus Community Relations would consider me an agent.” … you are one mixed-up fella, Dennis …

“I wonder how many taxpayers and parents paying taxes and fees to support the University of California know there is an Office of Campus Community Relations and what they do. I further wonder what percentage would like their hard-earned money used to support something as divisive as the handout from the White Privilege Workshop.” … not many, I’d guess … “Would these taxpayers vote to keep their taxes at elevated levels to pay for crap like this? The university needs to get out of the victimization business and back to educating.” … I’ll take that as a “no” vote on the White Privilege Workshop …

RALLY FOR ALS … Davis’ very own profile in courage goes by the name of Cathy Speck, a native of this city who struggles mightily each day with ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease … Cathy is inviting all her friends and other interested parties to come to the state Capitol Wednesday for an ALS Advocacy Day … for information on times and activities scheduled for tomorrow’s event, go to or contact the Greater Sacramento chapter of the ALS Association at (916) 979-9265 …

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